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Lamb in His Bosom: A Chat 100 pages in

DreadfulPenny: So I totally crammed for tonight and read 100 pages of Lamb in His Bosom in the last three hours. And, let me tell you, this book is quite literally soporific. 1,988 more words

Scarlet Sister Mary

Scarlet Sister Mary: A chat

Diablevert: So, Scarlet sister Mary. I’m flipping through the old reviews I downloaded a while back to see if there’s one in there for this book – i can’t remember… 1,773 more words

Julia Peterkin

Scarlet Sister Mary: Summary

Scarlet Sister Mary is a bit of an odd duck of a book, Margaret Mead in Margaret Mitchell’s clothing. Set on one of the coastal islands off the Carolinas, round about the 1920s or 30s, it depicts the life of a black village though the story of one of its inhabitants, the title character. 1,130 more words

Julia Peterkin