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The war has ended. I’ve gone to thirty movies this year while the world became safe for democracy. I’ve enjoyed a few heartwarming family films this year (“Christmas in Connecticut” “Our Vine Has Tender Grapes” “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.”) But mostly  1,070 more words


Day 22 of Noirvember: Top Films Noir - Part II

Better late than really, really late, I sometimes say.

Back in 2011, in response to a request from one of my readers, I offered up part I of my… 1,015 more words

Film Noir

Top 10 Most Persuasive Film Noir Femmes

How do I love film noir femmes fatales? Let me count the ways.

I love them for their striking beauty – how did Virginia Christine expect to stand a chance with Ava Gardner slinking around in that single-strap black dress in… 2,203 more words

Film Noir

A Woman To Die For: Femme Fatale

My last post scratched the surface of the film noir genre, contemplating what it is, where it came from, and a little bit of where it’s brought us. 437 more words

Columbia Theatre

Lana's Noir

Girl, long straight hair, long straight legs, long straight jeans, crooked teeth. Seedy squat in East Bushwick, labyrinth hallways. Underfed kids in black with glossy butter knife eyes. 406 more words

New York

Scarlet Street (1945) - [Public Domain Movies]

Masterfully directed by Fritz Lang, Scarlet Street is a bleak film in which an ordinary man succumbs first to vice and then to murder. …

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Scarlet Street [1945]

“How can a man be so dumb … I’ve been waiting to laugh in your face ever since I met you. You’re old and ugly and I’m sick of you …”

Edward G. Robinson