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Paranga is named after the Scarlet Tanager, a bird that nests on this 17 acre land situated in the Laurentian Forests of Quebec.The experimental part comes from the question we often ask ourselves here: can we gain a livelihood from this land and respect the integrity of the surrounding forest? 485 more words


Scarlet Tanager #44


A Male Scarlet Tanager from the summer of 2013.


The Sore-eye Bird

A while back I posted a chapter from the book I am working on and received some great feedback–some of which I am still wrestling with. 3,537 more words

Scarlet Tanager @ The Pageant } 10.14.16

I had the pleasure of tagging along with Scarlet Tanager as they played their inaugural show at The Pageant last weekend, opening for Fruition. Behind the scene shoots can sometimes be hit or miss depending on how well you click (or don’t click) with the musicians, but the crew has always been welcoming each time we’ve met and I’m definitely appreciative of them for giving me this opportunity to document the milestone for them.

Concert Photography

Weekend Birding: Scarlet Tanager

Last week, while walking in the park, I spotted a female scarlet tanager. This was the first time I have seen one in the park. I usually find them in the wooded area of the forest preserve. 247 more words


Meanwhile Back at the Portage

I decided to take a walk around the Portage last Sunday. It was my first birding outing since my return from Ecuador. I was almost more interested to see if there were any butterflies since I have noticed a distinct lack of them this year and I am not happy about that. 284 more words