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A few more Scarlet Tanager photos

You had to see this coming. More Scarlet Tanager photos! When you get a cooperative Scarlet Tanager (this was the first one I’ve ever come across) you have to do more than one post about it … 42 more words

Backyard Birding

Nothing like a Scarlet Tanager sighting when you least expect it

Well, I didn’t expect this guy to show up in the yard in mid-July. Typically I see the spectacular Scarlet Tanager in mid to late May and not again until the fall migration, if I’m lucky, or even next spring. 127 more words

Backyard Birding

Attracting Fruit-eating Birds

There are many birds, such as waxwings, that have a frugivorous (strictly fruit-eating) diet.  The only time they usually expand their diet to include insects is during the breeding season, when growing hatchlings require high amounts of protein for proper development.  222 more words

A Flash of Color

On a recent visit to my husband’s family in Osceola, Missouri, I caught sight of a brilliant flash of color. As we got closer, I saw a bright, beautiful scarlet tanager. 44 more words


First Ever - Scarlet Tanager

This beauty is my first ever successful capture of a Scarlet Tanager (and only second ever sighting). He was enjoying the fruit from a serviceberry bush after a rain shower. Lucky day!


Scarlet Tanager: Migration Monday

Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivacea)


Scarlet Tanagers are medium-sized songbirds that spend their summers in the Eastern United States. They have bright plumage but are actually hard to find since they spend their time singing high up in the tree tops. 454 more words

Just passing through

Yellow bellied sapsucker.

Lots of indigo buntings including the juvenile in the last picture. He hasn’t got all of his blue feathers in yet.

The scarlet tanager has black wings. 65 more words

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