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Scarlet Tanager #21

Another image of I have of a Male Scarlet Tanager that I took last spring in the back woods at the farm.


Scarlet Tanager - Migration Routes Map

Scarlet Tanager breeding range, migration routes and winter range. By Lincoln, Frederick C., Steven R. Peterson, and John L. Zimmerman.

We can see from this map that a shade-coffee plantation must be a lifeboat for migratory Ontario songbirds like the Scarlet Tanager. 125 more words
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Scarlet Tanager #11

An image of a male Scarlet Tanager from May 18 of 2014. I spent about two weeks in the back woods at the farm on my down time trying to get images of him and his female. 119 more words


Scarlet Tanager #22

A Male Scarlet Tanager that was hanging out in the back woods this past spring up to the family farm.


Scarlet Tanager In November - A County Record!

Last week I was very surprised to see this female Scarlet Tanager right outside my house! In addition to being a new bird for my yard, this was also a very rare sighting for this time of year.  78 more words


Losing Our Birds

I’d often read about the Audubon Society’s bird count on Christmas and thought it was charming.  To look out and see different colors of wings fluttering against the snow, and tiny claws lighting on feeders or peanut butter pinecones here and there, well, there’s something about it that reminds you of an old-fashioned holiday. 388 more words

Theodore Roosevelt

Getting ready for fall

This is one of the Male scarlet Tanager that hung around at the farm this past summer. He is going through a malting pieride where he become very similar in colored like the female before the migration. 58 more words