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The Avengers get into a 'Family Feud' on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were laid low by a game of (drunken?) Family Feud on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night. And we finally get to see why… 105 more words


The 20 Best Looks From the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

It may not command the respect of, say, the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes,  the MTV Movie Awards is one of the film industry’s most fun nights, doling out awards like “Best Kiss” and “Best Cameo” to a host of stars both young and established. 100 more words


Watch Black Widow Beat Ultron With Cap's Mighty Shield In This Final 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Trailer

Avengers: Age of Ultron arrives at the end of the month and will probably put an end to all workplace productivity the day it hits theaters. 120 more words


Lost In Translation (2003)

Starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannson with direction by Sofia Coppola, this film is set in the fast-paced, technological, and modern world of Tokyo, Japan. That is where Bob and Charlotte find themselves and they both are lost, simply going through the motions of life. 513 more words

Long Review

A Disclaimer

Yesterday I posted a positive review for a low budget sci-fi movie called The Machine.  I was then informed that both Ryan and Watson put the movie in question on their worst flicks of 2014. 367 more words

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Scarlett Johansson's New Band Drops First Single, 'Candy'

It’s a known fact that Scarlett Johansson’s sultry voice is a certified knee-weakener. Remember Her? The actress managed to melt hearts with nothing more than a voice-over role for crying out loud. 210 more words

John Travolta Awkwardly Kisses Scarlett Johansson On Oscars Red Carpet

So awkward! While on the Oscars red carpet, John went in for a passionate smooch on a hotter than ever Scarlett, but was pretty obviously denied by the sexy actress! 288 more words

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