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Scarlett Johannson on Black Widow Solo Movie

Many Marvel fans are scratching their heads wondering why a Black Widow solo film has yet to be greenlit over at Marvel Studios. The character portrayed by actress Scarlett Johannson has been a staple in the franchise for years and has consistently turned in stand out performances. 265 more words


Scarlett Johansson on Black Widow Movie, 'The Avengers' and Donald Trump

For this week’s Power of Women issue, Variety spoke to Scarlett Johansson about the work she’s does with Planned Parenthood to support women’s health initiatives. 1,067 more words


Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

Alright everybody! We’re going into his review with the following information: I am an arachnophobe. I practice this talent every Spring and Summer, and I’m really good at panic attacks, expert at searching parking garage ceilings for spiderwebs, and freaking the hell out, when a spider is large enough for me to see it with my naked eyeballs. 1,258 more words


Scarlett Johansson's Cyborg Makes Her Debut in 'Ghost in the Shell' Teasers

Scarlett Johansson‘s cyborg makes her long-awaited debut in the first teaser trailers for “Ghost in the Shell.”

Paramount released five, 10-second cryptic teasers for the live-action movie adaptation of the hit Japanese manga series, offering brief glimpses of Johansson’s cyborg-human special-ops officer named Major. 172 more words


Trailer Park: Ghost in the Shell 1-5 | official teaser trailer (2017)

I plan on seeing “Ghost in the Shell” on the big screen, even though I still think they could have found an Asian actress to play the lead. 81 more words


Five Teasers Unleashed for "Ghost in the Shell"

Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks Pictures have done something interesting with teasing their upcoming live-action adaptation of the beloved Japanese manga and anime Ghost in the Shell… 91 more words

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Dear Disney: Don't forget that Fa Mulan is Chinese, not white

Should we be surprised by now?

Recently, rumours had arisen about Disney’s interest in casting Jennifer Lawrence as Mulan in the live-action movie, of the same name. 603 more words