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The Jungle Book (2016)

There are many in the film community who will deride the idea of remakes, live action or otherwise. It seems to suggest a shortage of creativity somewhere in the script department. 845 more words

The Jungle Book Made $300 Million on their Opening Weekend

My movie ticket was worth it. During the movie, both adults and children clapped their hands at least 3 times even though most viewers knew the movie’s plot beforehand. 362 more words


Hail Caesar

Coen Brothers are essentially like marmite. You either hate them or you like them. Over the years I have found that the more slick, cinematic and darker of their collection have faired better with the audience. 817 more words

'The Jungle Book' is an incredibly heartfelt, well-written, jaw-droppingly gorgeous, sometimes magical redundancy

May I start off again with another brief, personal Harry Knowles-esque aside?


Why thank you, good sir or madam.

I love Disney’s 1967 adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.” Like a lot. 2,544 more words


El libro de la selva

Muchísimos años han pasado desde la última película realizada en base a “El libro de la selva” publicado en 1894 y escrito por el escritor británico… 561 more words

New International Trailer Drops For Captain America: Civil War!

After the incredible second official trailer dropped a bit back – which we are calling Marvels best trailer thus far, the awesome guys have just released an international trailer, oh how thoughtful! 108 more words



99% Invisible is a weekly podcast hosted and produced by Roman Mars and part of Radiotopia by PRX. It explores the design and architecture of things from our everyday lives, things that we’ve stopped noticing; things such as frozen pizzas, drinking fountains, voting ballots, superhero costumes, milk cartons, lawns, and much more. 199 more words