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"Q&A Sessions: Nacotheque"

In the mood to rock out tonight, but don’t know where to go? DJs Marcelo Cunning and Amylu Meneses can help. Just ask Scarlett Johansson or Gael Garcia Bernal, two of their famous fans who’ve been spotted at their extravaganzas where hipsters cause mayhem on the dance floor. 102 more words


The Use of Music in Lost in Translation

Viewers praise Sofia Coppola’s 2003 romance film Lost in Translation for its unique style and cinematography, but they often ignore the significant role of the soundtrack. 1,105 more words

Lost in Translation

Just like honey…

Una de las películas que mas me han gustado del presente siglo. Ni el mas optimista de todos los realizadores de la película sospecho que con la inversión realizada se iba a lograr tanto. 608 more words


Girl with a Pearl Earring

Something from the archives. Did this last year. A quick painting of Scarlett Johansson as Girl with a Pearl Earring. 6 more words


Slow, but Stunning and Beautiful: Under the Skin (2013)

This is a surreal and bizarre movie which moves at a very slow pace but the visuals are hypnotic enough to sucker you in. At first you may not seem to make sense on what’s going on. 109 more words

Film Review

Avengers: Age of Ultron

If any modern day director were to break the curse of sequelitis—that is, the near impossible feat of returning to the same well of intellectual property and churning out a film that matches the success of its predecessor—one would think Joss Whedon is our best bet. 1,253 more words


Home is where the heartache is

Touch down in Tokyo and it’s unclear whether you’re awake or still asleep. Everything moves so fast that it starts to slow, dreamlike. Gazing out the back window of a beaten cab as it navigates through neon towers. 605 more words