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'Lost in Translation' review

“The more you know who you are and what you want, the less you let things upset you.” – Bob Harris.

Japan has always been a country that has always been fascinating to western observers, whether it be in Edo period (1603-1868) or modern day Japan, the country has been used as the setting for numerous films by both domestic and foreign directors. 878 more words

  1. Jennifer Lawrence (USD 52 Million)

  2. Scarlett Johansson (USD 35.5 Million)

  3. Melissa McCarthy (USD 23 Million)

  4. Bingbing Fan (USD 21 Million)

  5. Jennifer Aniston (USD 16.5 Million) …

  6. 23 more words

Jon Favreau’s “Chef” to get an Indian adaptation starring Saif Ali Khan

In a major move that is set to put the Indian movie business on the world content map, Abundantia Entertainment, Eros International and Alumbra Entertainment… 627 more words


Barcelona... The perfect movie set

Barcelona… The perfect movie set.

Barcelona is a city that captures peoples imagination. With its stunning architecture, mediterranean beaches, beautiful parks, mysterious little alleyways and lively atmosphere, it is the perfect setting for a movie. 614 more words


"Is it worth paying for a ticket?": Under the Skin (2014)

Finally released in cinemas after ten years in development, Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin (2014) is a film that will stick in your mind for a very long time. 876 more words

Film Grimoire

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Movie Ramblings: Under the Skin

Scarlet Johansson spends most of this film driving around Scotland in a white transit van asking Scottish blokes for directions. Seemingly applying some kind of selection criteria to which we are never privy, she offers some of these men a lift and a subset of those get invited back to her place. 339 more words