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Why 'Gone With the Wind' is not about the Civil War at all

Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind published in 1936 gives, through the lens of a southern woman, an interesting depiction of the Civil War and Reconstruction – events which had heretofore only been known primarily through the interpretation of Northerners, both sympathetic and hostile. 1,482 more words


Charleston SC Plantations

One of the reasons my hubby and I went to Charleston for my birthday, was to visit those amazing plantations! I am a huge Scarlett O’Hara/Gone With The Wind fan. 107 more words


Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Everyone and their great-grandmother has read Gone With the Wind.  It’s iconic.  It’s a rite of passage to be considered a book lover.  And it deserves every accolade it receives.   467 more words


0505 | Gone With The Wind

[Note: this is the third film in my 2016 Blind Spot series. For a list of the other well-known or well-respected films I’ve already watched or I’m going to be watching for the first time this year, see… 852 more words

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No Longer Waiting For Green

When I think of the color green I see St. Patrick’s Day, Kermit the Frog, The Emerald City, Scarlett O’Hara’s Dress at the barbecue at Twelve Oaks, the green light at an intersection, stems of a flower, grass, recycle, vegetables… 917 more words


Iron-Gray Magnolia

William Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily” has always intrigued me. When completing course work for my certification in secondary education, this somewhat dark tale of a Southern belle was part of the syllabus for a course on the short story as a type of fiction. 1,415 more words


Femme Friday - Interesting Female Characters

I know that the term “strong female character” has been kicked around enough to exhaust some of us. Personally, I have learned to appreciate every female character that is given any depth, whether she is perceived to be strong or not. 273 more words