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Book Review: Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind
By Margaret Mitchell

My Edition:
Paperback, 984 pages
2014, Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 978447264538

I can’t even blurb this book – but I assume most of you know the general plot. 817 more words

Book Review

Bed & Book #1: Gone With the Wind

I love books and I love bed so I’ve decided to do Bed & Book blog posts. I think everyone has a favorite reading spot mine is my bed. 642 more words

American Literature

The Oscar Project 1939: Gone With the Wind

This film is the stuff of legends. Everyone knows this movie even if they’ve never seen it. It has become ingrained in our pop cultural collective consciousness. 1,405 more words

How the Blatant Segregation of The North Made Me Realize the Subtle Segregation of The South

written by AMANDA GROSS

There is a myth in white America that white southerners are responsible for the racism of this country.

Despite being raised in the South, I grew up with some of this messaging too. 1,238 more words

White Ladyness

A little girl cuts doll hair and many years later...

They were found in a child’s coffin in an antique store in New Orleans!
They traveled to Oregon; their new owner wanted them treated properly… 324 more words

Conservation Techniques

Brad Kronen's Welcome to the Zodiac Series - Aries

Brad Kronen presents the archived recordings from his “Welcome to the Zodiac“(WTZ) series, a group of 12 introductory lectures originally broadcasted on… 1,300 more words

Brad Kronen

Why I Love Scarlett O'Hara.

Ladies and gentlemen, today I present to y’all the case of the most celebrated and vilified Southern belle to ever grace the silver screen.

Now, depending upon where you fall in that camp–whether you revere the young woman in question, or cringe at the sound of her name–generally determines your opinion of the film that features her. 1,735 more words