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Yeşil giyme, söz olur

“Clothes make the man” der Mark Twain, şakayla karışık. Pek çok oyuncu da canlandırdığı karakteri bulmasında en çok yardımı dokunan şeyin kostüm olduğunu söyler. Seyirci için de biraz öyledir ya zaten, bazı karakterler ikonik sıfatını hak eden kostümlerle yer eder zihnimizde.  830 more words

Sanat Sepet

Thoughts While Reading GONE WITH THE WIND {Part 5}

The time has finally come: I have finished reading Gone with the Wind!! Today I share my thoughts on the fifth and final installment in this classic American novel. 743 more words


Thoughts While Reading GONE WITH THE WIND {Part 4}

 Welcome back to my journey through Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind! As per usual, I’ll be sharing my thoughts, favorite quotes, and general impressions of this part of the novel.  1,494 more words


Don’t You Have Something Better To Do?

“Hello, my name is ______, and I’m a Procrastinator.”

It’s chronic and, I fear, incurable. You’d think by now, at the ripe old age of *mumble mumble* that I’d have learned a lesson or two about not leaving things until the last minute or letting things pile up until they become seemingly insurmountable. 700 more words


Gone with the Wind

Technicolour romance from Rhett and Scarlett in Gone with the Wind. Still one of my favourite films despite being made in 1939.

Old Hollywood

Thursday's Doors ~ Ashley, Ohio Post Office (8/4/16)

Ashley reminds me of so many

mid-west small towns,

~ founded in 1849 ~

The ones you drive on

through, rarely give a

passing glance or… 201 more words


Thoughts While Reading GONE WITH THE WIND {Part 3}

Welcome to the third installment in my Thoughts While Reading Gone with the Wind series! As you can probably tell from the title, I’ll be sharing my thoughts as I read this classic American tome by Margaret Mitchell. 931 more words