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Have you ever woken up at 3AM with an overwhelming sense of dread and dispair? Your whole body shaking, tingling with fear as you stare at the end of your bed, your eyes trying to adjust to the shadows around you. 239 more words


Faces -- A Monologue

A short monologue about a guy with dissociative identity¬†disorder, fighting his three “faces”. Rage. Mania. Despair. Wish I could see someone act this out. That’d be absolutely fantastic. 1,446 more words

Creative Writing

Can you make a scary face? by Jan Thomas (2009)

Today’s review¬†is brought to you by the word “gurning”. If you’re up for a distraction, search for this delightful wee term in google images. Actually, disturbing might be a more appropriate description than delightful. 133 more words

Read Aloud Preschool

Nuclear bombs and nightmares

So, I had a pretty fucked up dream last night. It’s not often I have bad dreams, but this one was definitely one of the worst. 467 more words