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5 Unusual Forms of Propaganda by Governments

5. Comic Books and Cartoons

The comic book industry were and is full of propaganda. Before World War II, comic books were starting to get famous with the people that the United States Information Office saw a way to influence the American minds. 852 more words


5 Nursery Rhymes and their Dark Origins

5. Rock-a-Bye, Baby

I remember when I was young, I liked this rhyme. But as I grew older I went back to this rhyme and couldn’t believe the ending.  1,112 more words


Footage Of The Largest Shark Ever Filmed Will Give You Nightmares!

So scary!

This footage of the largest shark ever filmed with definitely leave you with nightmares!


Do You Notice Anything Strange About This Ultrasound Photo?

This is so creepy! People are saying that it looks like a DEMON is staring at the fetus in the ultrasound picture.

Chilling picture shows 'demon' watching over unborn baby in ultrasound scan…

19 more words

Kylie Jenner Could Be In Serious Danger If She Doesn't Stop Using Social Media. Here's Reason Why!

If this isn’t bone chilling, we don’t know what is! We, much like Kylie Jenner, live on our social media. Well, police are now warning her that she needs to cool it with posting. 27 more words