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Sea Lion Drags Little Girl Into The Water

People were feeding a sea lion from a pier when it suddenly lunged and pulled a little girl into the water. Luckily, a man quickly jumped into the water to rescue her and nobody was injured.



Tickle Me Elmo Without The Fur Is What Nightmares Are Made Of [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what Tickle Me Elmo looks like without the fur? Get ready to piss your pants! See for yourself and you decide… Creepy? Or not?



TERRIFYING: Alligator Jumps On a Boat During Facebook Live

99% of the reason I actually watch people Facebook live is so I can see something unexpected like THIS happen!

Just a nice and casual breezy day out on the river bank and suddenly a GIANT ALLIGATOR wants to hop in and crack open a PBR. 15 more words


The Stranger by Jamie Lee Scott

Knock, knock! Someone is at your door! You ready for tonight’s creeptastic tale? Go read The Stranger by Jamie Lee Scott!

The house was supposed to be finished by August, yet there I was, in September, sitting on the floor in what would eventually be our dining room, using a crowbar and hammer to pull up six layers of flooring, and remove nails.

65 more words