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The Stranger by Jamie Lee Scott

Knock, knock! Someone is at your door! You ready for tonight’s creeptastic tale? Go read The Stranger by Jamie Lee Scott!

The house was supposed to be finished by August, yet there I was, in September, sitting on the floor in what would eventually be our dining room, using a crowbar and hammer to pull up six layers of flooring, and remove nails.

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Watcher [Behind The Scenes]

Go behind the scenes of The Watcher and see how the making of this powerful multi awarding winning short film was created and filmed. With interviews from the actors and crew including the directors personal insight and vision behind the film.


The Final Boy - Horror | Short Film

A man is followed by strange young boy. Well-made horror about a man being followed by a strangely threatening young boy who keeps appearing when he least expects it, including – finally – in his own home.


Worms - Horror Film

Worms kills. That’s what he does. The serial killer, Worms, tries to convince himself that each murder is his last as he moves from city to city leaving a trail of bloody corpses. 52 more words