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British Airways Flight Catches Fire On Las Vegas Runway, 14 Passengers Injured

Fourteen people were injured Tuesday when a British Airways plane preparing for takeoff from Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport suddenly experienced engine failure that resulted in an intense fire. 728 more words

American Airlines Plane Evacuated With Emergency Slides, Three Passengers Burned

An American Airlines flight pulling away from the gate at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Thursday was evacuated with the use of emergency slides, resulting in minor injuries for three passengers. 133 more words

Four Alaska Airlines Crew Members Sue Boeing Over Toxic Fumes That Leaked During 2013 Flight

We imagine that working as a flight attendant can be a difficult job: serving hundreds of passengers each flight, traipsing from one city to another, and ensuring that the cabin of the aircraft is equipped and prepared for all situations. 376 more words

Delta, Southwest Flights Nearly Collide On Chicago Runway, FAA Investigating

The Federal Aviation Administration opened an investigation into a near collision between two planes taking off from Chicago’s Midway Airport at the same time earlier this week. 153 more words

My Stalker/How To Deal With One

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a fantabulous day. As comical as it may sound in the title (which it is), I am being 100% serious talking about my very real, and legit stalker. 694 more words


People: That Verbally Abusive Pink Afro Stranger Lady

Something mildly eventful occurred today. My friend and I were going to Canadian Tire to buy a water jug, and this lady with pink curly hair and round sunglasses was just yelling out random stuff (hateful stuff) outside. 317 more words


The Protection of Strangers

In a stressful situation, such as public speaking, I’d rather be around strangers. Around people I know, I would feel pressured to prove myself, prove something. 194 more words