A Good Scary Story

As I come perilously close to finishing Part One of my new supernatural mystery-thriller, I am audaciously taking pre-orders for it!

Lanes End is still going through its final edit, and is being prepared for all the computer magic that has to happen to turn it into an e-book. 1,278 more words


Monsters Under the Bed

Growing up as children we all feared some type of monster. We feared that this monster lived in our closets or hide under our beds. The terrifying monster would keep us from falling, asleep. 227 more words


happy anniversary to me

Today marks an important anniversary in my life… an anniversary of survival.

A year ago today, I had a second surgery to deal with all of my abdominal surgery complications… 279 more words

The Rainy Saturday Night

It was a rainy Saturday night; I was out in a restaurant with some friends having a great time. It was almost mid night and we had to leave. 847 more words

Fiction Writing

What If

I scrambled for my purse, looking about my small bright pink bedroom. Clothes were laid on the black carpet, strung carelessly about, while garbage consisting of candy wrappers, and water bottles intertwined with the dirty laundry. 412 more words


Oh You Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird Rice

“In the beginning,…” a lone creature stood at the mouth of the cave.

“….there was Light….”    The cave had been a buzz with activity. 2,370 more words


Catacombs: The Road Not Taken

A mud-spattered girl finally discovered a passage smelling of clean air. She no longer cared if the sound of her dragging bum leg attracted the foul creatures of the catacombs. 143 more words