Ghosts of My Ghost

Today I’m pleased to feature fellow Oregon coast author, Gideon For-mukwai. Gideon considers himself a Story Warrior because he is tireless and restless in the pursuit of helping emerging authors, presenters, and coaches to tell captivating personal stories for profit or for entertainment. 967 more words


There’s something dangerous living near the power plant in Bridgeport, CT.

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the area, but the people who live over here have been talking about it for the last couple weeks. 841 more words

Scary Stories

Martha's Opus

Martha’s Opus

I hope I can be forgiven for my lateness in penning this. It has been an awful whirlwind of horrible activity in the days since the discovery that I found myself quite unable to dedicate time to anything other than the most necessary of daily tasks. 2,129 more words


From the Side of the Road

My hands gripped the steering wheel so tight my hands began to throb. If I would have been able to let go in that moment, I would feel the bruises that had formed on my palms from grabbing the wheel before I left the road. 1,902 more words

Freaky Story

Know It All

The hospital I’ve called my home for the last 30 years can only be described as an asylum. While the word has fallen out of favor, the situation inside has remained consistent. 836 more words

Scary Stories


I’d heard the rumors. Some of the guys on the force think it’s funny to try to scare the female officers. But, I would say, after seventeen years of experience, women police are far more difficult to rattle than male. 720 more words


Short Story Sunday: Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

You might of already read Tell Tail Heart…
I’m honored to NOW feature a story of terror from dear Eddie Poe. My brother used to read this to me and we would scare ourselves silly!
2,343 more words