I Took The 50/50 Challenge On Reddit And Saw A Serious Crime The Cops Should Be Investigating

I don’t consider myself a Redditor, but one of my favorite Youtubers made a video about the 50/50 challenge so I had to check it out myself. 1,188 more words

I Rented An Airbnb From An Elderly Woman Who Belongs Locked In A Jail Cell

My cousin Tommy kept going on and on about how he’d been traveling to Argentina and Italy and Mexico. About how he’d been staying at Airbnbs and renting out his house as one. 1,301 more words

When I was called Jesus Christ

I don’t know what made me want to change my name to Jesus Christ.
Maybe it was the reverence with which my mother took that name. 451 more words


I Took Screenshots Of The Disturbing Texts That Destroyed My Entire Life

About a month ago, the texts started pouring in, telling me that I had a twin walking around Long Island. A girl that looked just like me, down to the floral tattoos across my arms. 599 more words

Flash Fiction- What is normal?

He didn’t have the most normal reaction one expected at the loss of a parent. There were no tears, there was no grief. If I were to identify with the one emotion that he displayed it could perhaps be cataloged as relief. 1,008 more words

Why The Velveteen Rabbit is a Horror Story

The Velveteen Rabbit: Or How Toys Become Real is the scariest thing I remember reading as a child. Seriously, I had nightmares. It’s a terrifying book. 1,412 more words

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