The Scary True Story : "You have already lost your organs"

Sometimes what really happened around us was scarier than any other scary movie or story.  Did you know that there were cases of buying and selling human organs? 349 more words

Horror Story

My Living Nightmare

       I met a woman the other night at the hospital. I had been in the emergency room for pains in my lower abdomen. The woman seemed cool and asked if I wanted to hang out with her sometimes. 1,832 more words

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The Garden Shed

This is the written testament of Lucille Grace Morton. Please proceed with caution.


This is the first time I’ve ever told anyone this story. The first time I’ve ever not cared if people think I’m crazy. 1,717 more words


The Only Solution | An Unsettling Story

The Only Solution

In order for a horrific tragedy to be reversed an innocent person must be murdered.


True Ghost Stories | Part 1

Grandparents Story.

I know this is something very different to what I usually post, but I’m so excited about this new series on my blog. 438 more words


Out of Gas - What Pegman Saw

I almost didn’t participate this week and then a little window opened up ;-)  I was going to go my usual “route” and share a memory but decided to try my hand at a real fictional story! 262 more words


Nighttime Interruptions

I wake up at the sound of the doorknob turning. Someone is trying to get in the apartment. I can feel it to my bones. I can see it on the walls, the shadows from the trees, streetlights trying to pry into my window and extend shadows to my forehead. 438 more words