The Night I met a Demon (or Why I write Paranormal books)

The night I met a demon (or, why I write paranormal books)

It was a month after my deployment to Kuwait. I was in the Army, stationed at Ft. 1,155 more words

Catacombs: Gassy

She looked into the water and saw only ripples from the drip. She stood mesmerized for a moment when a large bubble burst several feet in. 34 more words


Today's Cyphacon Panel Schedule: Friday, 04/17/15

Here is today’s panel schedule for CyphaCon in Lake Charles, LA:


  • 6:00 PM World Building (Main Panel)
  • 9:00 PM How to Enjoy a Scary Story (Room 2)

How I Learned Border Agents Are Silently Murdering Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants from Mexico call me a Coyote. Or at least they used to. I worked the Yuma tunnel for over five years without a single hitch. 2,887 more words

My Lover

After a long day of work it’s nice to come home to the love of my life. I open the door and see him sitting on the couch, right where I left him. 338 more words


The Leaf Pile

Hank walked along the sidewalk, moving along slowly as the wind stirred the dead leaves. The sun was setting in the small neighborhood he did his evening walks. 1,068 more words

Creative Writing

Need Feedback - Backstory for Creature in Horror Campaign.

Hi there! As I stated above, I’m needing feedback for this monster’s backstory for a possible horror campaign I’ll be DMing in the next few weeks. 592 more words