My Late Uncle Clive (1)

I was never close to my uncle, but then again, no one really was.  His work always came first.  He never came to any family gatherings, no matter how much anyone asked him.   1,161 more words



The dresser was cluttered. Hairbands, lip balms, and pencil stubs sat amidst ear worn, tightly folded notes and those squashed oblong pennies that you got from fun fairs. 571 more words


Live from Spider Cave!

Welcome to the Spider Cave,
Though it didn’t have a name.
Not until I saw the pic,
Frame by scary frame.

I spotted an anomaly, 68 more words


The Box

The Box

It would be damn near impossible to explain the fear I felt in those first few moments.  The fear, the confusion, and the panic.  3,512 more words

Amateur Writer

Excerpt From Atavus Falls 2

I started writing the book in the wake of the hurricane. It was the end of October and my kids’ costumes lay empty, deflated, and lifeless in their cold rooms. 6,404 more words

Storytime with Kat

Hello my thrill seekers last time we left Rachel she was trying to find out who killed her father. She got a lead with the help of her best friend Nick, but at the end of her search for the lead she got some text from a contact Uncle Glenn. 961 more words



The following testimony was released along with a number of leaked documents from a government server. It was found without context, names and places redacted. It appears to be the statement of a man or woman at some sort of medical facility. 822 more words