Three Horrors (2015)

1. Gridlock.
2. Being late.
3. A missed read.
Got to get third one
And to make it a scary one.


Zoë Bae: Fable from Childhood

My  late paternal grandfather used to tell a story full of  dark fantasy, of the Mang Tae Man (for the lack of better translation; it means an old man with a woven basket, often used as a tool to scare misbehaving children).

Watercolor, gouache

Zoe Bae

On the Creek

My childhood was one spent exploring the wooded areas around my home. Hiking and fishing were my entertainment, a time before cellphones were common and the best video game graphics were square dots moving at a snail’s pace across the screen. 631 more words


My Sleep Paralysis Experience.

Sleep Paralysis is where a person, either falling asleep or waking up experiences the inability to move or speak for a short period of time. I suffer from Sleep Paralysis from time to time and it is 100% the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. 390 more words


My Experience with a Ouija Board

This is the creepy true story of my experience with a Ouija Board and the entity I had to deal with for three to four years because of it. 34 more words


Day 195: Two Sentence Story Tuesday (Horror)

Dem Old Bones

The warm air filled my icy lungs like needles as I struggled to breathe evenly. I was too weak to move Julia’s rotting corpse from on top of me; it was hopeless to try. 21 more words


The Tower in the Fog - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: My fear of the dark

One….two…..three…..four…. I didn’t want to stop counting and begin playing her evil game. I could hear rustling in the darkness around me, it was her trying to find the appropriate hiding spot. 598 more words