Let's Not Meet Episode 3 - Creepy Stabby Face Woman

Let’s Not Meet Episode 3 – Creepy Stabby Face Woman

Today’s account is definitely going to leave mark, especially for the two lady’s involved. Like something out of a horror scene, we have an account around someone’s face, a knife, and psychosis. 24 more words

Lets Not Meet

Let's Not Meet Episode 2 - Creepy Truck Driver

Let’s Not Meet Episode 2 – Creepy Truck Driver

Ever had an creepy encounter a child? Well as a 13 year old girl you really don’t have a lot of options but your wit; this story is all about an escape purely on smarts alone. 27 more words

Lets Not Meet

365 Challenge : Choose your adventure

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion – Here’s the story so finish it yourself! We’d love to hear how you think the story ends! 195 more words

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No Sense of Time

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. My boss has been tossing me back and forth between the day and night shifts at the weld shop during the busy season, so my sense of time has been lost. 1,588 more words


Flash fiction: The attic

A short story written for Margo Roby’s photo prompt

We’d visited all of the house except the attic. We’d admired the old beams, run our fingers through the soot around the fireplaces, picked at the flaking paintwork and prodded the woodwormy window frames. 722 more words

Survival of the Coyote

Writing has always been a way for me to organize my thoughts. However, for the past couple years it has been a luxury I simply couldn’t afford. 2,784 more words

Creepy Pasta