Check out my old creepypasta, Backbones, here. I wrote it more than a year ago and I am reposting it here to compensate for my earlier lost posts. 1,050 more words


When we bought the house I assumed the scratches on the basement door were from a cat or dog, but the neighbours told us the previous owners didn’t have any pets. 7 more words



“Shiet…shieet…I told you this is a bad idea but you forced me to follow you. Now you are the boss and the compass, show us the way home…” I had never seen her this furious. 1,040 more words


The Time I was Stalked by Edgar Allan Poe

I was a freshman at university when I first met Edgar Allen Poe. Of course, it wasn’t the real Edgar Allen Poe, but he was genuinely convinced that he was the reincarnation of this famous writer and hence, the beginning of another strange time in my life… 1,426 more words


All Hallows Eve

Jack o’ lanterns dotted the quiet street in suburban Massachusetts. Their faces were locked in ghastly grins and their eyes flickered through angular holes casting eerie stares into the blackened night. 392 more words


Happy Memories

The past week has been just such a blissful family centered whirlwind of fun.  As much as I do love the beach, the lake house turned out to be absolutely perfect for my little family this year.   318 more words


Chapter 5

The Tower in The Fog

Chapter 5: My fear of the dark

One….two…..three…..four…. I didn’t want to stop counting and begin playing her evil game. I could hear rustling in the darkness around me, it was her trying to find the appropriate hiding spot. 2,134 more words