My Missing Best Friend Has Been Sending Me Letters From Nowhere, And No One Can Explain It

It all started with a letter.

Who even gets letters anymore? Who sends them? Real pen-and-paper letters, handwritten with care, slid into an envelope and dropped into the nearest mailbox. 3,797 more words

No longer worrying my pretty little head

Just brought in today’s mail that included this:

What the what?! A paperback in my mailbox? A book without author or ISBN? A book seemingly focused on end times? 39 more words


What terror, what fright, what dreadful delight, to feel hair stand upon the nape of my black neck, as if Tesla’s lightning surged through my skin. 6,681 more words


I Thought There Was Something Off About The Stranger From My Car Accident, And Now I Finally Know Why

Most love Fall in New England, but I hate it. The rain. The cold. The leaves. The colors. It’s not picturesque to me. It’s just inconvenient. 2,358 more words

My Arm Was Amputated, And Something Really Weird Is Happening With My Phantom Limb

People like to ask me how I lost my arm. They usually ask in hushed tones, trailing off at the last few words as if sheltering me from the loss of my own limb. 6,171 more words

New short story...Breakfast in Bed

Please check out my new short story called Breakfast in Bed.

Julie can’t sleep at night. There’s a evil thing outside her house that’s stalking her every move and keeping her up with it’s moans and dead stares. 51 more words


She suddenly turns around to face us and has transformed…
Source: Transmogrified