Short Story: Lights On, Lights Off

He always shat at night — in bed, when the lights were switched on.

And that always sent his mother into a pissed off frenzy that far exceeded the drama she churned up even during her most tumultuous month end periods. 113 more words


The Shadow People:

Do you ever see a dark figure in the corner of your eye, but as soon as you look you see nothing? Do you end up telling yourself there’s nothing there? 315 more words


Creepy Flash Fiction I Wrote at a Week With Nova (I'm Still Sane, Right?)

It was foggy the day I left my cabin and ventured to the Forest – superstitions be damned. I wasn’t afraid of a ghost story, but still, the fog didn’t  help anything. 328 more words


The Dancing People (Chapter 3) #1

We decided to tag up for the task of finding our camp. Jordan was the one, who proposed this and most of them always followed him. 1,094 more words

Lonley No More

This is a short story that I started over Halloween weekend.  I was finally able to finish it today.
I have fixed the typos which appeared in the initial post.
2,771 more words

Creative Writing

The Dancing People (Chapter 2) #2

Sometimes, things can be very delicate and there are times, when the same things can be disturbing aswell. I walked pass the long wet patch around the corner and kicked a dented cane of soda with my foot. 1,430 more words

Welcome To The Portland Deformity Group Meetup

Damian was a cyclops. Yes, a real live cyclops. I watched tears trickle out of his single eye as he hung his head of floppy brown hair and cried. 4,254 more words