The Lantern of Souls: Part 3

Ravanah had once again made it to the top of a tree where she could scout out the rest of the land but she still had seen no sign of Lann or any of the others, so she decided it was time for her to start covering some ground before the wolves soon found her and not knowing what special powers they held terrified her to the point she was shaking but she had to try and stay calm moving for branch to branch this high up was not a time to be all out of sorts. 2,305 more words

Creative Writing

The Lantern of Souls: Scarystory Part 1

Ravanah had been running for so long but still had no clue where she was even heading and tonight on the coldest night of November without a coat running through these thick woods with just the moon to light her way what an idiot she was. 1,320 more words

Short Story

I Found Something Strange In My Car And I Think I Should Call The Cops

The white font of my phone read 5:00, a full four hours before I had to be awake, but the damn thing kept singing. Playing… 1,189 more words

Stairway to [Hell]

Tristan has been itching for a new mystery to solve, and he has poked and prodded me for two months to find one. He said he can’t go alone, since I am the brave one, but I have been busy with finals and job applications. 4,157 more words




“Grand Wizard Zaltua, I fear…that we’ve made a grave mistake.” A stream of white static ran across the laptop screen, distorting the image of a young, raven haired woman. 23,941 more words


I Interviewed A Woman About The Boyfriend Who Tried To Kill Her And Eat Her Flesh

Let’s start with the basics. Where did you meet ?

We met at a bar — but it wasn’t like that. Neither of us were even drinking. 1,194 more words

Flash Fiction Friday *Return*


By Jillian Bost

Violet jerked awake, her heart thudding like a thick fist against an iron door. She tossed away all outside sounds and sat up in the bed, clutching the blanket to her chest. 240 more words