A spooky short

It’s that spooky time of year, folks, and Asylum is no exception. Cait and I have been tossing around some myths, legends, and tall tales told on long, dark nights around various cultures’ homes. 327 more words

The Writings

Hallow Hill Screams Part 3

The next morning Evelyn was startled out of a deep sleep by the sound of cursing, clanging, and a loud crash that sounded like someone falling. 434 more words

Hallow Hill Screams Part 2

Part 2

The night seemed to go on forever as Evelyn tossed and turned struggling though one nightmare after another. In each anxiety filled dream she could hear that blood curdling scream echoing through her psyche.  573 more words

A Boy and His Zombies

I got a college degree in early childhood education and it’s actually been pretty helpful in being an Au pair! I know how to help with homework easily, get along with kids, and trick them into doing what I want by letting them think it was their idea: Education 101. 360 more words

October Book Announcement

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Happy Fall everyone! It’s the perfect time of year to curl up with a hot beverage and haunting book. So, for this month’s selection we’ve gone with the… 262 more words

This Month On Bookly

It's That Time of Fear Again

Readers of www.cobbickshire.com receive a literary treat throughout every October. The Advent of Fear is a Halloween advent calendar; instead of opening a little cardboard door each day to be greeted by a Christmassy scene, you are confronted by a segment of scary story – a story that builds to a chilling climax as All Hallow’s Eve approaches. 28 more words


I Found Out The Truth Behind 'Ghosts For Hire' And I Regret Ever Using It


The website scrawled underneath the pier in chalk effectively killed my buzz. I spit out the lingering remnants of my joint, whipped out my phone and punched in the URL. 5,636 more words