Was It a Dream?

It’s as if his imagination were leaking into reality. He had dreamt about those creatures. He would never want to see them in the daylight—they haunted his nightmares. 71 more words


A Summer Scare

I grew up in a small town with a long and fairly interesting history. I have always been a history buff and I think growing up here always hearing about the history and our famous visitors and events added to that. 414 more words


Excerpt from The Apprentice

What you are about to read is an excerpt from a short story titled “The Apprentice” (No relation to Pres. Trump) . This story will be featured in my book Terrorbytes coming fall 2017. 384 more words


In 2000 Kirsten Butler Went Missing From TCU And I Think I've Uncovered What Really Happened To Her

All Luke left in our old apartment for me was a single banker’s box of what he considered to be “my possessions.” One of those white cardboard boxes with the handles built into the side, the box truly signified that I had been fired from my seven-year relationship. 6,185 more words