There’s a man who takes pictures of me.

I’m assuming he’s a man, I don’t really know – I haven’t ever seen him. But it sounds like a thing a man would do, right? 2,101 more words


Friday Haiku: Inaugural Edition

All pretense is gone
White House is billionaire’s club
They’ve ripped off the masks.

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When I was little, the only books I read were mysteries. Nancy Drew. Wishbone. The Adventures Of Mary-Kate and Ashley. I even had monthly detective kits delivered to the house, filled with fingerprint dust and invisible ink. 1,434 more words

Winter Ghast

A short story, written and edited during a winter train journey. 1,457 more words

Creative Work

Scratches From Below

I had found the job through Craigslist: “Get Paid to Stay Awake!” School finished a week ago and I needed a reliable source of income to keep paying rent. 1,209 more words


Secret Admirer

It had been a long day. All Hannah wanted tonight was to have a long bath and curl up with a book. She lumbered up the stairs and down the hall to her room, more than ready to rest, when she realized that someone had been there. 229 more words