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How to Stop that Creepy Doll from Stealing Your House shoes

Sometimes dolls come alive at night when people are sleeping. The most dangerous dolls are often named Chucky or have a name that ends with the letter Y. 282 more words

Survival Tips

Eagle Films takes wing: "Malice"

Brilliant example of what a fantasy/horror movie can be when all the right people are in the right jobs on the crew and in the cast. 94 more words

Science Fiction/Fantasy

"The Corridor": A Journey Into Otherness

A serious mindfuck of a movie. I love independent film: it gets it right when so much of Hollyweird gets it wrong. “The Corridor” deals, imho, with the unknown. 117 more words

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Interesting And Frightening All At The Same Time

Some people would call a video like this one “Propaganda.”

Others would call it “Information.”

Still others would call it “A Warning” or a “Wake Up Call.” 47 more words

General Interest

WTF was on the Skycam Network?

So last night as I surfed around the net looking at the Mercury transit info, I saw something that REALLY caught my attention! Something big, bright and fast coming into the frame of more than 3 webcams around the US. 36 more words

The News

Can't Touch This: Positive Pet Training Blog Hop

Sometimes, things don’t go the way you planned.

Inspired by the Muzzle Awareness Week post at Two Blockheads, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about and show you this week: using non-muzzle, easily available household objects to begin this process of desensitizing and counter-conditioning your dog to wear a muzzle. 1,147 more words

Choice isn't a reinforcer. So why is the behavior increasing?

A while ago, a post on one of my favorite blogs┬ámotivated me to write more on something I’ve been wanting to write on for a long time–choice, and how offering Nala the opportunity to make choices has increased her confidence and comfort out in the world. 2,386 more words