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Why I Quit and What Now


I’ve had to make some big decisions lately, and I want you to know why I made them. I made them for you, because everything I do is for you now. 1,043 more words


Review: Poltergeist (2015)

I’m going to tell you right now, I’m a little disappointed with this film. That might be because I hyped myself over this film due to the trailer being so awesome. 914 more words


Coffee, Cats, the most frightened I've ever been, and more Coffee! Happy Tuesday!

Woke up exhausted again…do I always wake up exhausted?  It’s very possible that being exhausted is my regular state of being each morning, but I haven’t really thought about it until I started documenting my days. 1,616 more words

Chris Luke

Review: Cinderella (2006 film)

A while back I said I was going to try and catch some more Korean horror films after seeing one that wasn’t too bad. Well, I just saw another one. 507 more words


When the TV Weather Guy Mentions Your Street...

In both of the states in which I’ve lived – Oklahoma and Arkansas – being under a tornado watch is just a thing you live with all spring and summer long. 294 more words


Delta Passengers Get Free Pizza After Plane Cabin Fills With Smoke During Flight

It can’t be fun to be flying miles above the Earth and then have the plane cabin fill up with smoke. But passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight who had to sit through a bit of a scare until when one of their plane’s engines reportedly went out at least got free pizza when the plane landed to soothe any frayed nerves. 280 more words

Looking for something to read?

This is a list of most of my reviews for Foreword Reviews magazine, spanning the past 3-4 years. It’s a well-paying gig and I enjoy the work as well as the books I get for free. 423 more words

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