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Review: Ouija: Origin of Evil

If you read my review of the first Ouija film, you’ll remember that I didn’t have a very high opinion of it. It was by the numbers, unimaginative, and most of the fun came from surprise cameos, which was sad given that most films from Blumhouse Productions are generally very good. 971 more words


The "First Day, First Paragraph" Tag!!!

Once more, I’m doing this tag. Why? Because it’s fun. And I still want to see if I can spread it around the Internet. Since I created this tag, I’ve tagged four people. 448 more words


Review: Blair Witch (2016 film)

The original Blair Witch Project was a huge phenomenon, no matter what you thought of it. But after the disastrous and nonsensical sequel (the closest I’ll ever get to watching that piece of crap is… 827 more words


Review: "Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis" by Anne Rice

When I first heard about Anne Rice’s new novel, I thought to myself, “Wait. Lestat and Atlantis? Together? Either this is going to be the most brilliant thing ever or this series has finally jumped the metaphorical shark.” I can now say, having read the book, that there was no metaphorical (or literal) shark-jumping. 591 more words


Prayers for Ohio State

Today has been one of the scariest days of my life.

A little before ten this morning, a man named Abdul Artan rammed his car into Ohio State students as they evacuated Watts Hall, a material engineering and science building. 676 more words

Living And Life


I’m exhausted.

It’s Sunday evening. My husband was gone all weekend, hunting, and our son and I were running back and forth doing a number of things. 1,025 more words


Review: Lights Out (2016 film)

This was the horror movie I really wanted to see this summer but totally missed due to how far I live from the nearest movie theater and how much moving costs. 673 more words