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Wasting time & energy

I am S L O W L Y learning to do a better job of this, although I have to admit I mentally held my breath this past week when my son and his partners when on an ‘adventure tour’ in a remote part of China for three days. 251 more words

Quality Of Life

The Throne of Saint Nickolaus Doth Sit Empty

I used ‘doth’ in the title simply as a device to catch your eye, and I bet it did. In fact, I would bet a hundred dollars that when you caught sight of that simple four lettered word you started on one of your tirades about “how dare someone”, and “Why, I never”, and so on and so forth like the ‘expert’ you are.  145 more words


It’s Friday again, so you know what that means. It’s #FirstLineFriday! And it’s the 25th #FirstLineFriday done here on this blog. That’s right, 25 straight, continuous weeks of #FirstLineFriday since June. 242 more words


whirligig, whirligig

Because when sorrows come, they come not in single spies, but in battalions*, I am now in pursuit of a new diagnosis. Yes, a new chronic illness. 778 more words

Former CIA/al Qaeda Double Agent Predicts ISIS Attack on American Soil in Next Couple Of Weeks

A Danish ex-terrorist told Megyn Kelly Tuesday night that he thinks an attack on the United States will likely happen in the next couple of weeks. 415 more words


Thinking of Paris

Thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Paris.

Quality Of Life

Why Parents Drink

This morning I was talking with a friend discussing all of the crazy things little toddler children do.

They stick rocks the size of marbles up their tiny little noses. 336 more words