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Firm hands gripped my wrists as I tried to squirm out of the chair. My forearms were belted down to the arm rests on the side of the chair as I screamed. 458 more words

Short Story

Observer Explores the Scary Side Of Cyberpunk

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The image above is that of a woman trapped at the moment before her violent death, endlessly repeating the combination to a secret door she’ll never reach. 636 more words


I'm Writing a New Book

I know how much most everyone LOOOVES Apparent Power and Valerie’s journey, but I am taking a much needed break from my first loves. I have decided to write a dark paranormal story and exercise what I learned from the… 636 more words


Strange encounters from Mullberry Lane: Lizzy

“‘She comes to you in the mist of your worst behavior…’

At least that has been the popular statement I’ve heard since I was a kid. 1,116 more words


I know it’s over 2 months away, but I found this old picture from film photography class.

And I just love it. Love the contrast and blurry flower urn background. 265 more words


The only thing scary about my horror story is how bad it is

Hello All! It has sadly been a great while since we last spoke :( Although I have spent that time sun bathing on a beach in Spain and drinking outrageous amounts of wine so “sadly” is a bit of a stretch :P Nevertheless I am back in good ol’ England ready to hit you with another winning blog post! 496 more words


Blood Calling

Ah, it’s taken a while to get it finalised, but finally done.

I’ve literally been backwards and forwards, again and again, trying to tighten up those niggling little inconsistencies, plot holes, errors, and whatnot. 142 more words