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The Mysterious Man - A Creepypasta

About 5 years ago, I lived downtown in a major city in the U.S. I’ve always been a night person, so I would often find myself bored after my roommate who was decidedly NOT a night person went to sleep. 668 more words

Scary How Quick This Can Happen

We’ve all been distracted having a good time, when alcohol is involved our judgement is impaired further.

We all love to have a great time, being with friends, a few drinks, laughing and making memories. 134 more words


Two takes on a classic Russian tale

It is quite a coincidence that both of the books in this post involve snow that doesn’t belong.  Halfway through April we get a sheet of ice where I live, where other people not that far from me are posting warm days outside with small children. 1,284 more words

Contemporary Fiction

[fearless] The Inevitability - All Aboard the Cliche Train

This game is a throwback, as in I threw it back after I was done with it.

Video Games


Ghosts normally have warnings, right? A strange message that scares you off or tells you that they’ll be around? Don’t spirits usually have some sort of ominous presence that sends chills down your spine? 330 more words



NOTE: I would sincerely suggest the reader to skip this post cause the story ahead is long, boring, immature, predictable and meaningless. I’m posting it because I haven’t posted anything in a while and I don’t know what I’ve written and I want to know if it’s at all good to anyone. 2,651 more words

My Recurring Nightmares

There are some nightmares that I have over and over again and I hate all of them.