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Tokyo Ghoul (Season One)

I didn’t think I’d be saying this, but I’ve finally found an anime I didn’t like. I know, I’ll probably get a load of stick for saying that, but I really couldn’t find much good about Tokyo Ghoul season 1. 769 more words


Orwell Is The Scariest Game I've Ever Played

“im in the middle of buying all of bonton with that platinum card i lifted from your desk….”

It’s clearly a joke between lovers. She isn’t really a thief, and all she wants to do is buy some wine for a romantic meal later that evening. 1,087 more words


Chased through a Lab

Nightmare: 30/12/2016

I’m stuck in a lab. All the corridors are white and it feels like a labyrinth. There crazy men in the building. You can tell where they are by the fact that they sing. 114 more words


This Creature Of Blood

“You and I aren’t so different” he use to say. Nothing was further from the truth. Our minds were different, our bodies were different. Chase looked at people not to watch them but to prey on them. 509 more words


Scariest uniforms of Toronto Pride

It’s said that the clothes that you wear reveal a lot about who you are. This year at Pride the leading controversy surrounds barring Toronto police officers from marching while wearing uniforms during the Pride Parade, while they will still perform sideline security? 424 more words

The Mad Masked Men

Three white faces draped in black hooded sweats loitered in the doorway of my once upon a time.

I would have willingly let the bed bugs bite me in place of this haunted case of silently ambling, slowly arguing, black hole intruders. 558 more words