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  1. Pripyat, Ukraine

Perhaps the best-known ghost town in the world, Pripyat was evacuated after the 1986 nuclear accident at the Chornobyl power plant. It previously had a population of around 50,000 but now is part of the “Chornobyl exclusion zone.” 906 more words


Abandoned #8

This was back when Jüri and I were tripping around Estonia with his motorbike. We had a stop at Põltsamaa to visit these awesome places. Check out the piczzzzzz ;) 32 more words



Here is the image i produced for a halloween zine our class made. Its a snake with a skull head who is also a speech bubble which has a square in it. 15 more words

11 Real Insects That Are Much More Horrifying Than Science Fiction

Hey, what’s up? Are you feeling comfortable? Are you happy? Are you okay? Or more importantly, have you eaten yet? If you’re answer to the LAST question is yes, then might I suggest that you get a trash can and put it near you? 550 more words