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25 People Give Details About The Time They Were Brutally Tortured

1. My husband tied me up and set the house on fire

“I was tied up in a house fire. My former husband was extremely mentally and physically abusive… I was leaving him and he decided that if I was going to leave, we were all going to go.

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28 Average People Share The Most Sickening Thing To Happen In Their Hometown

1. A boy set himself on fire in front of his parents

“Guy down the street got in an argument with his folks. Sat down on the porch swing, dumped a gas can on himself and lit up.

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The Girl in the Pale Blue Dress: Final Part

Ivory bones of all shapes and sizes littered the floor of the area I crashed into. Dust filled my hyperventilating lungs at an alarming rate causing a coughing fit. 630 more words


Haunted House

This Picture is very simple to look at but it did take me Awhile to make. I like to use the Black and White line style of drawing. 20 more words

Zombee Apocalypse

Another cat burglar?

Remember the story I told about the time I walked into my room at ENP and found a cat in there? That was not the only time I wandered into my room there to be greeted by something completely unexpected. 461 more words