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So It Begins

Finally arrived in Zurich after an early start from Glasgow and several trains, planes and buses I met up with Robbie in his van to head up to the Swiss Ratikon. 365 more words

One small step for Emma.

Mankind missed the memo that this second blog was worth leaping for. I know that this has been a bit of a stretched pun, but it felt right at the time. 961 more words


Scary Movies Are the Best

Nothing beats the cathartic experience of a scary movie – being home alone, at night with all the lights off, and some liquid courage by your side (read: alcohol). 439 more words


The Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney

This is a series where the writing isn’t great, but it’s occasionally entertaining. Or I thought until I read the third book and was pretty much swearing as I tried to finish it. 250 more words


Road of the Dead by Kevin Brooks

This book was just…wow. I am pretty much wordless. It was just so amazing. It was one of those books that you want to read fast to find out how it ends, yet you want it to go on forever. 141 more words