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The Worst Thing

The worst thing I had ever seen at my job…well, there are two things, actually. One almost made me sick, simply because it involved maggots. The second because of how helpless it made me feel. 585 more words

Animal Shelter

The Wind 

I see the wind.

It contorts the branches outside.

It plays tricks with my eyes.

Monsters, demons, boogiemen, and ghosts.

Await with pleasure to deliver my corpse. 24 more words

Random Writing


The radio is in tune with me like we are on the same wavelength literally.

The exact moment I think of an advert in my head, it plays on the radio. 14 more words

Rising Tides- Short Story

Credit: J. Bailey-Hartsel

Some time ago, I was asked by several former colleagues to tell them a ghost story. We had gathered for an evening of socializing, a small group of academics from my department at a small but formerly respectable liberal arts university in West Central Wisconsin. 7,216 more words