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I Got A Creepy Letter From The Person Who Used To Live In My House, And I Can't Help But Wonder If What They Wrote Is True

I am so thankful that summer is finally here, but this morning I was kind of surprised when I looked at the calendar and saw that it was already May. 2,254 more words

Stranger Things Than Epilepsy?

A boy lies on the floor, shaking and writhing uncontrollably as those around him try to wrestle him into a safe position. A boy stands on a playing field, unconscious, eyes rolling, as his friends and mother try to understand what is happening to him. 1,010 more words

The Word

The Licked Hand

This is an urban legend that I’ve known for a few years, having heard it somewhere in school. This has always been my go-to scary story if ever a situation required some chills, being easy to tell and extremely unnerving to most people. 1,133 more words


When It's Scary, Do It

Fear is something we innately avoid. We use fear as an indicator of “no-no.” Giant fuzzy poisonous spider? No-no. Hurtling yourself from a plane in a squirrel suit? 566 more words


New Adventures Ahead!

Feb. 18, 2018

Well, we have been in Sandy a month already (where does the time go?!) and so far it has been totally awesome, other than the fact that we have been pretty bored because we haven’t started jobs yet.. 80 more words


When Putin Doesn't Like You

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but none of my friends will listen to me anymore and I don’t know who else to tell. 1,595 more words