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What Were They Thinking? (Toilet Edition)

I keep having these dreams. I understand they’re pretty common.(1) In them, I can never find a bathroom. If I do find one it’s unusable – disgustingly filthy, or with no doors or paper, or in the middle of a men’s locker room, or always in the next hall over, or a bucket, or just a circular pipe with no toilet on top of it. 796 more words

Company Makes Employees Do Jumping Jacks After Deadly Gas Hospitalizes Supervisor

At the start of the A and B shifts at Williams-Sonoma, there’s a meeting. The manager goes over the numbers from yesterday and today, parking, housekeeping, and reminding employees not to take a second… 628 more words


Limerick: Incredible Hashtags

It’s been a little over 2 months, and more than 200 tweets
Some of them funny, some serious, some sweet
“Guess what day it is today?” 435 more words

Richard Armitage

We need to talk about toilets.

Warning: this post primarily concerns bodily functions. I’m sorry, I know we’re still just getting to know each other and I’m springing bathroom talk on you already, but I never promised this blog would be pretty. 845 more words