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This past week was terribly stressful for me. We found out we are settling on our first house this coming Thursday which is amazing. I started to feel overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done by that time. 384 more words


Meandering Monday about Living with Myself

When I graduated from High School, there was only one thing I wanted to pursue as a career:  I was going to be an actor. I believe I was pretty good at it, and I loved throwing myself into other characters – this would happen throughout the entire rehearsal process, to the point where traits would creep into my REAL personality. 635 more words


My scattered brain

So, tonight I was in the kitchen making chicken fajitas for dinner. Choo-choo watched from the doorway. I couldn’t tell if his eyes followed me in adoration or criticism. 452 more words


It’s a bitch.

It’s that thing that makes it impossible to get out of bed, it makes you sleep for 11 hours and still feel exhausted. 211 more words


Medicine for an Insane World, Part II

Rough living under Pharaoh’s whip,

Backbreaking toil in his grip.

To free the people, God sent Moses,

With whom the king would not touch noses. 317 more words


I can't think.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t think?

I have gone upstairs at least five times today to do the same thing. 321 more words