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Why Am I Here?

See, I already know why I’m here. I need a creative outlet, a place to vent, motivation to practice writing consistently.

What I’d really like to know is… Why are you here? 206 more words

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Posts in the Can

I’m a little worried that I’m not blogging correctly. You see, I’ve read a number of posts from other bloggers recently who have talked about all of the posts they have in their draft folder. 279 more words


Still with the side effects?!? !

I have had a headache for almost two weeks now! It was really bad at first, now it is just like a dull pain, constantly there. 255 more words


An Anniversary of Sorts

Other than being slightly confused as to how many more days it is until October 1st, I am doing alright. In 5 more days, I will have been separated and living on my own with T for a year and a half. 838 more words


Twinges, Inklings, Fortunes, and Blessings

Not one hundred paces out the door of my office building, I was suddenly struck with a stab of pain between my shoulderblades. My spine was choosing the very first minutes of “Hooray! 457 more words

Apropos Nothing


So, yes, I realize that my posts are quite scatterbrained. I know I’m not the best writer. In fact I don’t really like to write at all. 203 more words



Words: James Frostick

Noisy Adelaide four-piece Siamese are unveiling their new single ‘Scatterbrain’, a potent track that evokes the cluttered nature of being absent minded but also pairs the sentiment with a textured, attention-grabbing musical composition. 364 more words