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Still with the side effects?!? !

I have had a headache for almost two weeks now! It was really bad at first, now it is just like a dull pain, constantly there. 255 more words


I Aint Been With It

I Aint Been With It

I get lost on sewer lids
and on the feathers
of pigeons

when you’re talking to me
just snap you’re fingers… 19 more words


An Anniversary of Sorts

Other than being slightly confused as to how many more days it is until October 1st, I am doing alright. In 5 more days, I will have been separated and living on my own with T for a year and a half. 838 more words


Twinges, Inklings, Fortunes, and Blessings

Not one hundred paces out the door of my office building, I was suddenly struck with a stab of pain between my shoulderblades. My spine was choosing the very first minutes of “Hooray! 457 more words

Apropos Nothing


So, yes, I realize that my posts are quite scatterbrained. I know I’m not the best writer. In fact I don’t really like to write at all. 203 more words



Words: James Frostick

Noisy Adelaide four-piece Siamese are unveiling their new single ‘Scatterbrain’, a potent track that evokes the cluttered nature of being absent minded but also pairs the sentiment with a textured, attention-grabbing musical composition. 364 more words


Meandering Monday about the Monkeys in My Head

“Why do an infinite number of monkeys always want to type “Hamlet”? What’s wrong with “Macbeth”? Why not something by Dickens or Poe?” – Tom Knapp…

916 more words