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Welcome, I should have been here sooner and sober.

Hello there everyone! (anyone)
I’m The Floating Wife and this begins my blog which will inevitably fail.
I’ve decided to write a blog although I don’t think it will have much direction, it will most likely be random musing and things that just need to be shared with anyone who cares to listen. 260 more words


i have the wantsies

So lately I’ve had a case of the “wantsies”. What’s a wantsie you ask? Well…its simply something you want, and boy oh boy do I want a lot! 806 more words

Yep, I forgot that too...

We were talking the other day, Troy and I, on how forgetful I am and after watching Still Alice, I kinda got nervous. I guess I could get ALS, I don’t know if I would want that test really. 1,657 more words

Sex, murder and love

Sex is like murder

When you commit to it, you lose a part of your soul to the other person

Is it any different if you never see them again or if they’re 6 feet under? 28 more words


Too Much on the Plate?

I awoke to a flurry of emails this morning from the school I work at on Fridays- the old ‘day job.’

There was a security leak there, in that one of the teachers had their passwords compromised by an enterprising student who managed to get into a network drive and hide several thousand files in a hidden sub folder. 133 more words

pace yourself

from me..I said baby maybe please…
when all I do wanna do is try…

that song was on the radio when I started typing. think I’m feeling antisocial. 96 more words

The Hodgepodge Solution

Welcome to a Sunday morning hodgepodge.

As my mind is a bit scattered today (think: spilled marbles in a pitch black room full of rocking chairs), I have decided to surrender to this chaotic state. 264 more words