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When he saw the little girl on the red bicycle making her way along the sidewalk, he tried to recall her name. She looked like his next-door neighbor’s daughter who’d had the same name as that actor from that animated movie that was being lauded by critics online. 276 more words

Short Story

More Naval Gazing

From a pneumonia I shifted into the unsettling dizzies with a bit of vertigo. And by a bit, I mean a lot. It’s as though I’m on a boat. 540 more words

A Chapter In My Life

Write About It Wednesday: Scatterbrained

I have the attention span of a 5 year old, with the worldly wonder of a newborn, and the responsibilities of a college student. My mind (and my life for that matter) is all over the place. 252 more words


I don’t know what the deal is this week, but I just can’t seem to get it together. One would think with it being a short week, and coming off a mini vacation, things would settle back in. 259 more words

Unthematically Wandering

One of the top tips on How to Have a Successful Blog (a topic covered many times, in many forms) is: Specification. Be focused. Have a  240 more words



Thoughts going left and right
drifting past my brain.
there for a moment,
but gone in an instant.

random notes
jotted down
on sides of papers… 46 more words

so scatterbrained lately

remember how i posted about my xmas gifts being too small on me?  turns out they were just right.

so my mom bought me two pairs of true religion jeans and a pair of black dress pants i can wear to weddings.   103 more words