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Scavenger Episode 7 & 8 (2 part story)- Part 7

Episode 7:

In Nothing, Nevada the heat can be invasive; get into your pores and make you sweat out as if in a cardiac arrest of some sort, if you’re not used to it.  887 more words


DNS File Transfer


The first example I will use is not necessarily a backdoor for a command and control presence, but it highlights the importance of hiding not just in the system, but within the network traffic.  1,162 more words


Scavenger Episode 6

1 or 2 days later…


Medium-pitched yelp erupted from the mouth of Fresca Lucien, the daughter of the Mayor of Nothing, Nevada.  Fresca was tall, taller than her father, with stilt-like legs, tall and firm.  991 more words


Scavenger Episode 5

Commotion ensued around town; and drifted it’s fair head up to the Mayor’s mansion.  Dr. Lucien  was in the middle of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony when the news reached him: 963 more words


Scavenger Episode 4

“No, he won’t leave me alone….at least, I think it’s a he.  I haven’t checked or anything,” John Crawford said, taking a long drag of his coffee. 1,086 more words


Scavenger Episode 3

No one knows how or what relevance the “Dr.” part of Dr. Sheldon Lucien ever came from; it’s just always been his name.  That’s always been his secret to know and when to share.  1,026 more words