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Another Scavenger

Perhaps not quite as likely to eat litter as a crow is, the seagull is still a bit of a scavenger. He’s not very choosy about what he eats. 223 more words


Find the Clues

This is good for prepositions and the imperative at the A1-B1 levels.

  1. Choose a short story or easy joke. Type it and cut it into strips.
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Grammar-based Activities


The Last War, the war to end all wars where our fearless King took what was rightfully ours and brought the world together under one banner. 455 more words


Prague Trip (post 7 of 7): Scavenger Hunt | Luxurious Nomad

Now, on to find R2D2 and the other oddities…  You think I jest? Aha!  What is this we spy hiding in the bushes? OK, that mission accomplished…  On to Brno to find the two-headed hanger-on-er-er… More snow… All along the highway there was billboard after billboard, all with the Czechia flag and we were wondering …

Enjoy Denver's scavenger hunt while staying in corporate housing in Denver

You can enjoy an amazing scavenger hunt in Denver’s LoDo region or Boulder by going to Urban Adventure Quest. Both of these cities become giant game boards with a fun scavenger hunt adventure. 91 more words

There is really no need to shutdown an Island Resort.

There is no need to really shutdown an Island Resort.

You can have clean coastline water while inland repair is being done.

It is a fast and efficient method of decontaminating coastal waters from fecal based coliforms. 617 more words