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The Recipe for a Good Aquaman Comic

Aquaman (Volume 8) #20
Written by Dan Abnett
Art by Phillipe Briones

This was a good issue. I haven’t quite enjoyed this series so far but now that Abnett is leaning away from Atlantis vs.

97 more words

One Man's Junk...

Isn’t it ironic? I mean, there’s no easier thing than making a mess of your building corner, but when it comes to actually building a pile of junk, it all of a sudden becomes really hard to do it right. 394 more words


Blind Beggar Miniatures - Bounty Hunter

I spotted these from Blind Beggar Miniatures whilst looking for VBCW figures and thought they were interesting enough to buy.

The sculpts across most of Blind Beggars ranges are, without sugar coating it, crude. 97 more words


Surprised by Vultures

Turkey vultures are a common sight in our area. Quite ugly with their naked red heads sticking out from a mass of dark feathers, they make a much more pleasing impression when they circle overhead, with a wingspread almost as wide as an eagle’s. 172 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge


He that broke my knees
Scavenging my flesh
Bruising the body and soul.

Laughing at my breaking
Leaving me to beg for mercy
Feasting on my misery… 25 more words


Welcome to Centresa

Allegorical Tale, Mythical Village. Building, Growing. Things Worth Believing In

If you want to believe in something, then believe in it. Just because something isn’t true, that’s no reason not to believe in it. 1,250 more words


Why would disclosing reasons for rebranding armed drones have a chilling effect?

In 2016, defence secretary Michael Fallon announced a £100m development deal with US arms manufacturer General Atomics under which the UK fleet of armed drones will double. 207 more words

Drone Strikes