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Easy, Peasy, Beautiful... Salmon

Salmon is by far the favorite “go-to” fish recipe in my household. Over the summer, I made this grilled salmon with avocado salsa, which became an instant favorite for everyone. 242 more words

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Strictly Support Group - 💃🏻🏆 Champion of Champions Week 6 🏆💃🏻

On last week’s Strictly Support Group, we had a shock result where Simon and Kristina waved goodbye to the competition. This week it’s a double elimination! 185 more words


Strictly Support Group - A Loud and Proud Strictlified Chat!

We have it on very good authority that Glasgow Strictly fans are the loudest on the Strictly tour, so for tonight’s chat we got loud just like these guys: 908 more words


I'm Back...sort of

For anyone who may have been trying to follow this blog a couple years ago, I apologize for the abrupt stop in posts! I promise, there was a good reason. 440 more words


Changing the way I eat to change the way I feel

This isn’t something new for me, eating better to feel better. And I can’t say I’m a junk food addict or anything; the last “fast food” burger I had, or beef burger of any kind, was 3 years ago. 514 more words


Strictly Support Group - How To Convince a Non-Strictly Fan Strictly Is The Best!

Yes. You heard me right. There is such a thing as a non-strictly fan! In my case, I work with one. She is my new colleague who admitted that she found the world of Strictly all a tad D U Double L (dull!) *Shakes head in disbelief* 417 more words


Carrots, good to the last top!

Hello everyone! The purpose of this blog post today is to show how to truly make the most of your everyday produce item. Carrots are obviously known for the orange section that can be enjoyed roasted, dipped in hummus, or eaten raw like good ol’ Bugs Bunny. 268 more words

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