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WWJJD Part 1

As a young optometrist just starting out in your career, you may encounter some awkward situations during your working life that you may not know how to respond to. 1,450 more words


The effects of climate change on a mega-diverse country: predicted shifts in mammalian species richness and turnover in continental Ecuador

Would you like to learn more about the effects of climate change in Ecuador? check this article out! My good friend Paula Iturralde- Polit and her team found on their study that in Ecuador “all scenarios predicted that climate change will have effects on species richness distribution patterns” and that “some species may not be able to shift their ranges fast enough to track their suitable climates.” Really interesting evidence to take into consideration when designing resilient conservation  and adaptation strategies… 12 more words


LeanFT Cucumber Framework - Lets talk Gherkin !

Imagine a room full of 50 people and you whisper a story in the ears of the first person and he narrates it to the second and so on till the 50th one. 197 more words


When education doomsayers aren't grim enough

Recently Inside Higher Ed ran two columns arguing that higher education is in serious trouble.  Their titles proclaimed a very grim analysis: “What Happens If Higher Ed Collapses?” 691 more words

Future Of Education

Climate scientists push back against catastrophic scenarios

(Source: arstechnica.com)

One of the challenges of discussing climate change is that it really is that bad. Completely realistic projections of things like sea-level rise, loss of agricultural productivity, and so on can sometimes sound like a disaster movie. 967 more words


Scenarios:Team Banana Boat vs. Golden State Warriors

If you don’t know who team banana boat is then here you go.They’re LeBron James’ closest NBA Friends.Here’s the starting 5: G:Chris Paul G:Dwyane Wade F:Carmelo Anthony F:LeBron James C:Chris Bosh (Put on team even though not on Banana Boat team).The bench is just full of LBJs past and current teammates.Kyrie Irving,Norris Cole,Ray Allen,Mario Chalmers,Chris Andersen,Tristan Thompson,J.R. 52 more words

Superteam Rank:Ranking the players on star power

After ranking the teams, let’s rank the players from the last Super Team blog.Here it is.
If players have the same rank they are based on their superteam ranking… 86 more words