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When Computing Is Free as Air

In 1997 I spoke at an industry event in London, England, on the subject of what the Internet was doing for the enterprise.  The title of my talk was “The Internet as Global IT Department.” Yes, in those days we still talked about “IT managers.” 603 more words


Transforming the Brotherhood

(Here is a summary of the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) foresight workshop we had a couple of months ago. A full report will be published in the APO magazine this year.) 1,384 more words

Alternative Futures

The Stalkers

Zone France has 276 kilometres of border. The Institute lacks the manpower and funding to truly close it off and, in the end, stalkers are so rare that there is no point in building a Berlin Wall. 369 more words


Work in progress

So your mind is full of ideas but they have yet to reach your hands to come out into the world. Then along comes the viewer and wants to know “why”, “how” and “what” that is. 12 more words


The New Challenges of the Media Industry

Two big concepts are set to shake up the media industry over the next few years. “Net neutrality” and “over the top” consumption of content will be dominant forces affecting the sector, according to members of the IESE U.S. 13 more words


Of Scenarios and Manoeuvres!

It’s been another very productive week. The first thing that I managed to do was to add another order to the system. ‘Charge!’ orders can now be used within the game: 590 more words

Ancient Armies

Black Dog Dérive

Each day the denizens of the Zone awake to a world more confused and disordered than the one they left the night before.

Rubbish piles up against the abandoned homes and factories of Old Toulouse; soot covers the broken walls of its former industrial quarter. 501 more words