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What next if UK MPs reject Brexit deal?

LONDON: Prime Minister Theresa May appears likely to lose a historic vote on the Brexit deal she has struck with EU leaders in a crucial parliament vote on Tuesday (Dec 11). 627 more words


BoE: Corporates are not ready for non-deal Brexit

It is likely that the UK corporate sector is in general not yet well equipped to cope with a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. This conclusion is in the Bank of England´s analysis of the Brexit situation in the UK economy (EU withdrawal scenarios & monetary & financial stability). 170 more words


Your Face as a Student 2018

In “Education – 21 Century Challenges” about “What should we teach children?” we posed two additional questions:

What advice should young people follow?

Who or where should they turn for advice when adults’ wisdom may only be outdated biases? 270 more words


What next for coal?

With COP24 now underway deep in the heart of coal country in Poland, we can’t help but be reminded of the important role that coal still plays in the energy system today. 1,025 more words


MNF'ing Last Chance [Week 13 of the 2018 Season]

It’s been a long journey, but it’s the end of the road.  And it sure as hell is not a crossroads.  It’s been a grinding year, but it comes to a close and we can look back fondly at our awesome time here.  718 more words

Monday Morning Hangover

Fired {Doyoung}

  • Genre: Angst, Suggestive
  • Word Count: 2,076
  • Pairing: Reader x Doyoung
  • World: NCT
  • Prompt: Coffee and Ice Cream

The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, wafting to your nose. 2,103 more words

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In WAR✘ and LOVE ♥ {Isane} Homosexual

  • Genre: Suggestive
  • Word Count: 403
  • Pairing: Female Reader x Isane
  • World: Bleach

You weren’t sure how it happened but several captains and lieutenants from Soul Society had come to the world of the living on ‘vacation’. 388 more words

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