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Several visions of the future of higher education

What might higher education become in the next decade?

I shared several scenarios with NACUBO, the excellent American higher ed business officers’ group.  They are based on the following possibilities: 29 more words


aurora itralis

The Card Drop is coming along but the sea calls when the sun bestows its gifts.

Itra Troll Card Drop PDF

Itra Troll Front Page PDF 73 more words


Impetus Scenarios I - Magnesia

I thought to start with Magnesia, but instead or relying the assumption that Romans were overwhelmed 2:1, I think it more realistic that both sides had roughly 50 000 troops.  415 more words


The Third Manifesto of Itra-Troll

The Third Manifesto

Co-designer of Itras by Ole Peder Giæver was kind enough to explain that I was a bit off with some of the Scandiwegian I was using in my submission, so the research station is now called… 151 more words


Bang-Bang at 1st

WAKA Rule 15.02b

“Interference is when any runner on or off base intentionally touches a ball, or hinders a fielder. This interference causes the play to end, the runner to be out, and any other runners shall return to the base from which they came.” 347 more words


A Deflective Scenario


Scenario Version 1:

Runner on 2nd base and no Outs. A Kicker bunts up the 3rd base line. The Crasher picks up the ball and wildly throws the ball towards 1st Base and it ends up going into Right Field. 365 more words


A Numbers Game

Interesting Situation Based on a True Story

A team is set to play however they have the minimum number of girls (4) and 11 total players. 557 more words