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Uh, There's A Walker At The Window

Firstly, sorry for any confusion earlier today with the release of the blog post. I accidentally published it when I meant to schedule it so some of you may have gotten an email earlier than planned, clicked on the link and been shown “Page Not Found”. 1,049 more words


What I learned from an actual usability test

I participated in my first usability test a few weeks back. One of my colleagues wanted to test the new departmental intranet site, and as I was new to the job and had little to no experience with the site, he asked me to go through some scenarios. 312 more words

Technical Writing


He aquí una hermosa iniciativa de la parte de la ingeniera civil Raghad Mardini, quién creó una residencia para artistas ubicada en el Libano en unos antiguos establos. 96 more words


Damocracy: Future of Ilisu and Belo Monte

Focal Issue: How will Mega-dams affect local people in future?

Contextual Basis: Two separate cultures are being effected by two separate mega-dam projects in mirror ways. 1,006 more words

Environmental Anthropology

To Die and Die Again

This story happened early in my career and has weighed on me from time to time since. The disease responsible crops up all too frequently in my own family. 623 more words


Signal Close Action Kriegspiel, Part II

And returning back to the original topic of the blog… Got a bit carried away with Impetus. As mentioned earlier, I have started to prepare second part of Signal Close Action Kriegspiel. 384 more words

Age Of Sail

Marcelo Eduardo Lelis de Oliveira: BANDA D | 03 | Lelis

Chaque semaine je pars à la recherche des infos sur l’internet. Comme toujours j’ai commencé mon enquête avec un but précis, généralement c’est dû aux besoins de mon travail, mais en cours de cette activité je déraille vers d’autre lignes d’investigation et je perds le fil. 155 more words