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Scenarios and the Military

This is a response in the discussion with @Aelkus about the need for scenarios in military thinking (because really, 140 characters isn’t enough to say what I’d actually like to say, most times). 382 more words


10 animals that poop, and why you’re going to die in the apocalypse.

  1. Hedgehogs: Yes they poop. Being the feisty defensive creatures that they are; they poop while they run. This way if a predator is after them they can be not by their poop, when the predator get to it, thus allowing it to get away.
  2. 495 more words

New Gettysburg regimental-level scenario book!

Talented wargame scenario designer Brad Butkovich is among the upper echelon of today’s generation of Civil War regimental-level wargamers. The Georgia-based Butkovich is well known to… 563 more words


Fist Bump

Someone punched a dent in my metal front door.  They did it before I moved in, and I didn’t think much about it until today. I had just assumed that someone moving furniture in or out had accidentally bumped into the door.  427 more words

Living And Learning

How to identify the test scenarios you have to automate

Suppose you are starting work on a new piece of software that you will need to write automated tests for. Your goal is to cover the most relevant test scenarios that apply to the feature , without missing or forgetting one. 771 more words


Scenario 2:Bullying

Dear viewers,

Today’s scenario is about bullying, this is so common so its probably good to know about.

So imagine this:

Your friend from primary school who you thought was going to always stay your friend, has made other friends that don’t like you and before you know it you and your old friend are not on speaking terms and you notice your friend transforming from good to bad over the weeks… 144 more words