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In the Box #1 

Overanalyzing your current situation can immerse you in your own hell, a hell that you created by the unreal scenarios you made up in your head. 21 more words


Second Battle of Cape Finsterre (1747)

Second Battle of Cape Finsterre was a moderately sized naval action in the Western Approaches, taking place during War of Austrian Succession, 25 October 1747 between the naval forces of France and England. 482 more words

Age Of Sail

Idriss Aberkane and the Knowledge Economy

Idriss aberkane, is a french academic on a quest to help the world grow from a market economy to a knowledge economy.

As most french people, he  obnoxiously only does talks in french forgetting to translate for the rest of the world. 129 more words


5 Most Common and Popular Scenarios in Horror Movies

The first mistake a horror writer makes when he/she plans to launch another popular piece to hit the market is the story. I’m not asking for too much logic, I know it’s fiction we’re talking about. 841 more words

Horror Movies

Jason Patterson

Throughout all of the year 2015 and what has gone of 2016 the hashtag #blacklivesmatters has been a current trending topic. It is ridiculous and unbelievable to see how the goverment of the United States treats his african american citizens. 119 more words


Situation before EXAM!!!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel: P.S.M Replay……

Sooooo this is kind of a late upload but consider this…..

Soooo this is this video is all about the… 79 more words



I uploaded the wrong version of the final encounter with the Body without Organs. Foolish. The PDF has been updated:-

Black Dog Dérive