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You know that feeling when things really don’t go the way you’d anticipated them going, – any of the many scenarios you’d imagined – yet they still worked out okay in the end?  

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Should the marine distress flag be hoisted in 2018?

As the year 2018 stretches out in front of us with new opportunities or threats for our businesses, let us revisit the South African scenario flags to identify if any of the flags  are signalling a change of the game. 411 more words


ASL'rs Unofficial All Time Top 10

Roy“, an ASL’r on the GameSquad forums started a thread “Your all time top 10 scenarios“.  Seven pages later, it’s one of the more useful thread. 48 more words

Advanced Squad Leader

Happy New Year

Dear readers,

I wish you a happy new year 2018.

You will soon find, according to the calendar, excerpts of volumes 4 of the Antillean series Ti-Coeur ANGEL, and the sci-fi series Sherley SHERLY, which are being written. 27 more words

Sherley Sherly

"I hate planning meetings"

We met in the kitchen for a coffee after one of those planning meetings. It is true that they were not as smooth as I would like, and that I could not run them like in previous teams, but I didn’t think they were that bad. 569 more words


3 Scenarios In Life When You Should NOT Top-Up Your CPF Account

(Source: dollarsandsense.sg)

There are many good reasons to top up your CPF Special Account (SA). It provides a stash that’s locked up until you’re retired and need the payouts from CPF Lifelong Income For Elderly (LIFE), a life annuity that provides a monthly payout once you turn 65. 830 more words

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