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Timeline Scenarios

The sketch above illustrates different scenarios of how the whole plan for the site could be implemented throughout time. I believe the most appropriate process would be for simple individual interventions such as hacks, repairs and basic modifications to begin as soon as the plan for the site has been completed and discussed with the actors and agents taking part, while plans for more complex interventions, such as the construction of new buildings, are being developed until finally being realised. 65 more words


Dragonmeet 2016

I’d been saving up. Night Witches, Lovecraftesque and A Red & Pleasant Land are all beautiful and I’m hoping to get a chance to play them soon.

Scenario 3: no chance for Austria

The third scenario proves: If Ireland continue playing like they did last fall, it will be impossible for Austria to catch up with them.

What happens to Ireland? 103 more words


Scenario 2: five victories aren't enough for Austria

Even five wins and one draw wouldn’t guarantee Austria to get ahead of Ireland, as the second scenario shows:

What happens to Ireland?

Ireland win against Georgia (a) and Moldova (h) as well as against Serbia (h). 141 more words


Monday, November 28th, 2016

As I laid on my bed, it hit me. I have always been afraid. Battling fear. Paralyzing, debilitating, irrational fear. Some might even describe it as paranoia. 610 more words


Scenario 1: Irish nightmare and Austrian pessimism

Ireland’s nightmare is a reason for Austrian supporters to be pessimistic. The first scenario shows that even with a very poor Irish performance in their six remaining games it would be difficult for Austria to get ahead of them. 131 more words


Hard Brexit – Evolving Scenarios for Brexit

In developing scenarios, it pays to plan for the unexpected. Back in the run-up to the Brexit referendum, SAMI published a set of foresight articles on different ways in which Brexit might pan out. 841 more words