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Top 3 Affordable Authoring Tools To Develop Branching Scenarios E-Learning Courses

Affordable e-learning authoring tools for developing branching scenarios e-learning courses every beginner should know. This article includes 3 most cost-effective programs we’ve found on the market now. 787 more words

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Bureau Seven

This is a old FATE Core setting I ran for my home group, and at a few conventions. It has a very specific comedic tone. 135 more words


Romance of the Perilous Land - The Old Man of the Woods (and Character Sheets)

I’ve recently run a session of Romance of the Perilous Land, a fantasy OSR game. It’s basically a revised version David Black’s the Black Hack. 945 more words


Red Lights on the Dashboard – What if The World Suffers Another Crash?

Since the crash of 2008 and the Eurozone crisis of 2011-12, forecasting what will happen even the near future has become a lot harder.  The rise of populist parties on the left and right; the UK vote to leave the EU; the election of Donald Trump as US President all marked a climate of “no-one knows anything” in World Affairs: a climate where political, economic and generational uncertainties are supplemented by the great unknowns of the 4thIndustrial Revolution and its impact on jobs, wealth distribution and society. 809 more words

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Week 6: User Scenarios


A user scenario are stories that your persona’s (fictional user) act out. They are thoughts or exercises which certain types of users represented by your chosen persona’s, that interact with your interactive or website. 161 more words

Phoenix Command - Complicated Gun Nonsense - 1980's style

In the late 1980’s the now-defunct game company Leading Edge Games produced a role-playing game called Phoenix Command. It’s no longer in print, but is remembered as one of the most absurdly complex systems ever. 421 more words