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If Cuba in 2000 was a model for ‘Brexit’, what might it look like?

The introduction to this short series of blogs explained that, at a team meeting in early March, we discussed a range of scenarios should the UK choose Brexit in June. 677 more words


Futures Cone - connecting capability and strategy

If you haven’t read Sjef van Geaalen’s piece on the futures cone then you are missing out on a rare blend of insight and humour ( 813 more words

Future Strategic Thinking

How do *you* think people will be using blockchain technology in 2025?

Since I last posted anything about blockchain, the buzz, the bombast, and the bureaucratic committees have been metastasizing at a rapid pace.  Research reports are being written, lectures are being given, … 219 more words


Research Q&A: Whose stories do scenarios tell?

Post by Jenny Seifert

Scenarios are gaining popularity as tools to anticipate how the future could play out for people and the environment. These so-called “social-ecological” scenarios, since they examine the interactions between humans and ecosystems over time, can help facilitate community dialog, advance scientific research, and inspire solutions to current or possible future challenges. 963 more words

Yahara Watershed

DUI pt.3 Dirt Ball Joanie

Booked and sitting in my open holding cell I can’t help but shiver. I am not one to get cold easy but wearing a tank top and a thin gypsy skirt didn’t help me stay warm in this  dark cement room. 3,342 more words


What Should The Bengals Do At Pick #24?

Today, I will look at potential players that the Cincinnati Bengals could potentially select due to the fact they have holes at key positions that are left wide open after some good players departed to other teams. 629 more words


A Loss of Knowledge?

I’ve been somewhat scatter-brained this week, so this may seem a bit disjointed. (…a bit more disjointed than normal?)  I read something in the newspaper that got me thinking, though.  726 more words

Critical Thought