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SERVICE STATIONS: From Vehicle Fires At The Gas Pumps To Structure Fires In Auto Repair Shops, What Are The Dangers?

“Service Stations” are defined as fueling stations and auto repair shops. A vehicle burning on a lift inside an auto repair shop is considered a structure fire. 125 more words


TRAIN FIRES: Preparing For Railroad Emergency Response Incidents At The Train Station

RAILROAD EMERGENCIES: Fire departments respond to a variety of railroad emergencies at the platform, along the tracks and inside of the train station. Companies can be dispatched for train fires, EMS calls, alarm activations, pin/crush extrication, suicides, derailments, elevator/escalator rescue, gas/electric incidents, bomb threats/terrorism and structure assignments within the station or attached occupancies such as parking garages or restaurants. 82 more words



What’s a scenario?

In the world of user experience design a scenario is basically a story about someone (usually your users) using whatever is being designed to carry out a specific task or goal. 744 more words

User Interface And Experience

50 Watts (the blog that will make you feel like in a graphic designer's candy store)

My! Just go and see, see, see this blog until your head spins!

I stumbled upon this website, “50watts” and baam! love at first site. 57 more words


Promotion & Relegation Scenarios (18th April)

Premiership Title

Only Celtic and Aberdeen are still able to win the title.  The winners will enter the 2nd Qualifying Round of the Champions League.  The title cannot be decided this weekend. 1,146 more words


Scenario's, thoughts, dreams DARKNESS...

I have some of the craziest dreams and the craziest thoughts and the craziest scenarios.

Almost every night or every moment I have to think about something or some moment during the day. 158 more words

>Ma crème>  #Screentime #Quality, Not Quantity

Screentime – Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

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As usual, technology is about how you use it. Focus on the education, not the technology.

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