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In Korea, a company of Marines was way outnumbered and was retreating before the enemy. The company had crossed a bridge over a river, but the enemy were mostly still on the other side.

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The Latecomers

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Once a month, Singapore’s best comedians come together to put on a different kind of show. The Latecomers is a chaotic improv performance that tests the wits of Singapore’s finest in a slew of scenarios. 32 more words


This chart shows what a war with North Korea could do to the global economy

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Tensions between the US and North Korea remain highly elevated.

Several provocations from the North Korean government in the form of unauthorized missile launches and the testing of a major nuclear weapon have ramped up the potential of a conflict between the states to levels not seen in two decades. 285 more words

Money Matters

What does business-as-usual mean today?

Energy models are a vital tool to help predict what the future energy system could look like. Conventionally, such models are based on business-as-usual scenarios – points of reference informed by historical norms. 1,196 more words


Behind the scenes of the Shell scenarios

Shell has been a pioneer in developing scenarios to explore the future and deepen its strategic thinking for nearly 50 years. In the 1990s, the company started sharing scenarios externally to contribute to the public dialogue on the collective challenges and choices faced by business, government and society. 469 more words

Net Zero Emissions

Internæsjonal Flair

Do you like Archipelago III, improv techniques, freeform, card-based systems, German Expressionist movies of the 20s, the mythology of the Philippines, Russian sci-fi or just, y’know, the Nørwegian-gone-rogue tabletop game… 35 more words

Longer Games

Tools for long term thinking

As practitioners of strategy in the context of the future, we at SAMI have always instinctively believed that this approach is better than strategy with a good view in the rear view mirror. 607 more words

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