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Co-Authoring in Excel - the 2017 Update

When I was reviewing some site stats last week, I was surprised to note that one of the most popular posts on this site is from February 2010 called… 255 more words

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Trophic Cascades - How Whales Change Climate

Whales are crucial to ocean carbon absorption. As whale numbers dwindle, it could lead to increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, scientists say. But if conservation efforts pay off, whales could play a role in helping the islands meet the reductions to their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) of greenhouse gases framed in the Paris Agreement. 490 more words

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Output \\ Why Mapping?

The common perception of architectural and spatial design is building based: Definite sites holding grandeur masterpieces being designed on 2 grand computers by middle-aged men with round glasses and expensive coffee. 190 more words


Final Major Project - Theme Ideas

Below is a list of themes that I want to explore before choosing a final design idea for my diorama. Beneath each theme, there are scenarios that are suitable for that scene as well as a list of games/films/books that I could look at for inspiration. 486 more words

Final Major Project

This or That #1

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know I’m useless at keeping up with book memes and other challenges, but when I saw this one on the… 179 more words

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'The button'

Looks like an everyday road crossing with myself about to hit the button to cross. It is exactly that, but ‘the button’ does a great deal more! 89 more words

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Educational Initiative

Following on from the presentation, I decided to get pen to paper and get my proposition scenario out there. It’s something I’d been considering weeks ago, whereby I use small scale educational initiatives (specifically maths tutoring at first) to facilitate a larger impact, eventually. 125 more words

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