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MONTAUK HOTEL @ Gigonometry (The Workman’s Club, 13.07.2017)

Lightning struck twice here tonight in The Workman’s Club as we got to see a second band who justifies the hype in the form of Montauk Hotel.   514 more words

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THE CLOCKWORKS @ Gigonometry (The Workman’s Club, 13.07.2017)

This Galway band has been on the lips of everyone that matters this year. From seeing them tonight it is easy to see why. They are something the Irish music scene has been overdue for some time. 684 more words

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SILENT INTERLUDE @ Gigonometry (Workman’s Club, 13.07.2017)

There are a lot of club nights that come and go on the Dublin music scene, but the key reason Gigonometry has remained a mainstay is because it focuses on what a great club night should always be about – the music. 412 more words

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BOB SKELETON @ Gigonometry

From the very moment we walked through those very famous front doors of The Workman’s Club we had a feeling there was something special in the air tonight. 623 more words

Scene & Heard

February Blog: Loving A Murderer

It’s been a busy month for me, mostly with reviews rather than writing if I’m honest, but that’s not a bad thing. I’m still progressing with my novel… 583 more words


Review: May I Use the Bathroom Please?

It’s St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin but you wouldn’t know if from the meagre crowd in O’ Leary’s Pub. Besides the barman and the landlady, Siobhan, the only other people there are resident barflies and best buddies Desmond and Eddie. 266 more words


Review: Mic Drop

Successful tech and social media entrepreneur Perry Pardo is back on home turf to impart his knowledge to the audience in order to help them become just like him. 272 more words