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Green is my favorite color. It is also the color of my birthstone. Although it may represent envy or money, I prefer to see it as a calming color – a hue closest to Mother Nature. 20 more words



I’m a city girl that loves any kinds of adventure. I love to go to different places to explore. But I only have so little time and limited places to go since I’m still studying. 557 more words


Macombs Dam Park

I enjoy this park because the track and field is honored after a remarkable man, Joseph Yancey. Originally from Harlem, he was known as a star athlete who trained many athletes across the country. 188 more words


I would like to introduce to you, the “Lou Gehrig Plaza”. This park peacefully sits in between of the Bronx Supreme Court and Joyce Kilmer Park, which is a bigger park that sits right next door. 137 more words


Skyline View

As I was reading a book this evening in my room, I looked outside of my window and caught this! (No filter added)



Did you know that the oldest bridge in New York City is located here in The Bronx? Yes, I am talking about a bridge that is over 165 years old. 75 more words


Swedish January Landscapes

Let me introduce Sweden to you. Well, a piece of it. Cause the thing with Sweden, is that it’s so radically different depending on what time of the year you visit. 82 more words