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Creative Carnival Scenery!

Check out one of these creative-cool Crazygem Carnival Scenery below!

Scenery Above made by: Phillygirl2895

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What Would Be YOUR Super Power?

If you could have ANY superpower what would it be?

Would it be a power to make as much candy as you wanted? Or make everything you look at chocolate like the scenery below? 57 more words

Crazygem Scenery Race: Scenery Entries!

Have you checked out our Crazygem Scenery Race Raffle Competition yet? So far there are sooo many crazygemers participating, so we`d like to thank all of our participates. 17 more words

Checkout Some Cool Canival Sceneries!

Here are some more cool Carnival-Themed Sceneries featured below!

Scenery Above Made By: LightCrystal.

Scenery Above Made By:  Marilena.z.

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Crazy Carnival Scenery Contest Entries!

Have you checked out our CRAZY Carnival/Mardi Gras Scenery Competition in Crazygem?

Here are some of our AMAZING Crazygem Carnival Scenery Entries so far, featured below! 50 more words

Creative Decorating – CutieAnabelaa

This will be out first post ever to feature one of our crazygemmers. The way CutieAnabelaa used her crazygem eggs seemed very creative.

Here is a picture of her suite & how she used her crazygem eggs below! 8 more words

Creative Summer/Spring Sceneries

Below are two more really creative Crazygem Summer/Spring-Themed sceneries!

Hope you liked them! Don`t forget to check out our other posts with other super creative & cool sceneries! 15 more words