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Many projects are being built in China, but some people need to leave to make way for new projects. However, some of then end up refusing to leave their former homes for builders to complete the projects. 12 more words


A day in Shinbashi. 

Along the rails of the Yamanote Line lies a place called Shinbashi (新橋), located just in between Yurakucho and Hamamatsucho.

Shinbashi is a simple yet busy place for being packed with workers typically, salarymen, whatever time of day. 261 more words


Ikuzo! Here's to the first post!

Hello! And welcome to Ikuzo Japan!

This is a blog dedicated to bring the different beauty of Japan through captured moments to all readers.

From landscapes, sceneries, culture and so on and so forth. 218 more words


A Walk to Remember: Enjoying Soothing Sights and Sceneries

Nature has its own way of relieving us of the stress that tends to build up due to our hectic schedules and demanding lifestyles. The soothing sights and sceneries that can be seen if one goes for a nice walk have the effect of lifting the spirits and calming the soul. 216 more words


Video: Falling (Guttemusikken)

Guttemusikken is a one-man band I play around with on my computer, for pure and simple fun. Seeing as this music video is based on Tysnes sceneries, though, I thought it only fitting to post it here. 8 more words


Bosnian Hills

When I was studying in Ireland, I met people from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. To me, beyong being attached to one of U2’s songs “Miss Sarajevo”, I had no idea what this country could eventually look like. 169 more words