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Road to Forever

There’ll be two posts for Baguio. (BaBaguio ng posts 😂) The posts will be:
1. Road to Forever
2. Nature working

In a span of a year, I visited the place: thrice. 733 more words


Lake Kaindy

Image from Wikipedia‘s website.
Video taken from YouTube

This turquoise lake was created during an earthquake in 1911 which caused a landslide toppling over several spruce trees.  144 more words


Someone Has To Start Somewhere

My first photo was a tree. Just a tree! I don’t know why but I fell inlove with the shadows and the structure of it.


Devil's Den

Image from Devil’s Den‘s website.

Video taken from YouTube

Ok so technically I’ve already been to Devil’s Den but just for a quick look-see.  I didn’t get to go into that incredibly blue, crystal clear, and 72 degree year-round water… sigh. 108 more words


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 1 Observatory

During lunchtime on August 03, 2016, I followed a group of JET trainees to the Government building for lunch. Because we still have time after everyone finished lunch, we decided to take the elevator up to the observatory. 21 more words


DumaJor / SiquiGuete

This is a Sana Maulit Muli Sunday experience.


Okay so why the heavens did I went to Dumaguete? What is the sense of this blog? 561 more words


Greenery... somewhere in Odisha ..!

These are some snaps from my last trip (in May, 2016) to Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

These were taken from the train in which I was travelling and I just love watching these lovely fields and forest-like lands.

81 more words