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xp+10+reviews + 11 July 2012

A little frustration in our comments received after yesterdays mention of XPJets’s torturously slow-to-develop Boeing 777, some comments bleeding over into the continuing lack of documentation for the WED suite of scenery tools, and the mounting delays surrounding the next RC of XP10. 2,189 more words


xp+10+reviews + 10 July 2012

Once again, a reminder that this blog will be “moving” soon – to a new hosting service. We’ll have more details up for you as soon as we can figure out which way is up (yeah, sure), but it looks like we’ll (maybe) start the move this week (uh-huh, right). 1,078 more words

Scenery Reviews

xp+10+reviews + 9 July 2012

A few trends in the comments re: Peter’s A321 are worth noting. Some people really have no need for procedures SIMs (and the accompanying higher price) – at all – while others see the point and appreciate the effort going into such files. 848 more words


xp+10+reviews + 6 July 2012

Ah, that warning wind! She’s blown’ again. Things are stirring, big things are a-brewin’! Keep your eyes and ears open, or join us here, for the latest. 950 more words


xp+10+reviews + 5 July 2012

Well, all I can say is the more I work through Peter’s A321 the more impressed I become. Systems depth is incredible, and the flight model may well represent the best tubeliner behavior yet in XP. 642 more words