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x+s+r // tfff + ljlj + ehmz + eprz + 10u

Something new: see the Norwegian Wood item up above in the header? Click that link for an ongoing summary of all files in Norway, including download links and images. 863 more words

Europe Regional Routes

x+s+r // weekend update

After the brutal weather the past few days (and for some of us, weeks), looking at the image above made me homesick for summer…but that is, indeed, the beauty of simulations. 2,809 more words

Scenery Reviews

x+s+r // new year's weekend

It’s that time again. Take out the old and bring in the new – with a glass of bubbly whatever around the fire, maybe a pot of cheese fondue on the table. 2,077 more words

Scenery: Europe

x+s+r // kpdx => ksea

Seattle is another one of those places – if you know what I mean. Hard to put a finger on exactly what trips my trigger, but I lived here for a while, on my boat. 2,101 more words

Scenery Reviews

x+s+r // ksfo

The flight corridor between LAX and SFO is one of the most heavily traveled in the world, and more than a few airlines got their start flying between the LA area and San Francisco. 1,758 more words

Scenery Reviews

x+s+r // XP11.10 // G1000 // California


So, Thursday my auto-update dialogue box appeared and let me know it was time to update. Uh, yeah…okay. I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to pull the trigger (as Goran at Leading Edge posted that there are major auto-pilot issues in his Saab340 when used in the new version) but, well, curiosity got me and I did it. 2,110 more words

Scenery Reviews

x+s+r // chaos city

We’ve talked a lot about “immersive chaos” here over the years – regarding airport scenery files in X-plane, not current events in Washington, D.C. – but perhaps now’s as good a time as any to delve into the visual elements of such chaos…if only to have a common frame of reference going forward. 1,967 more words

Scenery: Europe