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Tree Beauty

I love these red trees, but I am super frustrated because I cannot identify what kind of tree it is. I had thought it was a red Maple, but it does not have maple leaves. 382 more words

Scenic Detours

The Duck That Broke My Camera

Seriously, it was because this duck flew barely three feet above my head to the other side of the Olympic size pool and landed in the water, that I hurriedly removed my camera from the zip-lock bag I had it in to keep it from getting wet, zoomed as close as I could, and snapped a picture. 203 more words

Scenic Detours

Yellow, My Favorite Color

I find it interesting how the focus in this photo is on the background and not on the flower. Unfortunately, I am not sure  how I accomplished this, but I do like that it is different. 211 more words

Scenic Detours