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Benalmadena Cablecar | travel photographer

On our drive from the Malaga airport to our condo, we passed under a cablecar running up the mountain.  We searched online when we finally settled in and found that it was a scenic cablecar to the top of a mountain and decided to add it to our list of things to do.  40 more words


Native American Warriors, Ridges, And Why Wagon Trains Aren't Still Used

Anytime I see a ridge like this, I always think of the Hollywood movies where some wagon train is sauntering along when all of a sudden one of the settlers looks up and there are like 20,000 Native American warriors lined up along the ridge.  81 more words


How Do Mountains Work?

When looking at the mountains (or hills, don’t be that guy/girl) in California, I literally don’t understand how some have extreme vegetation and others don’t.  How does this work?  44 more words


For Sale in Switzerland - Most beautiful view on the Alpes and Geneva's lake

2 stories Single Family home on the top of the hill, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 carnotzet, 1 game room/utility room,1 workshop, 1 cellar. Total Area 2,325 sq.ft. 56 more words

Friday Fictioneers: A Scenic View

Over at the Addicted to Purple blog, Rochelle has challenged us to write a story of ±100 words based on the photograph below. 129 more words

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Loving Those Twistie Roads!

So, Michelle and I have an agreement. I drive the great roads on the motorcycle, and she drives them in the Mini Cooper. We were going to meet a scuba friend in Palm Springs (about 95 miles one way) for lunch. 193 more words


Friends for keeps

I was planning on writing something about my quick summer trip to Bohol with my girlfriends but decided to make this for a very dear friend instead. 465 more words