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5 Things I Will Always Be Thankful For

Earlier today I decided to turn on my laptop, load up WordPress, and continue writing a few posts that are in my drafts. Yeah, it didn’t go to plan at all. 845 more words


Yankee candles: Fall scents

If you’ve read my last post you know how excited I am for fall. If you haven’t read it yet, CLICK HERE to see the reasons why I love it so much. 298 more words


The Reading Season

Fall. Autumn. September 21st. The autumnal equinox…whatever you want to call it, it’s a season, and it starts this week.

I’m so excited! Fall has got to be my absolute favorite season. 347 more words


My 1St Yankee Candle!

I’m not usually one for scented candles, aside from owning the odd colour changing one from the supermarket like ambipure, glade or airwhick that I keep in the kitchen & light when I have guests coming over. 355 more words


The bookish hearth and home

I have a slight obsession with scented candles. I’m a bit tired of the hype and the ever increasing prices but as candles has become not so much a luxury item as something for everyone, the market has gotten bigger. 447 more words


Scents & Aromas

Brachos 43b: Aroma is enjoyed by the neshamah.

Sanhedrin 70a: wine and fragrances made me wise.

Brachos 57b: 3 things settle the mind (daas): sound, sight, and smell. 92 more words

Our Own Candle Company Caramel Pecan and Banana Nut Bread

The yummy names and adorable mason jars that these teeny 3.5 oz candles come in will bring a dose of novelty and cuteness to your life. 244 more words

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