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Hello Bunnies!

My love for candles is a little bit out of control and I am not even sorry about it.  Not even slightly.  I follow a ridiculous amount of candle companies on social media, including… 422 more words


Ten Natural Ways to Repel Spiders

I always try to repel any insect naturally instead of using store-bought chemical repellents. It’s safer for you and your family – and of course, your pets. 178 more words


Natural fragrances for your home

ఇల్లు పరిమళభరితం అవుతుందిలా!

అబ్బబ్బబ్బా.. ఏంటో ఈ వాసన.. గత నాలుగు రోజుల నుంచి ఇంట్లో నుంచి వస్తోన్న ఈ వాసన భరించలేకపోతున్నా. అంతా నీట్‌గానే ఉంది.. continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Honoring Women: Celebrating Motherly Figures

Honoring Women: Celebrating Motherly Figures

She is the one who dries our tears

She is the one who shares with us our worries as well as fears… 433 more words

Jewelry In Candles

Spread the aroma with the scented candles

Scented Candles are something that you love to have the same in your home. But, not every smell is good. Sometimes it spreads negativity in the ambiance compare to positivity. 329 more words

Home Improvement

Cire Trudon: the Art of the Candle

Burning History

Bring flame to the wick, and the candle’s formula of notes will transport you back in time and to places long forgotten, from 17th century courtyards and spring flower gardens, to sacred church altars and spice markets. 376 more words