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Daily Flower Candy: Nemesia "Wisley Vanilla"

I like to experiment and try new things in my two tiny gardens; hence I rarely grow the same summer annuals twice. I make a few exceptions, and they are all white-flowered: … 402 more words


Lovely lily of the valley

Sometimes the simplest plants are the loveliest. I have a patch of lily of the valley under the camellia in the front garden and it never fails to delight. 79 more words

Daily Flower Candy: Pelargonium papilionaceum

pelargonium papilionaceum: geranium papilionaceum, butterfly geranium, Rambossie

Geranium as a perfume and flavouring is very much in vogue. Its complex, warming, astringent notes are being employed by enlightened artisans to infuse everything from chocolate to gin. 334 more words


Scented Summer Flowers

It seems I’m always looking forward to the next season. Spring is a beautiful riot of colour and flowers, but by the end of April, I’m ready for the next adventure… 40 more words

My Own Private Keukenhof

Tulips are a special passion of mine. They are inexpensive, easy to grow, endlessly colourful and, most importantly, good to look at. I am not the first to be enamoured of the tulip’s elegant, silken blooms and I certainly won’t be the last. 644 more words


PAD Day 15 - Use Those Words

Robert gave us a list of words to use in a poem, specifically using at least four of the words in a poem. We could use all of them, but that was too ambitious for my tastes. 170 more words


5 essential ... evergreen shrubs to clothe a wall or fence

Many shrubs adapt very well to growing against walls and fences and, once trained in, are usually easier to manage than climbers which can quickly outgrow their allotted space.  683 more words

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