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Everything you didn’t understand Made you what you are. Charles Simic in “Evening Talk” in The Book of Gods and Devils

art by Koessler

Everything you didn’t understand made you what you are:

the fantasy worlds in books

the giggles and harrumphs

the ticklish moments… 47 more words


The Nose Knows

I’m around 8 or 9 years old, I’m sitting in the front room of our house on 18th street, Nick at Nite is playing old re-runs of The Lucy Show. 389 more words

Day 114: The Scent of a Woman

I’m not sure what my scent is, but I know what my husband’s is. Cleanliness with a touch of Axe Anarchy body wash and his deodorant. 163 more words


Sometimes smells just happen...

Pets, smelly gyms shoes, that fish your husband just cleaned in the kitchen… Sometimes smells just happen.

Get rid of those smells with awesome scents from Scents and Warmers! 66 more words


Cents for Scents: The Power of Smell in your Home and How to Make a Great First Impression

As we all know, smells can really impact how we feel about a place. Smells leave a lasting impression, but whether that impression is positive or negative depends on the smell! 573 more words


Wildfox Perfume Gift Set - A review of my most favourite perfume!

So I recently got a gift set of my most favorite fragrance – Wildfox Perfume!

Sephora says about Wildfox:

The fragrance for lovers, skinny dippers, barefoot explorers, and late night chocolate eaters, Wildfox is a dreamy bouquet that charms with dewy white florals, intrigues with absinthe and incense, and captivates with the silky warmth of honey and musks.

314 more words

Fields Of Color

It was like a color wand had tapped the surrounding area during the night. The dirt was browner, the yellows brighter and the field greener than I had seen it this spring. 8 more words