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Overdoing it again

It’s good to make mistakes. Only then can you learn. Today’s mistake was, knowing that I was going out grocery shopping this afternoon, that somehow I thought it would be fine to clean the bathroom, do laundry… 165 more words

Have The Best Year Of Your Life

Make It Monday

We are a country obsessed with smells! We don’t want anything to smell “bad”. We want to have our favorite scents everywhere that we are. 159 more words

Make It.

Scents and Sensibility

The sense of smell can be a blessing or a curse, depending on what you scent.  The “aroma” of a skunk is pervasively terrible, especially if it’s on your dog!  341 more words


03. Wallflowers Work Wonders

No space is too small or too large for the refreshing scents of Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. With so many scents and stylish models to choose from, your room won’t ever smell the same again! 409 more words

Little Details

In the slogging day to day of experiences that are hardly noteworthy, little details can become a surprise of noteworthiness. You can’t plan it. Things just happen. 159 more words


Zoella Let’s Spritz! Review

Hello! Today I’m reviewing the Let’s Spritz! body mist from te Zoella Beauty Range. Let’s get straight into it!

Let’s Spritz is the scent from the Tutti Frutti Collection ((by far my favourite). 136 more words

The Aphrodisiac of Perfumes: Le Labo's Thè Noir 29

I have always been a fan of perfumes and fragrances. Since my childhood, my mother was obsessed with perfume so naturally, I have inherited that love for fragrances as well. 270 more words