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G-Free @ Eataly! 

Did you know the #1 country in Europe that produces gluten free food is Italy? Who knew! Schar is the top gluten free brand in Europe, and a majority of their delicious products are sold in the US. 204 more words

Gluten Free

Schär Gluten Free Rustico Bread

This was my first gluten free bread option. I fell in love with it because — well — it was bread that I could eat. Over time, I have to admit that I’ve found better versions (Rudi’s, Udi’s, and others spring to mind) but there’s something about the first one that makes it special…. 139 more words

Gluten Free Food

Certified Gluten-Free Wheat Starch??? HHhhhmmm.

Schar, a European maker of gluten-free foods, is set to release its newest product in March: gluten-free croissants. These croissants contain certified gluten-free wheat starch, which the FDA now allows (new labeling law as of August 2014) as an ingredient in gluten-free foods, as long as it registers under 20 ppm. 391 more words


Schär Gluten Free Kaisersemmel/Rosette Rolls

Ok, it might be cheating to reach back into the past and share a review with a catalog photo. But if it is, you’ll be glad I cheat from time to time. 140 more words

Gluten Free Food

Gluten-free Croissants!!

Schar is now making croissants! You can see the announcement here. I hope they will be available soon!



“SCHAR”, Oleksiy Koval, 2012

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Schär Gluten Free Baguette

Let’s just start with the truth — get this. And if you don’t have an oven, get an oven.

Now, here’s why. These will sit and wait for you (for a pretty decent amount of time). 63 more words

Gluten Free Food