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Islamfeindliche Hetzerin

Ich bin jetzt auch eine islamfeindliche Hetzerin. Danke!

Bis gestern schmückten mich nur Titel wie „Antifeministin“, „Rechte“, „Homophobe“ und „Rassistin“ oder auch „Katholiban“, gerne auch in der Kombination „rechte Antifeministin“, „homophobe Rechte“ und – das ist neuerdings Höchststrafe im Land – „erzkonservative Katholikin“. 992 more words


Crucification a Hoax ?

A Florida college student was suspended after he challenged a Muslim professor who claimed that Jesus’ crucifixion at Calvary was a hoax.
Marshall Polston, 20, was suspended March 24 by Rollins College in Winter Park after an argument with his Middle Eastern Humanities professor over the historical validity of Jesus’ death, a failing grade, and a Muslim’s student’s allegedly violent rhetoric during a discussion on Sharia Law. 388 more words


On Defining Religion

What the West does not understand is that Islam admits that government control is central to Islam and that Muslims must, sooner or later, demand to live under an Islamic government. 1,071 more words