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april fool; the motley crew

Yep, a couple of days premature, but hey, what the heck huh? Wanted to acknowledge the coming “full circle” of yet another victory by the school of journalistic thought—bravo! 35 more words

Man Released From Prison After Sending An Email Saying To Let Him Go!

This guy didn’t want to be in jail anymore so he came up with a pretty good scheme: he sent an email to the prison telling them to let him go! 103 more words


EBOOK colour


I chose these colours as my theme to reflect technology through blues and such combined with the green to imply nature and adventure. These colours work with the content to deliver it as effectively as possible. 25 more words

Creative Project

This latest...

addition to a sequence, comes at rather a late hour, in more ways than one.  I have been preoccupied with a trip I am planning to take at the beginning of April, 2013–the first of such travel in quite a long while for me.  142 more words


Why Racket? Why Lisp?

“In prac­ti­cal pro­gram­ming projects, Lisps are rare, and Racket es­pe­cially so. Thus, be­fore I em­barked on my Lisp ad­ven­ture, I wanted to un­der­stand the costs & ben­e­fits of us­ing a Lisp. 151 more words


Japanese Shipping Exec. Gets 18 Months In Price-Fixing Scheme

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Japanese shipping company executive is going to U.S. federal prison for conspiring to fix prices for ocean shipments of vehicles.

The Justice Department says Toru Otoda, a former divisional manager at the company known as “K” Line, was sentenced Thursday in Baltimore to 18 months after pleading guilty to an antitrust violation. 83 more words


How to Set-up and Use Word Colour Schemes

When you have creative control over your tender, you’ll probably want to use a colour scheme. Black and white is awfully boring! Now I’m sure at some point you have gone through and selected text, and then selected the colour options manually. 434 more words