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'Microsoft Tech Support' Phone Scammer Threatens To Cut Man Into Little Pieces & Throw Them Into River

We already know that scammers use a variety of unsavory tactics when trying to take advantage of consumers; from impersonating federal agents to threatening jail time. 485 more words

Beware work-at-home check processing scheme

Working from the comfort of your home is an opportunity some just can’t resist, but Hawaii’s Better Business Bureau has a warning about a scheme that’s made its way to Hawaii. 311 more words


Consumers Lost $1.7B To Scams In 2014, Imposter Crimes On The Rise

For the 15th consecutive year, identity theft topped the Federal Trade Commission’s list of top consumer complaints. But its reign could be coming to an end following a significant increase in the number of scams in which con artists impersonating government agents and law enforcement personnel part consumers from their money. 347 more words

Scheme via Merge Sort

All I remember from the first time I came across a lisp dialect was that I didn’t like it. It seemed strange compared to the C++ that I was learning in college at the time and was presented packed in with a few other languages in a survey class. 1,267 more words


What you should know when using B&W

As a designer, decorator, or home owner we sometimes face a problem of adapting to an existing atmosphere and working with it.

Be it a rented space with a contract against painting walls and changing tiles, budget issues, or adjacent rooms that state the rules of design. 1,880 more words


Graduation Approaching...

In preparation for my scarily close graduation, I’ve redone my CV, business cards and portfolio. I sent my application off for my first job, Junior Creative Hotshot, which potentially looks very exciting. 101 more words