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LuLaRoe is facing a class-action lawsuit from consultants who call it a 'pyramid scheme'

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  • Four plaintiffs have filed a class-action law suit against LuLaRoe, saying that the company deceived them when it changed its buyback policy in September.
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Why Patricia Bay Haroski’s name should vex you

Happy Monday- or this Monday, the awkward Boss’s Day. How could anyone forget it was boss’s day? There is always that one employee that somehow remembers to kiss a** and makes it uncomfortable for everyone else. 366 more words

'Sandwiched class' too may need pro bono legal help

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More needy people who find themselves tangled up in the law have been able to get help in recent years, with a growing proportion being granted criminal legal aid and more legal clinics springing up. 526 more words

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shopping addict

Have you ever noticed that when you go to the store you always end up finding some cute little item you just have. to. have? … 341 more words

Jurong gets hawker centre run by social enterprise

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For 20 years, Ms Lim Peck Ngoh worked in the engineering industry, but now she sells nasi lemak at Jurong West Hawker Centre, with a recipe handed down from her retired hawker mother. 556 more words

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Is it time to invest in football as a full-time employment opportunity?

Opinion by Stephen Ignacio

Gibraltar once again lost, this time to Estonia by 0-6.
To some the result would sound the disaster alarm bells, to others their loyalty for the national team will keep them chanting the praises for the national team, to others however, the 0-6 should become a reflection of what path Gibraltar has gone through and where it is heading. 1,534 more words