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What does metre mean?

Like contemporary poets, sk√°lds had improvisations that may have resembled poetry-slams where poets made greater and greater effort to outdo each other, creating more complicated memorable schemes.

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Who is the Reader?

We work out the story of a literary work much as we work out the sequence of events in the actual world, notwithstanding the fact that we can tell that one is fictional and the other is not.

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Repetition (especially in Poetry)

Whilst it may be easy to identify where any literary device is used, the most important aspect is to remember that you need to explain how the use of it aids in understanding the writer’s intended impact on the audience/reader of the technique that you have identified. 526 more words

Modiji : If Only!!

16 May 2014 is a memorable day in recent Indian history. It was a day of collective national orgasm, even the people who couldn’t differentiate an ‘o’ from a ‘a’ were orgasming at the Namo chant. 1,320 more words


Decorate Your Castle - Brown Jordan Leaders in Patio Furniture

Click on the link below to listen to a pod cast of Linda Hunt speaking with Brown Jordan spokesperson about the latest and greatest in outdoor furniture. 156 more words