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Dicaeologia (di-kay-o-lo’-gi-a): Admitting what’s charged against one, but excusing it by necessity.

A: Did you pee on the bed?

B: Yes, but I didn’t really… 89 more words



Dilemma (di-lem’-ma): Offering to an opponent a choice between two (equally unfavorable) alternatives.

Let’s see–you spent all the money that you borrowed from me, and now it’s time to pay me back.   163 more words


Dirimens Copulatio

Dirimens Copulatio (di’-ri-mens ko-pu-la’-ti-o): A figure by which one balances one statement with a contrary, qualifying statement (sometimes conveyed by “not only … but also” clauses). 351 more words


Scheme Maker

On the internet you will find several programs that can help you with your craft projects. Scheme Maker is one of them. This is an application designed to enable you to create cross-stitch and knitting schemes from images and photos. 16 more words


Penny for your thoughts

The 7 deadly sins have always interested me. Something about how base and atavistic they are, how all seven are just as viable today in our world of Just Eat and Instagram as they were when we all lived in caves stuffing mammoth into our mouths and seeing who could build the biggest fire. 1,825 more words


Hello to the New Year

Clock hands edge around the face of our every day, pushing our mornings into afternoons and then into nights. But once a year, we pay special attention to the small things, things like smiles and the seconds that take us right up to the brink of midnight and tip us over into the new year. 358 more words

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3 tips to get your CPF on track in 2017

(Source: www.areyouready.sg)


As we look back on our finances in 2016, many of us may have forgotten about our CPF savings and how much we have been contributing over time. 335 more words

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