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State, Federal Agencies Crack Down On Companies That Allegedly Facilitate Mail Fraud Of Elderly

Each year, millions of elderly consumers are lured into mail fraud schemes by all-too-attractive claims that they have won unimaginable prizes, like millions of dollars or trips around the world. 2,106 more words


Yesterday, WordPress kindly reminded me that it’s been a year since I registered Nairobi

Pedestrian. While it’s a cute milestone, it’s hardly anything to write home about. 996 more words

Monday's Schemes

So tonight I don’t have a book review. I’m wracking my brain for something I can review and my eReader is throwing a tantrum because I have a lot of books and they take up a lot of space. 95 more words


21-24C tomatoes & 23-24D Courgettes

21-24C tomatoes & 23-24D Courgettes (aka Zuccchini)

Also trying a cheesy and very cheap plastic hot house cover on the tomatoes.


A wise heart

A wise heart always follows the paths of God,

avoids the fruitless schemes of the evil Magog.

A fool gets always plagues and a wood rod… 20 more words

Petia Ganeva

Cider & Pickles

Growing stuff is one thing.

Preserving it is another.

Two jars of Dougs Daikon Radish Pickle. (Chilli, tumeric, mustard seeds and nasturtium flowers.)

Almost all the daikon fell over in a bit of wind so they were opportunistically harvested. 97 more words


Don't plan lessons

One of my favourite blogs is Bodil Isaksen’s post on lessons being the wrong unit of time. In that, and later in David Didau’s post on… 577 more words