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Universities to run apprenticeship degree schemes

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Singapore’s thrust on combining classroom learning with workplace experience has graduated to the next level.

This year, two universities – the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and SIM University (UniSIM) – are launching programmes in which students can take on jobs and receive sponsorship to study for their degrees at the same time. 434 more words

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Brachylogia (brach-y-lo’-gi-a): The absence of conjunctions between single words. Compare asyndeton. The effect of brachylogia is a broken, hurried delivery.

Daytime. Nighttime. Morning. Noon. Evening. 70 more words



Catachresis (kat-a-kree’-sis): The use of a word in a context that differs from its proper application. This figure is generally considered a vice; however, Quintilian defends its use as a way by which one adapts existing terms to applications where a proper term does not exist. 56 more words

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Catacosmesis (kat-a-kos-mees’-is): Ordering words from greatest to least in dignity, or in correct order of time.

There is darkness. There is light. There is a beginning. 169 more words



Cataphasis (kat-af’-a-sis): A kind of paralipsis in which one explicitly affirms the negative qualities that one then passes over.

I am not going to talk about the stream of misinformation… 136 more words


Apples. Red red apples.

The little baby apple trees in the thin food forest section beside the Two Family Field have begun to produce.

Of course I’ve already forgotten what species this is.