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New sweater already in use. I’m really pleased with the experience I acquired in doing it, as, and I hope my last post did not convey otherwise, I consider myself a bit of a novice knitter in many regards, in spite of the many years that I have been knitting.  1,543 more words



Overlay is the top layer of fabric when a different fabric is underneath. Commonly used when the top layer has transparency to a degree.

Where can I use it? 315 more words

A-z Challenge

When Hatboxes Made Headlines

It is hard to imagine The New York Times carrying a story about hatboxes today, but on Saturday, January 3rd, 1948 the following headline appeared on page 10 of the Saturday paper: … 326 more words


Handy Collectibles - Vintage Gloves and Glove Accessories

More than a century before Imelda Marcos was vilified for her famous shoe collection, Mary Todd Lincoln was criticized for her own fashion obsession: gloves. Observers noted that in one four-month period she bought more than 400 pair of this fashion accessory on her frequent buying trips to New York. 140 more words



At first Si, by Schiaparelli (Schiaparelli 1957) is slightly smoky with vibrant springlike florals, clear and dainty green notes and aldehydes – Schiaparelli labels this a “Chloro-Cologne” meaning a green scent.   414 more words


Wallis Simpson in the Lobster Dress

During the 1930s, Wallis Simpson was a frequent subject of Cecil Beaton’s photographs.

Shortly before Wallis’s marriage to the Duke of Windsor in May 1937, Cecil Beaton was asked to take some official photographs of the bride-to-be at the Château de Candé, where she was staying as a guest of Charles Bedeaux. 119 more words

Cecil Beaton