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Se pensate che quello su Marte sia stato un fallimento....

… allora non avete capito come funziona la scienza, e in generale, nemmeno l’uomo. La strada della conoscenza è lastricata di errori. Ne parliamo oggi su Il messaggero, l’apertura di Macro


More Things in Heaven and Earth...

There has been much news coverage, during the past week, of the experimental Mars probe, Schiaparelli, which is now suspected to have exploded upon landing on Mars.  1,030 more words

Katherine Gregor

Schiaparelli on Mars -updated

As most of you will already know, and much to our disappointment, the Schiaparelli probe failed to land successfully on Mars last Wednesday. The plan was that when it entered the Martian atmosphere, the spacecraft would immediately begin to slow down to 1700 km/h as a result of the friction caused by the atmosphere hitting its heat-shield.   1,150 more words


MRO has found Schiaparelli

Unfortunately, it confirms what we all pretty much already knew: it has crashed.  Any faint hope that the apparent three-second burn was due to communications problems has been dashed.   415 more words


#MarsWalk Day 288, 1808.2 km

I had some pretty good distances earlier this week, but rain the past couple of days (π inches in Fairmount, when I checked earlier today, but it’s more than that by now) has put a dent in my walking, resulting in a mediocre total for the week. 107 more words


Update: ESA's Schiaparelli destroyed by 300km/h impact

ESA has now confirmed that pictures from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter now show that Schiaparelli was destroyed on impact.


Schiaparelli entered the martian atmosphere at 14:42 GMT on 19 October for its 6-minute descent to the surface, but contact was lost shortly before expected touchdown.

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