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Aku Diintrogasi Imigrasi Belanda

Aku ingin menceritakan pengalaman yang teramat berharga, saat tiba di Schiphol Amsterdam Belanda. Oh iya, aku tiba di air port terbesar di Eropa tersebut sekira pukul 11.00 waktu sana. 570 more words


Moroccan Adventures - Part 1

In my last post I told all of you I would go on a study trip to Morocco. Well about a month back I went and it was amazing! 1,723 more words


Holiday, Day 11

I’m back home – thank god I took additional days so I could rest.

Sunday morning 8:45AM my alarm rang. I was kind of halfasleep thanks to the freaking Japanese assholes that bang other people’s doors to wake them (and half of the hotel while they’re on it) but well~ I got up, packed my last things and checked out. 1,043 more words


Did you know Schiphol is 100 years old?

Here are 35 things and counting that I know about Amsterdam Airport Schiphol:
– The airport’s official English name is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. 573 more words


The Vacation Begins...Ughhhhh

Happy Saturday Everyone!

As I promised on Wednesday, the next several Saturday posts will be devoted to The Vacation I recently survived. So, if you like tales of exciting adventure and daring-do, well you’ll have to look elsewhere because I’m a big wimp. 815 more words


El Al Flight 1862:Bijlmer-The forgotten Disaster

It is strange how something can be forgotten and yet be vividly remembered. This disaster had slipped my mind but yet when I was reminded of it the images became very clear again. 1,069 more words


Up In The Air

After flying in and out of Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport four times during the last month, I have a newfound appreciation for the facility’s many special amenities. 75 more words