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Amsterdamn it: A City of Clichés

That little city that sits an ocean apart from the United Kingdom; well it is notorious – depending which way you look at it – for sex, drugs and…cheese? 632 more words


In transit, Schiphol

Tuesday 26th January 2016, 1.05pm (day 1,615)

So ends a 96-day run in the UK, a relatively long one for me: Tallinn in October was my last trip out. 78 more words

Daily Post

Up In The Air

Traveling from airport to airport, hotel to hotel, delayed flights – it can all be overwhelming and a nuisance for many people. Despite all that, does anyone find it somewhat thrilling at the same time? 624 more words

Penerbangan Terakhir Malaysia Airlines

Setiap awal, pasti akan menemui akhir.  Serbalanda tidak menduga akan secepat ini Malaysia Airlines menutup jalur KL-AMS. Senin 25 Januari, MH19 Boeing 777 terbang meninggalkan Amsterdam Eropa Daratan untuk terakhir kalinya. 425 more words


DAY000 Sheraton

From room 748 a great view over the entire airport.

My Cruises

It's time to say goodbye...

Going on an adventure to discover a little more of our fabulous planet is awesome, but it also comes with goodbyes. And I’m not a big fan of those. 334 more words


By-the-Hour Hotels in Amsterdam: The best $50 I ever spent

Transatlantic flights are exercises in endurance to say the least. It’s never easy flying into Europe, especially when your plane lands at 7:00 am local time (or midnight as far as your body is concerned). 651 more words

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