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The Amsterdam - part I

Located near on what we’d call The Northern Europe is Holland’s capital, Amsterdam. It’s one of those capitals that attract tourists throughout the year, not just in-season, and for a good reason: On paper, Amsterdam gathers characteristics that are “tourist-friendly”, the canals, temperate climate, interesting museums, exciting night life. 563 more words


An Airport For Booklovers

Bibliophiles may want to consider a stop-over at Tallinn International Airport just to visit the wonderful free library for flyers. Opened two years ago, the library runs entirely on the honor system. 96 more words


Varscha Mohansingh is bruut vermoord en dat is slecht onderzocht, wel zit er iemand vast hoewel er amper bewijs is (deel 2)

Op maandag 23 september 2002, tijdens de middagpauze, als de broer en zus van Varscha thuiskomen om brood te eten, ontdekken zij het naakte lichaam van Varscha in de badkuip, met haar hoofd onder water. 1,569 more words

Regio Noord

RLC 02 - To Go East, You Must First Go West

Farewell, My Home

July 25th began at around 5:30 A.M. when our alarm woke me for the last time in The Dungeon. A quick shower and a hearty breakfast later, two wonderful, slightly sleepy people arrived at our door to drive us, our 4 check-in bags and 2 backpacks to the airport. 1,784 more words


My journey home

Yes that’s right I’m back in Laneshawbridge for a week Aug 15-22, as Christopher had gone to Japan for the week for a conference.
So we got flights near each other so we could go with each other on Saturday morning. 248 more words

Day 13-14: Goodbye Cardiff, Hello Vienna

A lot of people urged me to do day-trips, explore the surroundings of the city, go out at night or … you know, just do… 1,084 more words


Lekker vliegen

Lekker Vliegen

Gisteren beleefde Schiphol zijn drukste dag ooit. Bijna tweehonderduizend mensen die op één dag de vliegtuigen in moeten worden geloodst. Het is gelukt begrijp ik. 240 more words