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KLM got mad skills, yo!

The following example shows exactly why it matters who your company has in charge of their social media and the one working at KLM is a keeper. 125 more words

amsterdam was alright ...

Pat and I are just back from a pleasant break in Amsterdam. We’ve both been to Amsterdam before albeit only for a very brief visit and then I was last there about three years ago with Richard when Manchester City played Ajax in the Champions League. 561 more words


Notitieblog #2 - De Zeurbus

10-11-2015, 17.41

Het is het seizoen van de korte lontjes en gemopper. Ik zit momenteel in een bus met vijf minuten vertraging. Een niet nader te beschrijven passagier kreeg, na een eerdere waarschuwing, twee doodeenvoudige keuzes toegeschreeuwd door de buschauffeur aan de andere kant van het voertuig. 393 more words


Perils of flying around Europe close to winter

My wife, Karen, always wanted to visit the lovely canals of Amsterdam that are lined with rows of narrow wonky buildings that are often featured on postcards of Netherlands. 2,271 more words


Last call for flight EI607...

If I run I should just make it on time…

For some reason I tend to view money spent at airports differently to the dosh I hand over on a more normal, spending spree. 466 more words


Going to die2015

You ever had a out off the body experience?

2015-oct-20 06:34… here we go again… On this moment, no disturb, no blocks… I don’t like blocks… do you know what I mean? 266 more words

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