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The Roots of the Conservative Schism

I am teaching you the true Gospel: the Church is indefectible, and is founded on Peter and his successors as a house built upon a rock. 2,058 more words


The Warning on Good Friday and the Conservative Schism

The next possible date for the Warning of Garabandal is Good Friday of 2017 (April 14th). If the Warning occurs at that time, how might it affect the conservative schism? 794 more words


In a State of Grief

Yesterday as I was driving into Stanton to run some errands, I heard my phone chime with a message. When I reached my destination, I checked my phone before I went inside. 471 more words

Blog Repost: Dintinguishing the differences between Heresy, Schismatic, and a Parasynagogue

In a letter to his spiritual child Amphilochios of Iconium written c. 373 A.D, St. Basil the Great distinguishes three ways in which there can take place a separation of a baptised person from the communion of the Catholic Church. 387 more words

Church Teaching

Most Rev. John Adel Elya, former eparch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church of Newton, hammers false ecumenism.

As a Melkite Greek Catholic, it’s not uncommon to witness many traits of false ecumenism within our church. You may have come across many Melkites in whom are very pro – Eastern Orthodox to the point that they begin to reject Catholic doctrine and dogma: something in which is absolutely grave matter considering that Catholics are bound to accept everything the Church teaches. 1,849 more words

Church Teaching

Reputation versus Schism and Heresy

For a long time now, many conservative Catholics have been making certain mistakes.

1. The assumption that the conservative answer to any theological question is necessarily correct, and that the liberal answer is wrong or heretical. 837 more words


Book of Truth Prophecies Fulfilled - Part 1.


1.Pope Benedict’s resignation:


 “My poor Holy vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, will be ousted from the Holy See in Rome” ( 11 Feb. 2012)

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Prophecies Fulfilled