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Nine Teachings Opposed to Heresy and Schism

1. The first condition of salvation is to maintain the rule of the true faith. And since that saying of our lord Jesus Christ, “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church,” (Mt 16:18) cannot fail of its effect, the words spoken are confirmed by their consequences. 562 more words


What Happens AFTER a claimed removal of the Pope?

What would happen if a group of Catholics, including some Cardinals and Bishops, claim to have judged Pope Francis guilty of heresy, and claim to have removed him from the office of the Roman Pontiff? 797 more words


A Conference called: The Deposition of the Pope

A schism is being built up, brick by brick. A conference is scheduled for March 30 and 31 of 2017, in France, titled La déposition du pape… 1,729 more words


No Pope can commit the sin of Schism

On his blog, canon lawyer Dr. Ed Peters claims that, even as a pure hypothetical, no Pope can be in schism because it would be nonsensical for a Pope to not be submissive to his own authority, or to not be in communion with Churches which are in communion with himself. 1,242 more words


Why God specifically chose Pope Francis to lead the Church


Previously, I wrote that The Catholic Church has a serious Heresy Problem. I have written on this topic many times. I have specifically pointed out teachings and teachers who were leading the faithful astray by various grave errors on faith, morals, and salvation. 2,071 more words


A Simultaneous Schism

Like my heart, my knee rests in two.

As two pieces flow free, I lose track of that which is me.

Speed and fluidity turn to greed and atrocity while… 35 more words