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Phil Lawler versus Pope Francis

In a recent blog post, Phil Lawler proclaims the papacy of Pope Francis to be “disastrous,” suggests that the Vicar of Christ poses a “danger to the integrity of the Catholic faith,” and claims that Pope Francis has shown “disdain for what the Church has always taught and believed and practiced.” [ 1,261 more words

Pope Francis

Schismists pretenting to be polemicists

The fact that the more anti-charismatic Reformed cessationists have to spend so much time categorising their reasons for being is testament to many of their spiritual inadequacies. 991 more words


Behavior Gap

Many denominations within The Church are racked with confusion and division right now.  We think we know why, but most of us act on the assumption that the surface explanation is valid. 591 more words

Plain Speech

John and Charles Wesley had a study habit that confused some folk. In their shared study of Scripture and discussions of Christian ministry, they conversed in Latin.* This is especially interesting in the light of Wesley’s denunciation of the ancient language as the appropriate tongue for the ministry of The Church. 843 more words

Franchising Wolverine

For some time, the X-Men comics were in an odd place because the Chairman of Marvel Entertainment hated the idea of providing Fox more content to adapt for films and TV. 540 more words

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Creed: We believe . . .

Creed: We believe . . .

The Twelfth Day of Christmas, January 5, 2018

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gives to me twelve drummers drumming. 502 more words

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The Man called Francis is not a Pope

A Pope has to follow the teachings. A Freemason is a heretic, and not a Pope. To give communion to a Catholic in sin is an abomination, but to give “divorced” so-called, self-professed “Catholics” is beyond repair, because it sins against the Holy Ghost. 13 more words

Divorce Against The Laws Of The New Covenant