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Schism of a Schism

An interesting news story is coming out of radtrad land; apparently, Richard Williamson, the former SSPX bishop most known for his Holocaust denial consecrated a new bishop, Jean-Michel Faure, two weeks ago, who in turn is planning to consecrate a new generation of traditionalist bishops for their schismatic church known as “The Resistance”: 666 more words


This past week a friend of mine shared this passage from a devotional. I thought it an apt warning for the day of schism, in which those falsely-indicted as schismatics are those who stand upon the truth in love, and not those who truly are divisive. 396 more words

Pastor's Corner

Morning Prayer 20.3.15, Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1711

The days are surely coming, says the LORD, when I will raise up for David a righteous Branch, and he shall reign as king and deal wisely, and shall execute justice and righteousness in the land. 3,292 more words

Jesus Christ

Strike the Shepherd and the sheep of the Flock will scatter


Rome, March 17, 2015:  On the Feast of the great Roman Saint, it will be very useful to consider more profoundly the teaching of Our Lord, which St. 2,335 more words


The Strong Independent Woman in Fantasy

This a very hot topic! I have heard complaints from people I know, and I have read online comments that in fantasy women are over-sexualized and/or under portrayed.   488 more words

The Purpose of The Schism

As I have stated before in previous blog posts, Goandria: The Schism is my debut short story series.  Why did I start with a series of short stories instead of a full-length novel?  323 more words

مرنے والا انسان اور مرنے والی انسانیت ھے-

– تعصب کے جا لوں میں اٹے‘

بوسیدہ اور فرسودہ خیالوں کو اوڑے‘ لپٹے

اس دور تیرگی میں آنکھوں میں

بےغیرتی و بے حسی کا موتیا اتر آیا ھو جیسے

بحیرہ روم میں جب اسی “دین جبر“ کے داعٰی

بے رنگ پانی کو لال کرتے ہیں

تو سبھی کو

مصلحت کے سانپ ڈس جاتے ہیں۔

کوئ ملالہ زخم کھاے تو

ہزاروں سالہ پرانی

بے منطق اسلاف کے وارث بن جاتے ہیں

اس دیس میں دین امن کو

زور کے بل پر نفاذ کے متمنی ہوں

یا خاندان سعود کے چشم و چراغ

یا صیہونیت کے پیرو کار

سبھی درندے ھیں

سبھی ظلم ظلم ھیں

سبھی جبر جبر ھیں

کیونکہ مرنے والا انسان ھے

اور مرنے والی انسانیت ھے-

~حفیظ الرحمن ہادی