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Schismatics and Heretics must not receive Communion

Under Canon 915, anyone “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin” should not be given Communion, and additionally, this implies that they have an obligation of conscience not to receive. 456 more words


Calvin on Avoiding Schism

12. Heeding the marks guards against capricious separation

The pure ministry of the Word and pure mode of celebrating the sacraments are, as we say, sufficient pledge and guarantee that we may safely embrace as church any society in which both these marks exist. 449 more words


"On Schism" A Devotional Paraphrase of Wesley's Sermon

As promised in the previous post, here is a devotional paraphrase of John Wesley’s sermon, “On Schism.”  This version is long for a blog post, but, believe me, much shorter than Wesley’s original work.   1,186 more words

A Way Forward

Contra Kelly Bowring on Pope Francis

Heresy and Schism —

Kelly Bowring, Ph.D., writes mainly in the subject area of Catholic eschatology. But Kelly Bowring’s writings in eschatology are heretical. He proposes, repeatedly and emphatically, that the Church is not indefectible, and that She will go astray from the Faith. 3,429 more words


Schism or Unity: We Do Have A Choice

A colleague and leader in our conference recently made this comment on Facebook: “It is time for a split. There is no way to avoid it now.”  In the light of this sentiment, I want to suggest that… 615 more words

A Way Forward

Quote of the day - Christopher Wordsworth

“…Unity in error is not Christian Unity; but, by imposing the necessity of erring as a term of Union, Rome became guilty of a breach of Unity; and so the sin of Schism lies at her door… 852 more words

Pilgrim's Progress Revisited

Saint Cornelius Saint of the Day for 16 September

Saint Cornelius

Saint of the Day for September 16 (d. 253)

Saint Cornelius, (born , Rome—died 253, Centumcellae, Italy; feast day September 16) pope from 251 to 253. 151 more words

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