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Schism [Noun]

A cold breeze rippled across the water, low and swift, like fingers run quickly through thick hair. The wind emitted a slow wine as it swam. 376 more words


Those Fissiparous Protoprotestants

Socrates Scholasticus concludes his lengthy description of┬áthe divisions that abounded in the early church, from the 22nd chapter of his Ecclesiastical History (NPNF II.2… 111 more words

For The Mind

The Melting Point

This morning’s Lies About Books post was not, as I am sure my faithful readers are aware, in lieu of a proper Factually Deficient post, but rather, in addition. 425 more words

Blatant Lies

Why I Don't Go to Baptist Churches

A co-worker invited me to his Church the other day. I asked ‘what denomination’, and he said, “Baptist.” Oh, no. I know some Baptists who are great people, but theologically… I’d get along at a Baptist Church like I’d get along at the Democratic National Convention. 543 more words


Outing the Sex From Homosexuals Pt 1

In this publication and future ones, I am making and referring to generalizations about the gay community. Homosexuality is a type of sexual orientation. A homosexual is an individual that identifies with the homosexual sexual orientation. 438 more words

Soap and the gospel

I remember when hand soap was only Dove and Dial, then Zest came along now there’s soaps I’ve never even heard of! So many wayz to get #clean!…kind of reminds me of the great schism between the orthodox and the catholics, or the suni and shite, and then zest is Martin Luther where one solid split lead to thousands more. 8 more words