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Time for a Schism

I’m really not anyone important in the Heathen community; I’m just a solitary practitioner (and to my knowledge, there are kindreds in the area) who’s really new to things, although it feels for a number of reasons like I’m returning my true self and to things I wanted to do at 18 despite being on the wrong track back then. 770 more words



Lynnea Urania Stuart

I want to talk to transpeople heart to heart here.  When it comes to identifying the transgender community I’ve often thought, “What transgender community?”  At another time I might think, “It would be a very good idea.”  It isn’t that transpeople don’t have what’s nominally called the “trans community” or something to that effect.  2,259 more words



The world looks at America, wondering if it has gone mad.  The great bastion of human rights, compassion, and ethics has fallen behind a curtain of bigotry and inconsistency that caused not a few to reiterate the words of Irish… 2,213 more words


The conservative Catholic subculture versus the Magisterium

Over the past several decades, the conservative Catholic subculture has slowly replaced the teachings of the Magisterium with its own distorted and false teachings. By a process of ignoring, replacing, and radically reinterpreting the true teachings of the Church, a loose-knit group of conservative Catholic theologians, priests, authors, and commentators have succeeded in convincing a vast number of Catholics in the pews to believe in a false Gospel, a false set of teachings contrary to the truths taught by the Magisterium. 2,023 more words


The Real Church Schism

“It is . . . dechristianization . . . with the man defined strictly without God and without transcendence. Religion is experienced as a feeling, but not worshiping God as creator and savior. 592 more words

So That The World May Believe

FSSPX, SSPV, Sedevacantism, & Other Modern Errors

Today’s world is facing a new kind of schism or impaired communion, as in illicit, in the Catholic Church, brought by the FSSPX (do not confuse with the FSSP… 568 more words

Sin & Morals

If You're Happy & You Know It . . .

There was a time in this island when, if more than three cars were parked at your house simultaneously, reports of your demise would soon follow. 877 more words