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“The Church’s One Foundation: United as One Body or by Schism Rent Asunder?”

Greetings! This was an essay submitted to Still Point Magazine at Gordon College as proof of participation in their annual essay competition. It is a publication display for members of the Jerusalem and Athens Forum honors program at Gordon College, of which I have participated in the 13th cohort. 754 more words


The conservative Catholic subculture has gone astray from the true Faith

After Vatican II, liberal Catholics used the Council as an excuse for a number of serious errors on faith and morals, and on discipline. But the Council is not responsible for those errors, just as the Bible is not responsible when Christians misinterpret its teachings. 649 more words


Phase 2, Day 27: Fresh Start

I slept in the driver’s lounge last night because my former teammate made verbal threats. He got pissed off at me because he blamed me for bringing us back to West Memphis, and he said “you’d better get out of the truck now before you get hurt.” So I left. 476 more words


1. Keep your Catholic Faith: An Introduction

When I started fervently and regularly writing on this blog, I knew I’d enjoy it. I love writing. I love getting my thoughts out. If I didn’t, sometimes I think I’d burst. 771 more words


A Domestic Schism

In a conversation over dinner with someone earlier in the week they asked what was the attraction of the Byzantine Catholic and Orthodox churches.

It was a good question but not one I could have answered without my soup going cold so I had to be quick and say what came to mind. 677 more words

The Biblical Definition of Heresy

Heresy is a gross and dangerous error, voluntarily held and factiously maintained by some person or persons within the visible church, in opposition to some chief or substantial truth or truths grounded upon and drawn from the holy Scripture by necessary consequence. 4,957 more words