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Holophren, explained.

Since 2003, I have been diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. I see and hear things others do not see and hear. Over time, I have gathered enough sensoral evidence to realize that the medical community is in the dark ages when it comes to what they call mental illness. 133 more words


Depression and Creativity

As I’ve scrambled to get writing done on a schedule and to meet the goal dates that I’ve set for myself as part of the Chase Chance Project I have run into mental health walls. 393 more words


3 Ways Sharing Your Story Helps Others

Over on Youtube, Ellie Kay kindly mentioned this blog to her followers as a place where anyone struggling can share their story. She is a… 744 more words

Opening Up: Is the risk worth it?

I’ve been at this mental illness thing for a fair bit now and Im starting to wonder if maybe things were better when I kept my struggles between me, my therapist, and internet strangers. 260 more words

Mental Health

Stronger than life

Welts are growing on my chin

Scabs are glazing under the muscle

Deep impacts from the knife

Scar tissue

When it all breaks

I lean on my mistakes… 54 more words

Contemplative Poetry


The war ripped my head off

Splayed my arms wide and tied them off

So there wouldn’t be much fighting

But I still grit my teeth and spit… 76 more words

Contemplative Poetry

Bitter Coffee

Write another sticky note and slap it on the fridge

A promise to myself for a better life

But life has promised me something else… 97 more words

Contemplative Poetry