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Chemical Health Centre

Victoria Park, early 2000s
I bullshit my way into a job in a drug rehab clinic
Schizoaffective poly-drug abusers
Manic depressive heroin addicts
Just plain depressive heroin addicts with a dash of PTSD… 261 more words


Your Illness Doesn't Define You

It’s common for people to say things like “I’m Bipolar” or “I’m Schizophrenic” but I think a better wording would be something like “I have… 193 more words

Not feeling right.

My mind is not right. Some thing is going wrong. I’m getting early warning signs of psychosis. I think people are controlling my thoughts. I’m scared the government will experiment on me. 59 more words


A Relevent Mental Health Question for 200 Followers

6 am, check my phone, check my notifications- 200 followers!!! Thank you for actually reading my blog and being so helpful to me! This is such a fantastic support network. 141 more words


Feeling good. I think???

Still feeling like I’m unsure if im hypomanic or just feeling better and recovered.
Either way I’m doing well. I wanted to spend a lot today but managed to only spend what I needed to. 33 more words


My Hypnotist is also a Hellion

The past few nights have been really difficult. M has been here, prominently occupying my daily life. He alerted me of his presence with a, “Hello, Sibyl. 136 more words



I have this overwhelming sense that I am going to have to go back to the states. This fills me with dread.  Honestly, I can’t think of anything worse than going back there. 314 more words

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