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I have to admit relief that mother didn’t call today.  The conversations are unpredictable, sometimes pleasant, occasionally emotionally abusive, and often taxing, reeling me into the realm of trying to make sense of the nonsense for my own psychological sake.  852 more words


Manic Grocery Shopping

Schizoaffective is a relatively rare mental state, existing in only .3% of the population, which means that only 3 of every 1000 people have ever experienced schizoaffective symptoms.  829 more words



The voices are telling me I’ve killed babies.
I don’t feel well.
I need a good night’s sleep. Maybe that will reset me.
Hate the voices so loud.


Ups and downs

I’m 7 days sober but as a result of giving up alcohol I have noticed my mood is really up amd down. I can be manic for a few hours then a few hours later so depressed I’m suicidal. 54 more words


Art Therapy - Positive Affirmations

I haven’t been doing much. Finished some knitting. Going to yoga. Went out to the barn.

I got an idea to make a notebook full of positive affirmations. 14 more words