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Another Day, Another Appointment

I am tired.

I went to my psychiatrist appointment today, after going every week for about a month and a half. This was no exception. I went in to the appointment with a paper to remind me of a question my dad wanted me to ask. 627 more words


How many casualties?

In my experience, the way I handle mental illness has been the #1 killer in my interpersonal relationships, in my successes and ambitions, and generally of all positive things in my life. 800 more words

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Let's Talk Schizoaffective

Schizoaffective disorder. After being diagnosed with it, than have it changed , then diagnosed again, I had to stop and wonder what it is. I’ll answer some questions and share some common misconceptions I believed about it. 915 more words


In The Chaos of It All...

I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me… Bipolar Me.
I haven’t wrote in a while, I suppose I’ve just been out of it. 497 more words

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A SchizoAcrostic

Scared to death half the time

Commits little self-scarring crimes

How I wish I would be fine

Inside my mind shows cuts that bled

Zany thoughts race through my head… 66 more words

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I Am The Queen

My eyes are heavy

My body’s weak

My mind is happy

My spirit’s clean

I came this far

Without a clue

When I’d be fine… 121 more words

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Simply Schizoaffective

I’ve had all sorts of diagnoses throughout my five year mental health journey. For a while it was anxiety and depression. After a few hospital stays, I had gone through obsessive compulsive disorder, psychosis and borderline personality disorder. 315 more words