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I feel done

The Dr’s appt was truly awful.

The Dr came in and she asked what my seizures were like from my POV. I said my vision locks, my eyes can’t focus, I can’t move, respond, etc. 711 more words


Moule (A Hallucination)

Moule.  A shadow man with glowing red, fiery eyes.  I first met him in October of 2012 and he has kept in contact since, much to my dismay. 1,860 more words


1 Month

Things have been improving in my life over the past month. My biggest achievement is that I haven’t smoked pot for just over a month now. 826 more words

Mental Health

What Bipolar Auditory And Visual Hallucinations Feel Like

Bipolar hallucinations… Rick James ain’t even close with “cocaine is a hell of a drug.” And maybe, like my attending physician at Johns Hopkins some years back, you’ve come across a tab or two of acid or other “psychotropic substance.” This ought to give you a pretty good idea of what hallucinating feels like; but the experience doesn’t translate well to the sensation of hallucinating sounds, voices or even visions when completely sober. 1,514 more words


Psychosis in Vignettes

A young girl stands before me in a tattered and faded pink dress. Across her pale neck and small wrists lie deep gashes dripping blood. In her hands she holds bloodied razor blades. 2,400 more words


Full of seizure rage and the worst day ever

I’m so fucking pissed right now.

I have tried so many fucking things to try stop these seizures and they’re just as bad if not worse. 138 more words

Bipolar Disorder


He doesn’t get how much I need someone to talk to. He won’t listen to my issues. He thinks I’m “just fine;” that I don’t need any help. 294 more words