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tuesday morning

I went back to sleep and I’m glad I did.  I know I had another bad dream, but I don’t remember it except for the awful feeling when I woke up.   504 more words


I had a nightmare.  It’s a little confusing.  I woke up at one point thinking I had been in a car accident.  I was not a pedestrian but I was in a car as a passenger.   300 more words

today's addiction group therapy

Group ended up being all right.  I was first to introduce myself.  I didn’t say much except that I am clean and sober.  I didn’t say that I smoke cigarettes. 295 more words

i'm so nervous!

I’m really nervous about group.  I hope people are nice.  I hope it’s helpful.  I don’t know what to think.  I haven’t been around a group of people in a while.   274 more words

monday morning

I’m happy to report I slept for seven hours last night.  I worry when I wake in the middle of the night for a few hours and I can’t fall back asleep right away.   404 more words

I can't sleep...i'm thinking too much again

about what?  about him?  yes.  what about?  that I just want to be his girlfriend.  I want him as my boyfriend for a long time.  or as long as he would have me.   422 more words

life is good

Since I’m having computer issues, my husband bought me a nice desktop computer.  We saved a butt load of money through his work’s perks, and we have a lot of things already for a desktop so we didn’t have to spend any extra.   161 more words