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My Peculiar Orchestra and Learning to Give Myself Credit

A few minutes after I took my medication last night, I began to hallucinate. It grew very loud and chattery. I noticed the narration a lot more. 291 more words


DID What I Could

Another weekend passed and survived.

SATURDAY: I had my second therapist appointment. It was hard. It was really difficult and REALLY uncomfortable. She gently led me deep down into the muddy floor of my conscience. 876 more words


Self harm

I want to self harm tonight.
Someone triggered my abuse thoughts and now I’m feeling like self harming.
I’m feeling very borderline today.
I wish I had never confided in that nurse. 42 more words


Having a hard time

It’s been a tough few weeks.
I been in and out of hospital for 4 weeks, tried to kill my self and had my meds increased. 59 more words


Update as of April 18th 2015

I’ve gotten to the point to where I don’t care as much.

I’m pissed with my “friends,” so I blocked them on social media.  I haven’t talked to them since God knows how long.   419 more words

Schizoaffective Disorder

Let's start from the beginning a brief summary

When I was younger I thought I had a normal childhood. I thought it was normal to almost always be moving. To have to transfer schools a lot. 582 more words

Doctor R is for Recovery

I feel that I have written a post in ages. I’m beginning to slack off a bit!

I had a long, emotionally tolling, yet sometimes fun weekend. 254 more words