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Anxiety Creeps In On Little Cat Feet

When the mania is high, I struggle with anxiety that comes creeping in like a fog. It sneaks up on me and causes me to feel dread. 320 more words

Mania, Not For The Faint of Heart

Mania sounds simple enough. I mean how many of us heard our mother telling us not to run around like a maniac. I know mine did. 537 more words

Scary Tardive Types on the Internet-Damaged Goods: Do not Wear!

Beware, Be careful, if you do a search for tardive dyskinesia, there’s a ton of disinformation and misinformation.

I’m writing a centrist book on it…cause, risk factors, studies, promising new treatments,..how to get symptom management w/o wasting your time with self-claimed Tardive Specialists who don’t have a CLUE…I went through a lot and don’t want anyone else to. 465 more words

Tardive Dyskinesia

Who Am I and What do I have to Share?

My name is unimportant, today I am not brave enough to introduce myself. I am a woman that suffers from the mental health condition known as Bi-Polar. 871 more words


I’ve tried to close the book of my life plenty of times, in my past. Sadly, I’m a failure at that, too, which most people wouldn’t see as a bad thing. 375 more words



It’s very loud in my head.

  • You’re horrible. There’s nothing left for you. Those things you’re seeing…you should’ve died in that crash. *static*
  • He was only abusive because you deserved it.
  • 194 more words

Somewhere...lost in there.

As the TV blared last night, and I started getting fuzzy, I gave up and lost myself in my voices. I didn’t cry. I just listened to the rants and the belittling, the heartbreak and the fast whispers. 310 more words