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Down 25 pounds...

I am officially down 25 pounds!

Sorry it has been awhile since I have updated you. One of the parts of my mental illnesses is that I don’t feel like being social at times, and that includes online social as well. 203 more words

Weight Loss

I'm Comfortably Euthymic

Two Fridays ago, the clouds lifted. I’m going to attribute it to reaching the therapeutic level on my mood stabilizer but its nonetheless a happy occurrence for me. 269 more words


Madness is a Circle

The most frustrating part of madness is not just the finality of it but the repetitiveness of it. The ebb and flow that begins to define your life. 492 more words


#villagemovies Premieres

Announcing a new movies discussion group led by ren in #villagemovies!

By a deafening roar, the vote was for the movie Donnie Darko at the premiere of the discussion group. 230 more words


What is Bipolar Disorder? 

This is one of the topics that will be stressed and focused on throughout. Many people have only heard bipolar as an adjective which is extremely offensive and off putting. 873 more words


Gratitude attack!

I’m having a gratitude attack.

I’m so grateful for having a place to stay, food, and a job. Also, some level of sanity.

I used to be without the above for a long period of time