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The fine mahogany entrance

Might lead you to believe

That the halls are adorned with gold

I wish that I could destroy

All the ivory steps… 19 more words

Contemplative Poetry


I’ve reached beyond my threshold

And brought myself to a place

That I have not visited in a long time

Contemplative Poetry

Henry Kissinger and Alcohol

I just picked up the second volume of Lee Kuan Yew’s autobiography and read the forward by Henry Kissinger. That’s enough to suggest that Lee is part of the autocratic world made by decolonization in the aftermath of the Second World War. 425 more words

SE Asia

Mental Illness

The sounds I am hearing are not from this world

And the thoughts I am having are painfully grim

No graceful words can describe a delusion… 65 more words

Contemplative Poetry


How softly do you trot on the pads of your feet?

Do you muffle your panting with the last victims flesh?

I was mildly content and comfortable in my home… 29 more words

Contemplative Poetry

Tinfoil Helmet

The body seeks its realm to rest

But the mind screams at me to keep going

So I hunker down in my barracks

Tinfoil helmet and wooden sword in hand

Contemplative Poetry