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Dickens redux

It’s not been the best of weeks. I have been troubled by very bad visual hallucinations, as well as the usual psychotic symptoms (see Psychotic & proud… 2,069 more words

Stacie’s Life Now

I started this blog to show how someone living with schizoaffective disorder can still take charge of their life. Since being on disability I’ve lost over 46 pounds, started in karate and Team Fitness at my gym.   47 more words

Living Life To The Fullest

Rant: Quit Using Mentally Ill People's Lives as Tools

I find the way people like to describe the lives of the “severely” mentally ill people quite annoying. So this post, is going to be part rant and part me trying to me trying to make a point. 275 more words

Mental Health

My General Paranoia

As part of my Schizophrenia, I tend to have paranoia even when my mood is stable. Although, my mood certainly don’t help.I have found that this has been easier to handle as the years have gone by, but then again, I have had more time to deal with these issues. 173 more words

Mental Health

One mile down...

I got back on frack with exercising today. I had a break down yesterday because I couldn’t go with my guy and his family to the state park to hike and walk around the fall festival. 234 more words


How losing weight is harder...

Losing a lot of weight is hard. It is extra hard to lose weight when you have mental illnesses. I am not trying to play the pity card here or anything. 672 more words


October 15th 2017

1pm:  Today marks 8 months with my significant other. This has by far been my longest relationship and I hope it’s my last. I’ve never felt this sense of being at home with someone. 192 more words

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