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Chapter 3

As Joshua ventured into the forest, little did he know what he would encounter next would change his life. A gigantic monster of about 8 feet tall walked up to Joshua and began to mumble in gargantunese. 542 more words

Hospitalisation: Being Detained

Although I have been mentally ill all of my life, particularly for the past five years, I have been lucky enough to avoid hospitalisation thus far. 861 more words


When is Enough Truly Enough?

When is enough truly enough? How much pain can you fit inside one person? Is there pain that unbearable that a human could no longer live their life? 297 more words


Talking About How You Feel

I don’t believe that I’ve mentioned this on my blog before, but I am an avid reddit user. I use reddit for many things, but the first point that I would like to make is that it is a great place to educate yourself about mental health. 534 more words



There has always been something about September that I can’t help but love, it has been my favourite month of the year ever since I can remember; somehow I find that this month resonates with me in ways that I do and do not understand. 193 more words


NOTE TO SELF (Read, reread, rereread, and rerereread, PRN)

Dear Crashing Me,

As routine in our illnesses, our moods will often shift like tectonic plates, leaving earthquakes and casualties and violence in their wake. Sometimes, these moods are forward-thinking, alight with possibilities, effervescent with energy, beautified by determination, and brave and faithful in goal-setting. 1,005 more words

Mental Health

When Words Fall Short

Are words ever enough? Can words truly convey the intensity and depth of the emotions we’re feeling? Sometimes, I think not. As a writer, this is something that I should not believe; but as a writer, it is something that I know to be true. 298 more words