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The Black Wooly Bear

Last night, I had a dream about lots of caterpillars in my house and in my bed specifically. I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt of caterpillars at all… 370 more words


Update - March 27th 2015

It’s been a while, at least to me.  I’ve been doing good and I’ve seen to recover from that weight thing by myself.  I haven’t weighed myself in a couple of days, and I’m not as obsessive as it when I wanted to lose weight.   249 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Adult Decisions, Yikes- Also, I Hate Mental Illness

I’m stuck with a decision. I need feedback, please. I’ve already gotten advice, but I don’t know why a plethora of opinions would help me more. 259 more words


March 23.5 - Isis

Over the course of my 100 or so blog posts, I’ve described a number of parallel realities that were existing in my mind during the time of psychosis. 880 more words

March 23 - Giving Up the Bad Stuff

It’s 7:35am and I’ve been up since 6:00am. I had breakfast, wrote the introduction to a paper, and went for a jog. Now I’m settling in with a pot of green tea, about to work on my assignment. 907 more words


How can one be so empty?

There are things within me, I think. Salmon pink organs and rusty cogwheels and mechanisms.

There is a pulse within me. 198 more words

Mental Illness

Mental health act assessmemt

I am currently being held on a 72 section against my will.
Today I will have a mental health act assessment to see if I need to be detained for between 28 days and 6 months. 109 more words