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When I was 13, I self harmed. A lot. And it showed. I couldn’t keep it in at school because once the secret got out, everybody knew. 243 more words


Ah, life. Who can, at the end of the day, say they’ve had a flawless life? Not many, if any. After age 9, my life has been, more or less, a series of unfortunate events. 186 more words

Point of View

Your kids are crying. They’ve been mom-ing you all day. Dishes are piling up. No toys have been put away. You’ve been home all day dealing with life and it’s just so overwhelming. 214 more words


Don't Give Up

Photo taken by contributor Kevin Gardner, a 54-year-old man from Miami, Oklahoma, who is in treatment and counseling for Bipolar Disorder and Schizoaffective Disorder. Kevin has started doing photography full time and currently is in the process of starting his own photography business. 75 more words


Me at Four A.M.

I hate Hollywood movies and Opera Winfery worthy books about Mental Health because they don’t explain what mental health really is. My dear friend once said, “The media portrays it as creative, sexy and interesting (a little bit quirky) I think I’m proof that the reality of it is a terrifying nightmare. 565 more words


The Space Between Dreams: A Disassociation Poem

In the place between dreams and waking

When dreams meld with the sights and sounds

The waking world mixing with the unreal

It is here I find myself, though I do not lay to rest… 164 more words


Haltom Health & Well Being

We don’t become discouraged, since God has given us this ministry through his mercy. Instead, we have refused to use secret and shameful ways.  We don’t use tricks, and we don’t distort God’s word. 742 more words