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August 3 - Holy Fuck

As some of you know, I’ve been working on a memoir about psychosis for a few years now. It’s slow going. Because honestly, when I look back at that time and really remember it, all I can say or write is “holy fuck.” That is my reaction when I look at the pictures of my bedroom, or I read the tweets from my meltdown. 334 more words

I wear my Warrior Heart on my sleeve like armor, and it is forever in bloom.

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to land a walk-in appointment with Lucky, the owner of the tattoo-slash-comic book shop called The Artful Dodger in Seattle. 770 more words

Jason, Adrenal Bio

Growing up, I was always quiet and withdrawn. I struggled in school with memory issues and was always embarrassed by my excessive sweating. I continued to have issues growing up and then something happened in 2001. 282 more words


A Few Bumps Along the Way

There are three kids.  Colin (not really his name) is the middle son, born in 1991.  Big sister was two when he was born.  Little brother came along 3 years later.   562 more words


A Long Journey

Here I am, reaching out to the world through a blog. In search of answers that may or may not exist.  I am the parent of a 23 year old with schizoaffective disorder/bipolar.   247 more words


One Week Off Of Risperidone

Hey, guys, so it marks one week that I’ve been off of my risperidone, and I feel excellent.  I don’t feel sluggish, and I feel like I’m full of energy.   163 more words