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I was a bit apprehensive when I scheduled an appointment to see a therapist. I mean, I’ve been in therapy off and on since the age of 11. 236 more words


Psychiatric Evaluation

As usual im freaking out about an upcoming appointment I have. Anxious but relieved acually. This will be my first formal evaluation which will lead to psychatric testing to determin my diagnosis. 114 more words

Mental Illness

Day One II

Part two.

I’ve suddenly discovered that strong vape liquid plus (prescription) diazepam can get me quite – dare I speak the words? – high, if I’ve missed a few doses of the diazepam. 267 more words


Day One

Day one.

Day one. I had no sleep last night. Often I avoid sleep, fearing night terrors; then, when I finally submit, I find myself too agitated. 168 more words


I've Come to the Conclusion...

That it’s important to take my meds. It’s also important that I keep up with my day treatment program and appointments.

I have been trying to deny this for a long time but the fact is I have a mental illness. 118 more words

Transgender PMS

I am the stepfather to a 17 year old transgender son with schizoaffective disorder depressive type who refuses to take his meds and proudly claims he has PMS. 9 more words

Mental Health

A simple sin with no consequences...

“i don’t wanna bend like the bad girls bend/ i just wanna be your friend/ Is it ever gonna be enough…”

Mr. L.T. came back with a vengeance. 645 more words