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sleepy and greasy.

light up and toke it

0 to 100

hands shaking palms sweating

finally where you want to be

wear those sunglasses

family outing… 31 more words

Grabbing Hold Of What's Left

I will not ruin this day for him I say into the bathroom mirror. For good measure I repeat it three times. Each time becomes less convincing than the last. 128 more words


7 Superfoods to turn you into a fat burning machine!


There’s no ‘7 Foods, nor would I put a list (listicle) article on my blog! Gotcha!!! If you want a list, click these links about list articles- why I HATE & FEAR their growing dominance. 104 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Magical mind reading bunnies, a maze of shrubbery with a mind of its own, and a closed pharmacy.

Hallucinations and delusions can be a bitch. 513 more words

Mental Illness

Keep an open mind

“I suffer from what is most likely schizoaffective disorder (we are in the process of locking down a solid diagnosis, but this is almost certainly it) amongst other mental illnesses. 91 more words

Mental Health

Purple, Peace, and Panic

My chest tightens, fearful tears fill my eyes. I know this feeling.
My mind races and I’m desperate.
Dizzy eyes, quickening breaths, and a lightheadedness that alerts me that I’m slipping into full-blown panic. 245 more words

Mental Illness

There he goes without me and here I stay behind.
My repeated self-exclusion have left me embarrassed once again.
I’m in need of a light-hearted evening, some time outside of my head. 74 more words