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По следам викингов / Following the Vikings

Истории о викингах известны, пожалуй, всем. О них снимают фильмы и мультики, пишут книги (научные и не очень), а также приводят их в пример, как олицетворение силы и мужественности.

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May the Almighty, All-Wise, All-Good God Bless Us

God, the almighty
guide us in all our doings,
protect us in every danger,
help us in every need!

God, the all-wise
make everything work for our good, 132 more words

Christian Prayer

7 September 1945

Homeland Longing – Alberts Graudins (POW)

Sound of sad songs,

Of my distant homeland.

An endless longing gripped me,

oh dear departed days of peace, 70 more words

World War 2

30 March 1945

The big day on Saturday, 31 March 1945, we have been transferred to Sølskot.

The Soviets are closing in on Berlin.  The allies have crossed the Rhine.   53 more words

World War 2