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On This Day: August 4th

On this day in 1914, Britain declared war on Germany following the German invasion of Belgium. The invasion of Belgium (to get to France in order to execute the Schlieffen Plan) tipped the balance due to the 1839 agreement by Britain to guarantee both Belgium’s neutrality and independence.  14 more words

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Day 173 - Embrace the Dark Side - The Far Side of the Moon Prompt

The earth is very different from the near side,the near side is covered in maria or seas, where as the far side hardly has any. The crust is also thicker on the far side, which helps to provide a reason for less maria, as the surface is harder to penetrate. 325 more words

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Day 132 - The Schlieffen Plan and the Siege of Liege Prompt

The Schlieffen Plan, was a military strategy by Field Marshall Alred von Schlieffen referring to the invasion of Belgium and France. He devised a one front attack plan in 1905, initially along the Belgium-Dutch border which was mainly regarded as a sound military blueprint by German historians, which was largely altered up by Schlieffen’s predecessor Moltke, probably leading to the downfall of Germany in the First World War. 291 more words

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8th November 1902. Sleep-Walk to Nightmare.

It has been said that ‘We sleep-walked into World War I’, a war fought under the auspices of grandchildren of Queen Victoria.(1)

Things seemed different Today in 1902 when ‘Kaiser Bill’, the eldest grandson of Victoria, was in London to improve Anglo-German relations.  398 more words