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Joy in the Journey

Mommy reads a blog called Morning Story and Dilbert. She asked me to share this short excerpt from it, as it pertains to all of us dogs who want to dig our tunnels to visit each other, whether from Tennessee to Florida or Australia to Canada! 230 more words

Memory Monday: Riley's Arrival

Today, Mom left me home with Dad, because he missed me so much while I was on my special trip to PA. She also had to go to the doctor to get another shot for the lingering poison ivy on her way to work this morning. 593 more words

The Power of Positivity

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone all new age, motivational blogger on you (although I hear there’s a lot of money in it, so maybe watch this space…), but as of now I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking. 562 more words


Memory Monday

One of my best and worst memories:

The time I thought Jamison was going up for sale! Best because I thought he was leaving, worst because it wasn’t true!

Happy Monday!

Back home in Tennessee

We left our BFF’s house early this morning and are back home. I already miss my newly trained Uncle Buddy. He took good care of me once he understood what a good communicator I am. 181 more words

SO Much To Tell You!

My secretary (aka Mom) has finally decided to stop being lazy. I have been waiting since Wednesday to tell you things! Make sure you read EVERYTHING! 1,557 more words

My name is Kenoya

Jumat kemarin (24 Juli 2015), kami kedatangan anggota keluarga baru. Sebenernya istri dan 2 anak gua yang menanti-nantikannya sejak lama. Udah kira-kira 1,5 bulan ini, istri saya kalo di rumah selalu googling dan nonton youtube mengenai dunia dogie. 378 more words