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Best Night EVER!

Last night was the best night ever. The girls got in trouble at bedtime and mom made them sleep in their crates.

For the first time since last July it was just me, my Mom, and my Dad in bed. 63 more words

Riley's Birthday

Today is my big younger brother Riley’s special day – the day we all celebrate his birthday. He is now officially 6 years old. Mommy made him his very favorite cookies: Tomutto and Cheese. 127 more words

Such a Beautiful Day!

Hi there, friends!

I have so much to tell you all so I’m gonna get right down to business.

First, the other day Mom found a red-winged blackbird in the middle of the city highway!  476 more words

What do you mean, goodbye?

Here I am in my Auntie Cary’s office at work at the church on the mountain. I said, “What’s that, Mom? I need to say goodbye to my Auntie Cary? 214 more words

Piper Update and Hodge Podge

Great news from the vet! We got he results from the biopsy on the tumor removed from Piper’s leg. Piper had a histeocytoma, which is bee nine. 513 more words

Blogsville Mayoral Candy Date Debate #2 - Bring It On!

Here we are again with Debate Tuesday, Week 2. I, Lexi, asked the questions this week and am hoping for some revealing answers to help you make an informed decision (to vote for me) in November. 1,262 more words

Lessons from Lexi

If elected Mayor, I intend to give you helpful tips to make your lives better. I will start now, pre-election, with Tip #1: What to do when you don’t like what is in your food dish