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Piper's Post

Hi, I’m Piper. Lexi said I could use her blog one time, so I better make it count. I have been living here with Lexi and my Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff since the beginning of July. 253 more words

REVIEW: Four Paws & Me Subscription Box

At The Dog Blog we love a good surprise and it’s even better when it comes in the form of a box full of dog goodies from… 444 more words


Diabetes in Dogs

At this point, I think it is time to contrast diabetes in dogs and humans–insofar as I understand it at this point in Cara’s life.  Diabetic dogs are almost always Type 1.  444 more words


Catching Up

You may remember that Mom took me and Piper on a road trip over the Fourth of July weekend. We went Up North to Pee Yay to see my bestest friend Rhonda. 623 more words

Storm after storm after storm

All it does here every evening is storm.

It’s been storming so much that Molly’s even freaking out less. Don’t get me wrong – she still gets scared but she’s not trembling like an earthquake is inside her. 192 more words

Trickery at Supper Time

If you have been following my battle with the C, you already know my appetite has been off ever since the chemo. What? A schnauzer without an appetite? 160 more words

Life Goes On

Life is progressing, and we are getting into a routine—good thing it’s summer and the weather is nice, at least in the morning.  I can leave the back door open and Cara (and other dogs/cats) can come and go at their leisure.  216 more words