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Miniature schnauzer makes a hopeless guard dog (Rousse)

The burglar worked his way around our room helping himself to bits and pieces from the dressing table and cupboards. Meanwhile our miniature schnauzer lay happily on our bed with his legs in the air, willing us to tickle him. 16 more words

Schnauzer Approved Clothing

My male human mainly wears Schnauzer-themed t-shirts. You might think this is weird but it does reinforce the natural awesomeness of Schnauzers.

He has quite the collection, and when some of his t-shirt wore out, he and my female human made them into a wallhanging quilt: 105 more words

Miniature Schnauzer

Learning Bad Habits?

My male human just got his first “smartphone” (not sure why humans call them that). Previously he was likely the last human on earth with a flip phone. 322 more words

Miniature Schnauzer

How we got our dog

My dog craze started in college when I made the mistake of playing with a dog at one of those pet stores in the mall. It was a golden retriever puppy that my sister and I named Kesha and she only cost $3,500. 755 more words


10 Things My Dog Has Taught Me

I adopted Ruby about 3 1/2 years ago. I was looking for a cat on Craigslist, not a dog, but there she was all scruffy and rescued and she had to be mine. 1,116 more words

Grooming With(out) Lucy

I’ve given up. Mom’s never going to let me groom dogs. A couple of weeks ago she got a 15 year old miniature poodle dog named Muffy in to groom. 178 more words

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Humans Training Tips

This post is for canines living with homo sapiens (aka “humans”). I know the humans refer to you as their “pets” or your “owners”, but let’s be honest – … 506 more words

Miniature Schnauzer