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Exciting News at our Place

Well, in reality, it’s really only exciting for me, the other family members aren’t terribly interested in my writing life. That’s OK, we all have our own things we’re interested in, with only a few crossovers where we all get excited about things (lawn bowls that one … and the season is over for the year.) 388 more words

Dress Up for Whitley

I am so glad Dory¬†came up with this event for everyone’s favorite fashionista. Blogville just hasn’t been the same without Whitley.

I hope you like my hat, Whitley! 7 more words

How's Lexi - Glad you asked

Yesterday I had a very upset tummy most of the day, even to the point of throwing up a bit. Mom talked to the local vet who called my oncologist in Knoxville, who told her what drug to call in to the pharmacy to help with this chemo sickness. 395 more words

Getting More Treats: Tips and Tricks

I asked my fellow Blogville residents to submit ways they pry tricks out of their mostly unsuspecting hoomans, and the response has been great. Read and Learn: 1,166 more words

Alexander, on flirtation via dogs.

Alexander: Small yet masculine dogs are an excellent conversation starter.

Non Classé


Mom is helping me with my blog while I am getting poison chemicals pumped into my body.

Here’s the scoop: I have lumps in my right lung and they are bad. 304 more words