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A Painting of Gorgeous George

Meet Gorgeous George the miniature Schnauzer…

If you’d like a painting of your pet please contact us for a quote.

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The Artfully Disturbed

Since I was but a wee lad, watching R-rated movies and beating hookers with glee in GTA III completely unsupervised, I’ve had a fascination with the imagery of the macabre and the grotesque. 1,645 more words

Tummy Time

My female human is so busy all the time. Occasionally I have to encourage her to slow down and spend some “Tummy Time” with me. 111 more words

Miniature Schnauzer

project 365 : week 26

177 : 365

No, I’m not crazy, we don’t have pumpkins out yet. I was just feeling fall-crispy on this day because I could use the comforting. 138 more words


A Billion Baths (Just kidding... only FIVE.)

Two weeks ago, don Ubaldo and I bathed all five dogs.

After Ceiba’s bath… “Gia, why. WHY.” Sorry, bun.

“Don’t ‘bun’ me.”

His new collar that I got during my last California trip. 17 more words


Park Day

I went to the park yesterday with Marlene, her dog Davey, and my schnauzer Abby. It was a hot Miami day but we sat under the shadow of a large tree which kept us cool. 31 more words


Piper's Day with His Aunt Amy

Do you see this, Aunt Amy? I have to go through all these moving boxes to get to my water. And I drink a lot… 241 more words

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