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Anticipation, by Piper

Piper here. I got a date to the Halloween bash at Dory’s Back Yard! Guess who? Nope, I’m not sayin’.

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Miniature Schnauzer

Memory Monday: Whose Interview Is This, Anyhow?

I promised to do Memory Mondays after Lexi left for the rainbow bridge. Even though I have been following your blogs and getting smiles from them, it has been too painful to post anything, other than helping Piper from time to time. 605 more words

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Sophie, are you there?

This message is for Sophie the Scottie. 

Hi Sophie. I didn’t know how else to reach you. This is Piper the Schnauzer.

Will you go to Dory’s Halloween Dance with me? 144 more words

Miniature Schnauzer

When My Ex-Boyfriend Beat My Puppy, Stopped Showering and Other Crazy Shit He Did.

I probably included more backstory than necessary. It gets interesting about 7 paragraphs in. I’ll probably update this as I remember random stories I left out. 3,372 more words

Heap's Sausages- Greenwich

Heap’s Sausages is  a shop that specialises in sausages! Handmade, gourmet, sausages! SAUSAGES! I mean, really – why I don’t live in this shop is frankly a mystery. 434 more words


Schnauzer, Chihuahua dog backpacks 1pc 30cm – One Days Sales

2016/10/21 28:59:00 Very Small Quantity for this Baby Shcnauzer backpack   Item Type: Plush Backpacks Features: Stuffed

The Horrors!

Friends, my life has been turned upside down.

First, some stupid company tries to tell me I’m not a schnauzer. How dare they!

Then, today was grooming day. 85 more words