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Wordless Wednesday Wakened Warrior

We are joining  BlogPaws for Wordless Wednesday this week!

Shhh..I’m trying to sleep a few more minutes before going to work.

Xena the Sleepy Schnauzer Warrior Princess

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New Playmates

I have a new playmate. (Mom was so surprised that she didn’t get the video just right, so please overlook that.)

Her name is Xena. I thought and thought and finally realized I had to play more gently with her than I do with Riley. 166 more words

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Sleepy Saturday

I slept on Giant Duckie.

I slept on Teddie.

I slept on Racoon.

But the best place of all to sleep…

…is on my Mommy’s lap, surrounded by my pack. 7 more words

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Things That Were, Are, and Will Be

Lucy: Hey Xena, Mom said if we were good dogs, we might each get a new Bully Horn for Christmas! And some new used stuffies, too! 351 more words

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A Walk with My Mom

Mom and I went for a walk all by ourselves today, ’cause Lucy and Riley were napping with Andrew. It was 75F/22C degrees warm and partly sunny, as the weatherman would say. 182 more words

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Lucy Confesses

Hi. My name is Lucy and I am a runaway. It’s because I have a problem. Her name is Xena.

There, I have admitted it. That is the first step, right? 642 more words

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My Cuteness-Helper Vest

I got a new walking vest. You can see my Howloween bow sticking out from under it.

Mommy said I would need all the help I could get to look cute the next time I potty in the house. 46 more words

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