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Suspicious Schnauzer Quilt Coziness

My adopted brother Mike, who loves quilts, has discovered a new way to get cozy in a handmade quilt made by one of our humans (my female and male human, both who I manage, make quilts for Mike and I to stay cozy in). 134 more words

Miniature Schnauzer

Get to know us!


We are really happy you are here,  by saying “We” we mean, my dog and I.

My dog is a schnauzer, her name is Daisy, she is really charming and loyal, I really consider her as part of the family, because that’s what dogs are,  121 more words


Puppy love

Hi everyone!! I hope you all are doing well!! I am doing fine!!

Yesterday was the day we got to see the puppy that I have been talking to you all about. 167 more words

A Beach Party Invite

Dear Shelby,

When Aunt Amy told me about the Spring Break Beach Party, all I could think about was taking you to the beach. I know you don’t really like water, so we don’t have to go swimming or participate in the… 97 more words

Dog Blog

The drinking dog lady...

There is never a dull a moment life, nothing is more true than that. Don’t get me wrong I love the quiet moments, drinking a glass of wine, when you look down at your dog just curled up in their bed looking as though they were a precious little cherub.   122 more words