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Don't forget to vote!

The Scholars Showdown is open until the end of the week and there will be a book giveaway involved! make sure you don’t forget to vote and if you don’t like the way its headed give it a plug to get more votes to your guy!

Scholars Showdown

The Final Showdown: Who will it be?

The time has come for our final round! Voting has closed and the gods have spoken as to who will reach the final round:

Ben Witherington…

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N.T. Wright

Scholars Showdown Round 2 Part 3

Well here it is and I must say that after yesterdays round I can also say with much confidence who I think will win this round. 136 more words

Scholars Showdown

The Scholars Showdown ROUND 2 Part 2

Okay everyone’s fears can be allayed because Wright and Fee are not together in this round. I think I can predict who will be in the final round but we should go though the process because you never know! 279 more words

N.T. Wright

Scholars Showdon ROUND 2 Part 1...

Its a battle of the New Testament heavy weights with Ben Witherington up against Doug Moo!

Ben Witherington, or BW3 as he is affectionately known, has written so many books he could produce an anthology larger than Barth’s Dogmatics.

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Ben Witherington III

Who would you choose? The scholars showdown round 1 results...

Well the final count for round one is in and there are no surprises on who has made it thought to the next round but there are a few surprises when it comes to those who failed to poll a vote! 94 more words

Scholars Showdown

Who would you choose? The scholars showdown: Part 5

Whoops! Yesterday I posted part six instead of part 5! Nevertheless, today’s showdown marks the end of round one. Sometime over the weekend I will tally the current standings as we proceed into Round 2! 223 more words

Scholars Showdown