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Akin Law Office Academic Scholarship

The Safety of Uber and Lyft

Waving down a taxi is so old school, with the invention of ride share apps, getting places has never been easier or cheaper. 919 more words


Mainor Wirth Injury Lawyers Academic Scholarship

Insurance In Rideshare Accidents

Waving down a taxi is so old school; getting places has never been easier or cheaper with the invention of rideshare platforms. 749 more words


Seeing Faces- Marvel Optics National Scholarship Contest

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”- Helen Keller

I have many well-meaning friends and relatives that say they don’t “see race,” or they don’t “see skin color.” While the idea behind these statements is surely kind, I’m afraid it can do more harm than good. 268 more words



Application gateway opening timeline: October (Every Year)

Award decision: Next July 

Student Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:
1) Only candidates who have applied to and have been accepted by an EMMC consortium in accordance with its specific students’ application and selection criteria, are eligible for a scholarship. 558 more words

Higher Study

The Annual Scholarship of Matthew L. Sharp Law Offices 2020

Trucking accidents are one of the many vehicular tragedies that occur on the roads and highways of America. The following will consider if the current laws and precautions in place are adequate enough to decrease these incidents as well as outline new ideas to be implemented. 589 more words

Graduate School

David Boehrer - Scholarship Essay

This driving plan will outline steps to keep myself and family safe while driving, in addition to discussing the dangers of distracted driving. For the purpose of this Distracted Driving Family plan I will be including myself (25), my brother (22), and my mother and father (both in their 50s). 928 more words

Graduate School

Keller Law Offices Scholarship

The Kalief Browder Story

Kalief Browder was a sixteen year old boy when he was snatched off of the Bronx streets and sent to one of the harshest and most notorious prisons in the United States. 974 more words