Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship - Provincial Scholarship

Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship

The Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship (PTES) is awarded to 20 outstanding high school graduates who have demonstrated a commitment and aptitude for a career path in K-12 teaching. 286 more words

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District / Authority Scholarships - Provincial Scholarships

District / Authority Scholarships

There are 5500 District/Authority Scholarships distributed across school districts and independent school authorities that recognize graduating B.C. students for excellence in their chosen area of interest or strength. 194 more words

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BC Achievement Scholarships - Provincial Scholarships

BC Achievement Scholarships

For the 2015/16 school year, 3000 top B.C. graduates with the highest cumulative average based on courses required for graduation (both required and elective)  are eligible to receive a $1250 scholarship voucher to use towards their post-secondary tuition. 111 more words

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BC Excellence Scholarships - Provincial Scholarships

BC Excellence Scholarships

****Students must be nominated for this scholarship by their school. 

If you believe that we should nominate you, please see Mrs. Spencer!**** 224 more words

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Cowichan Wheels Bursary

Bursaries are awarded to students who have a disability OR who are entering a field with the intention to improve the lives of people with a disability.   17 more words

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BC Hockey Scholarship

Awards – Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded annually to BC Hockey registered members to give recognition to those who develop their academic career aspirations while at the same time nourishing their interest in hockey. 86 more words

Scholarships & Bursaries

Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia Educational Assistance Fund

The purpose of the Fund, as set out in the trust document is, “to assist any beneficiary selected under the provisions of the Trust to further his or her educational goals, whether academic or vocational, provided that the bursary shall not be used as a sole means of support but rather as a supplement to existing funding to cover shortfalls in fees, books, maintenance and/or transportation which might otherwise cause the individual affected to terminate his or her studies prematurely.” 98 more words

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