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More summer pics

These pics just came in from our workshop with the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance on 8/10/11.  Schooba fun in the sun!


Breaching the Blue podcast

Breaching the Blue is “a blog run by Mark Gibson, an ocean enthusiast, social scientist, and divemaster seeking to ‘connect the dots’ for a better understanding of global ocean conservation.”  His site covers the politics, economics, and human dimensions of the global ocean, and The Schooba Academy is honored to be a part of his new podcast series.   13 more words

Workshops with RWA

The Rockaway Waterfront Alliance (RWA) is “a community-based non-profit organization that works to empower the local Rockaway community to play a role in the determination of their neighborhoods, and foster an understanding of the principals of environmental justice and urban sustainability.”  They run summer programs with different schools and students, and we’ve done a few workshops with them throughout the summer.   9 more words

Vote for us ... a thousand times!

We’re super proud to be accepted as one of the August Candidates for All Terrain’s Grant program.  Help us win a $1,000 grant by voting for Schooba on our profile page below.   32 more words

Schooba partners with NYSMEA

NYSMEA, the New York State Marine Educators Association, “exists to promote marine awareness and encourage the growth and exchange of instructional resources within the scientific, commercial, and educational communities.”  …Sounds good to us! 8 more words

World Science Festival

The 2011 World Science Festival was a five day festival with over 50 events in NYC.  On Sunday, 6/5, the festivities came to a close with a bustling street fair in Washington Square Park.   130 more words

Junk mail

This past week, The Schooba Academy received its first bit of junk mail.  Whether that’s good or bad sign, I’m not quite sure.  Regardless, it’s got to be some sort of milestone. 6 more words