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The truth about teens and alcohol

We’ve all been through our teen years and had to deal with peer pressure and alcohol. Back then, no one warned me about the risks of alcohol, binge drinking and alcohol poisoning – not my parents, not my school and not my friends. 639 more words


Helping children deal with grief

Grief. That word alone sounds heavy. But what is grief? To put it in simple terms, it’s the oh so many different feelings you can experience when someone close to you dies – those gut-wrenching, tears flowing, mind-numbing, overwhelming feelings. 516 more words


Remembering with our children

Remembrance Day is here and like many Canadians, I proudly wear a poppy. This year my daughter asked, “What’s that flower for  mommy?”

How do we tell our children about the enormity of Remembrance Day? 360 more words


My son, my mentor and our journey with Down syndrome

I recently had the opportunity to meet Shannon, a mom to three children including eight-year-old Dominic.  Here is her story:

Dominic is the second of my three children. 1,028 more words


Girl friendships: Is there a secret language?

Girls, girls, girls! When your daughter was first born, you may have pictured her growing up with good friends, always having fun while playing endlessly for hours. 616 more words


Toys are taking over my house!

It’s the middle of the week and my house already looks like two energetic little kids were let loose and ‘attacked’ all their toys. Actually, that’s exactly what happened and it’s the same every week! 494 more words


“But how did the baby get in there?”

My three year old loves it when we tell her stories at bedtime. Once I decided to tell her the story of when her little brother was born. 409 more words