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5 awesome things I discovered about being a divorced parent

Quite often we hear about how hard it is to be a divorced parent, and it can be, but there are perks too!

When I think back to when my daughter and I were on our own, I have very fond memories.  457 more words


A Mothers Nightmare: Reactions to School Violence

Senseless acts of violence. Senseless acts of violence against our children. This would make any mother lose her mind. We asked a handful of moms of school aged children to give us their honest reactions to the recent school shootings. 2,010 more words


10 tips for supporting kids in stressful times

As parents and caregivers, we might see our children’s lives as being carefree and happy. Hey, they don’t have to pay the bills, take care of the household, feed the family or chauffeur people all over the place! 699 more words

School-aged Children

Is it hormones or mental health? What every parent needs to know.

I heard shouting down the hall… then crying. My daughter entered the room with an empty mug in her hand and she’s sobbing. “She spilled my hot chocolate.” 598 more words


Here We Go Again ... A Return to Writing

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything.  In fact, for five months, I have been quite content to abandon writing. Suddenly, though, I find myself missing it.  447 more words


Empowering Our Children with a Simple Question

During the winter, one of the teachers from our local Waldorf school hosts a Saturday morning playgroup at the community center. It’s a wonderful break from the relentless cold and isolation that the winter months bring for those of us with babies and toddlers who have yet to master the art of walking in snow. 292 more words


In an emergency, would your child know how to call 911?

A few years ago, we got rid of our landline phone. The only people calling us were telemarketers – even the baby boomer grandparents had moved on to texting us! 593 more words