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“But how did the baby get in there?”

My three year old loves it when we tell her stories at bedtime. Once I decided to tell her the story of when her little brother was born. 409 more words


3 things to do when your child is whining

The time after childcare and before dinner is ‘whine-central’ at my house. Just last night my little ‘Pumpkin’ jumped from one demand to another, and when I wouldn’t or couldn’t comply (it makes no difference to kids, does it?), she brought out the big gun: whining. 596 more words


Take the bite out of bugs! Insect repellent: What you need to know.

Bugs are a nuisance, but bug bites can be a big pain! The red bumps are bad enough, but the itchiness keeps me from sleeping, because all I want to do is scratch all night long! 421 more words


Parenting an introverted child

Minor hockey in our family was simply a ways to a means. And no, not a means to a budding NHL career, but a means to a play date – the after hockey play date! 503 more words


Reading to Read

Last week, I hosted the first of six summer reading club meetings at my home. I organized the club so that the homeschooled teens from our co-op would have multiple opportunities to read some really great books while getting the chance to hang out with each other throughout the summer. 1,374 more words


Would you recognize a speech problem in your child?

I remember when my little girl was a bit older than 3, a friend of mine told me how cute it was that my child was talking with a lisp.  535 more words


Toddler Learning Unit || Butterflies

Letter of the Week: B


  1. Good Morning Routine
  2. Songs
  3. Books
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar (by Eric Carle)
  4. 384 more words