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The HPV vaccine and boys

My 13 year old son recently had his yearly routine physical. Now that he’s in grade 8, I was asked to remain in the waiting area (yet another sign that he’s growing up!). 352 more words


Distribution of Praziquantel in Nigeria : The Fight Against Schistosomiasis

In Nigeria, there are very few organizations involved in the distribution of praziquantel. An in-depth analysis of current organizations on the ground shows that there are currently only three active actors when it comes to eliminating schistosomiasis. 548 more words

Family Matters: Relationships are key!

Family matters.  It’s simple, the key is to develop a positive relationship with your children. Start early, this will BE  one of their greatest protective factors in life. 386 more words


Coding Tools for Kids

I have a great post about the importance of coding within education that is in draft mode, but I wanted to share some great FREE… 204 more words


Are your kids on social media?

Social media is like a wildfire. Once it catches on, it keeps going and is very difficult to stop. I will admit, it has been a challenge trying to keep up with the technological prowess of my kids, let alone trying to be one step ahead of their social media use! 493 more words


A New Year's challenge to all parents: Hands-free parenting!

I hereby issue a New Year’s challenge –

“Parents everywhere: Put down your phones!”

Nobody’s perfect. We all do things that aren’t going to win us any parenting awards. 575 more words


Gift Idea: Customized Book from Shutterfly!

Have you ever received an email from Shutterfly about making a free 8×8 book and you aren’t really sure what to do with it… but have a hard time passing it up… like me? 649 more words