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I'm going to tell you a Mitzi

It’s short and sweet and goes like this:

Once there was a girl named Mitzi, and she had a little brother named Jacob. They slept in the same room and in the same big bed, each sprawled on her or his own side. 204 more words


The student has become the teacher

The school year’s begun – we’re nearly three weeks in, and starting first grade has been a little trickier than kindergarten. There were some early stomachaches and reluctance to walk into the classroom; even before school started, Girl said she was nervous (not that you can tell from her smile). 210 more words


Kids and Boredom - why it's a good thing!

“Mom, I’m bored!” Are you already hearing this?

I’ve heard several parents mention they need to keep their kids organized and occupied this summer because their kids are already complaining they are bored. 396 more words


Why I hire a teen to babysit my kids

Have you ever hired a babysitter to watch your kids? I have a few times and it’s been great. I am lucky to have family nearby who babysit my kids, but we find ourselves saving these asks for when we’ve got an obligation. 509 more words


The glories of summer

School’s out, and the days yawn, tantalize, or drag on, depending on whether they’re filled with packing and errands or play and pleasure.

For the pleasure-filled ones, however, we are most grateful. 476 more words

Children's Books


March 6, 2016: A week or two earlier, Girl had been complaining that her tooth hurt. Given that brushing her teeth is not her greatest strength, Daddy postulated that she had a cavity and told her so, telling her to be sure she did a good job brushing her teeth. 296 more words


Sunscreen, teens and cool shades!

When my children were young, I constantly helped them to apply sunscreen. It was always on my radar to slather, swim and repeat! I’d give them a large brimmed hat and some wacky race car sunglasses and… 313 more words