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School Aged Children & Physical Altercations

This is something most all parents hope they never have to handle. Unfortunately, for some of us, it’s in the cards. And just like a card game, you have to play the best possible (and smartest) hand you can with what you’re holding. 660 more words


Homework a day, Keeps the Summer Slide Away

Summer is right around the corner and for my family that means it is time to finalize our summer goals. I have seen the summer slide and how it can affect my boys when the new school year begins. 882 more words

Parenting Series

The HPV vaccine and boys

My 13 year old son recently had his yearly routine physical. Now that he’s in grade 8, I was asked to remain in the waiting area (yet another sign that he’s growing up!). 352 more words


Distribution of Praziquantel in Nigeria : The Fight Against Schistosomiasis

In Nigeria, there are very few organizations involved in the distribution of praziquantel. An in-depth analysis of current organizations on the ground shows that there are currently only three active actors when it comes to eliminating schistosomiasis. 548 more words

Family Matters: Relationships are key!

Family matters.  It’s simple, the key is to develop a positive relationship with your children. Start early, this will BE  one of their greatest protective factors in life. 386 more words


Coding Tools for Kids

I have a great post about the importance of coding within education that is in draft mode, but I wanted to share some great FREE… 204 more words


Are your kids on social media?

Social media is like a wildfire. Once it catches on, it keeps going and is very difficult to stop. I will admit, it has been a challenge trying to keep up with the technological prowess of my kids, let alone trying to be one step ahead of their social media use! 493 more words