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Reflection On The Past Two Years At Randolph Community College.

While thinking about the past two years that I have spent at Randolph Community College where I have been studying photographic technology. I remember the first day of class and how intimidating it was to walk into a room full of people knowing no one. 548 more words


Prisons aren't safe for correctional officers

For all of the talk about how America’s prison system has never been better, the one part that has not shown any progression is ensuring the safety of correctional officers. 396 more words

School Assignments

Richard Matt's letter to his daughter highlights a problem in the prison system

“See you on the outside.” That statement, in itself, seems harmless enough, right?

But what would you do (and what would you think) if you were to receive that message from a man (your father) who was serving a 25 to life sentence at The Clinton Correctional facility? 418 more words

School Assignments

Teaching Reading: Final Paper (Part 5)

Here is the fifth and final part to my Final Paper for Instructional Practices for Reading Teachers. Here is Part One, Two, Three… 508 more words

School Assignments

Ignoring the obvious - A mental illness essay

If you do not talk about it, it simply does not exist

The mental illness is probably the most misunderstood illness out there. Years ago, it was an illness that no one wanted to talk about. 621 more words


Teaching Reading: Final Paper (Part 4)

Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, in case you missed them. Here is my answer to the fourth prompt given as part of my Final Paper for Instructional Practices for Reading Teachers. 592 more words

School Assignments