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Dream Vacation

My dream vacations change a lot through out my years. I would love to take my mom and me to Italy. I feel like she would love to go there as she loves to cook and loves their scenery. 18 more words

School Assignments

Being Truthful

A lot of people get nervous when they are lying. It is usually hard for people to lie very good. Being truthful, they are very calm and collected. 19 more words

School Assignments

Greatest Responsibility...

I don’t know why but, I don’t remember things like this. I just did my work and sooner or later forget about it. I guess I need an answer so, my cat? 34 more words

School Assignments


Well, this one today was for a creative excuse I used before. To be honest, I don’t remember things like this. I really just did my work when I was told. 17 more words

School Assignments


I wasn’t born when this tragic scenario happened in America. Throughout my life, every year at school they always talk about this tragic event. When I was little, I didn’t know what terrorism was. 52 more words

School Assignments

Assignment #1 - Personal Narrative

Here’s a little behind the scenes of my personal narritive shoot. These are from my iPhone, so they are not the final photos. They are just going through what we did while getting the assignment #1 photos.

Peninsula, Ohio.


Portrait Retouching

This week we practiced retouching portraits more. Practice makes perfect. I’ve discovered that I don’t particularly enjoy retouching, but practice will help me further develop my skills. 42 more words