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My research paper for Eng 344

Love in Much Ado About Nothing Versus What Love Really Means

William Shakespeare is a well-known author who, according to Shakespeare: A Beginners Guide, by Ros King, was thought to have been born on April. 2,715 more words

School Assignments

Assignment #4 - The Deliberate Portrait

This assignment made me very excited. I don’t focus on portraits a lot, but when I do, it’s one of my favorite things to do. For this project, I decided to go all out and focus more on the men in the workforce. 103 more words


Simon, Called Peter (Mark Ch.3)

The third in a series of papers I did for my Gospel of Mark class. Peter has always been my favorite Bible character, and I’ve always enjoyed this story–but it wasn’t until I really dug into the subtext during this class that I felt I began to really understand the depth of what this story can mean for me–and everyone–today.

579 more words
School Assignments

Let's Get Drunk Together!

Perhaps our churches would be more fruitful places if more Christians knew how to get drunk.

Despite what prohibitionists would tell you, getting drunk effectively takes practice. 438 more words

School Assignments

Bus 135 Week 5 Personal Learning Network Assignment

Personal Learning Network – Subject – Small Business

5 Blog Links and/or a Twitter feed


This blog is a very encouraging about it being OK, for you to go beyond your dream of owning your own online business and actually doing it. 3,055 more words

Bus 135 - Personal Learning Network