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Business 1: Lesson 105

    An ad should be used to get the person to act, not to skim through it and throw it away. For example, I’m using the ad I put made on Craigslist. 246 more words

School Assignments

Advertising Mockup: NM3215

Module title: Advertising Strategies

For our project, we were to select a local company that only has used traditional media as their advertising plan. Therefore, our team of 4 decided on the local start up, GUAVAPASS. 186 more words

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Business 1: Lesson 80

    Say I was a science teacher teaching a class on the solar system, and I gave them a 12 question test. Once I collect their tests I start grading them. 484 more words

School Assignments

English 1 : Lesson 105

   Darwin’s autobiography was long yet short, filled with some interesting factoids here and there, but it didn’t really grab my attention. I found out I was forcing myself to stay awake and keep reading. 487 more words

School Assignments

Business 1 : Lesson 95

   The lifestyle I would want 20 years from now might change, because you can’t predict the future. However, I won’t let that stop me from writing about it. 489 more words

School Assignments

English 1 : Lesson 100

    I haven’t made any great speeches yet in my life, but if I do, I don’t think I would include them in my autobiography. There are three reasons why I wouldn’t, but let me expand on what I said earlier. 477 more words

School Assignments

Business 1: Lesson 90

     The ideal apprenticeship job for me would be for a local software management business or perhaps a company that develops new apps for apple or android smartphones. 485 more words

School Assignments