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Freaky Friday.

I’m feeling some type of way today. Its Friday and I’m in my room working on an assignment that’s due at midnight. I don’t think I am going out this whole weekend to be honest I want to take a break from drinking and going out. 604 more words

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On Being a Theist

The following is a paper I wrote for my Philosophy class at Liberty University in response to a popular article written by an atheist.

On Being a Theist… 2,362 more words

School Assignments

Ethics Blog Post

Ethics in journalism is a sensitive topic to discuss. No amount of ethics manuals is going to help a journalist when it comes time to make decisions that could carry significant consequences for the journalist and those they cover. 506 more words

School Assignments

The Reality of Reality

What do Plato’s cave analogy, Descartes’ Meditation, and the movie, The Matrix, have in common? The following essay I wrote for my Philosophy 201 class will tell you. 1,115 more words

School Assignments

Week 3 Assignment

August 6 marked the seventieth anniversary of one of the most controversial and devastating attacks on a country’s soil. On that day, in 1945, Hiroshima, a city in Japan, was bombed. 569 more words

School Assignments

Magazine Article

It was best described as a hunting trip gone wrong. Dr. Walter Palmer and his hunting guide couldn’t have envisioned this hunting trip ending this tragically and followed by severe backlash from the public. 580 more words

School Assignments

Newspaper Article

In light of what transpired with the killing of Cecil, the lion, Zimbabwe has requested that the United States extradite the dentist that fatally shot the famous lion. 257 more words

School Assignments