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Vector Illustration Class: Swirl Mania

I’m done with my drawing class now, and on to my very last class for my Bachelor’s: Vector Illustration (ARTS 332 at Liberty). For the following assignment, I was to find an illustration that I liked online and recreate it in Adobe Illustrator. 258 more words

School Assignments

Drawing Class II: Self-Portrait

This assignment required us to put our learning to use in creating a portrait drawing. What better way to do that than through a self-portrait? 60 more words

School Assignments

Drawing Class II: Perspective Drawing II

For this assignment, we were supposed to branch out a little and try either two- or three-point perspective. I went with two-point. Here it is. Think wild west, or ghost town. 78 more words

School Assignments

Drawing Class II: Gesture Drawings

This drawing assignment entailed making 10, 5-minute gesture drawings of the human figure in different poses. I loved getting into the groove of the gesture drawing! 521 more words

School Assignments

Hetherington response: Privacy

With this project we were supposed to work with an issue and make people start questioning it. I decided to work on the topic privacy, since I currently am in a surveillance society. 79 more words

Drawing Class II: Perspective Drawing I

I thought our piano would make a wonderful subject for a perspective drawing. It turned out to be the perfect thing! Not too terribly hard, but it did give me several moments were I really had to think how to get the correct perspective and sizing in the technical manner. 253 more words

School Assignments

Drawing Class II: Still Life

For this next drawing assignment, I was to create a still life drawing depicting multiple objects seen in visual relationship to one another.

So, I went with a small collection of 4 objects (the minimum number): 3 decorative dishes and 1 pinecone. 176 more words

School Assignments