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The Great Debate

This dress is blowing up social media right now:

I have now seen it on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and have been texted the question what color do you seen with no context behind it. 675 more words

School Assignments

Context-Based Literary Analysis Version 2.5? 3.0? I don't even know.

I really don’t like this assignment so far. Probably because I’m NOT EVEN SURE WHAT WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE WRITING. I’m just a little stressed, if you can’t tell. 1,852 more words

School Assignments

As the fish swim above me

I stopped near a tree I’d seen a million times on my bike ride home the other day. Only this time it was different. In the tree hung upturned lightbulbs filled with water and brightly coloured fish. 156 more words


Midterm for English Class

All right, so apparently we have a pop quiz/test today in English class! Fun! Here we go!

1. Who are you?

Answer: My name on here is Amanda Rodriguez, although that is not my real name, and I am 17 years old. 752 more words

School Assignments

Context-Based Literary Analysis Version 2.0

So I had originally written down another story for this project, which can be found here, but I was thinking about what I had written, and I really did not like it. 1,304 more words

School Assignments

Can't elude you

The daughter of a madman was walking through the woods seeking solitude among the leaves that were taunting her imagination. At exactly midnight, the moon shone ivory in the midsummer sky. 128 more words


Slenderman Stabbing

The Slender Man aka Slenderman:  is a fictional supernatural character that is a thin, unnaturally tall man with a blank and usually featureless face, wearing a black suit. 369 more words

School Assignments