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Engl 396 Film Assignment 1

The Novel Room, by Emma Donoghue, Versus Lenny Abrahamson’s Film Adaption

The novel Room, by Emma Donoghue is a fiction novel about a boy named Jack and his mother (Ma) who are kept hostage by a man referred to as Old Nick and kept inside his garden shed. 1,267 more words

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Feed My Sheep (Mark Ch.6)

The sixth in a series of papers I wrote on the Gospel of Mark. This was one of those moments that changed my understanding of the Bible forever.

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Management 138 - Week 7 Blogpost

My Experience Creating Something from Nothing


This was a fun assignment. Nerve-wracking, but fun. To create something from nothing is always a challenge. You have to stop and think, will other people like this? 266 more words

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Management 137 - Week 6 Blogpost

Summary of the Article, “What is Branding? And Should Small Businesses Care?

(By Anita Campbell May 25, 2015)


This article really stood out to me because of their definition of branding as defined by the Tronvig Group. 317 more words

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Who Touched Me (Mark Ch.5)

The fifth in a series of papers I wrote on the Gospel of Mark. I must admit, this material is not wholly original–one of my very first seminary classes expounded on this same passage, and the professor actually had us demonstrate it.

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Only in Parables (Mark Ch.4)

The fourth essay in a series of papers I wrote for my Gospel of Mark class. It was phenomenal to me how much this Gospel opened up once I realized how the “Kingdom of God” is the literary and theological theme that binds the story together.

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Fellow Students...

Every fairy-tale comes with the same warning: Good children should never go into the woods alone. Stray from the path and who knows what you may encounter; a hungry wolf or a handsome devil or maybe worse. 597 more words

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