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I CAN CODE... kind of.

So this blog was really only created for a class I’m taking right now called Web Graphics Software. Why did I take this class? I have no idea! 228 more words

School Assignments

no confidence in rochon's leadership abilities*

Assignment: Write an editorial focusing on the current camp climate at Ithaca College.

A good leader is someone that is not only confident in the people they are leading, but also confident in the decisions they make as a leader. 721 more words

School Assignments

little boy plays with doll, doesn't spontaneously combust*

Assignment: Pick a political or social issue going on right now that you are passionate about, and write a satirical piece based off of it. 369 more words

School Assignments

Advertising and Marketing meme advert

If anyone has been watching Game Grumps play Super Mario Maker, I thought this meme ad I had too make was true to it’s core. 21 more words


good questioning or slightly questionable?*

Assignment: Write a review as if you were a viewer of Will McAvoy’s News Night while he questioned Sutton Wall.

On News Night with Will McAvoy this past week, he welcomed Sutton Wall, a campaign advisor to Rick Santorum’s run for president. 407 more words

School Assignments

For Teachers: Managing Anger

In a recent discussion board for my Classroom Management class through Liberty University Online, a fellow classmate opened up about her struggles with managing her own anger when dealing with problem students in her classroom. 550 more words

School Assignments

Because Sharks, That's Why.

William is reading The Battle of Riptide, the second book in the Shark Wars series.

His teacher requires him to complete a reading log question after he finishes his daily home reading. 19 more words