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The Importance of the Recorder

There are very few instruments that are as annoying as the recorder. Its squeaky, airy, whistling sound can be distracting and irritating, and it has even become the center of various memes — people laugh at its quavering tone, especially when it is being used to play Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” However, despite its modern infamy and tendency to be ridiculed, it can play a large and beneficial role in the development of a child’s music education. 306 more words

Music Classroom

Drive it along Sing street

I thought that 2016 was dominated musically by “La La Land”, but then I saw “Sing street”…

Well, what can I say – music is everything sometimes. 349 more words


Christmas Concert

This December, Chaminade hosted a Christmas concert. I preformed the entire concert with all three bands: junior, jazz, and senior. I even preformed a solo during one of the jazz performances. 39 more words


Middle School

Minnehaha Middle School,

Grades 5 through 8.

We had butt ugly brown and yellow tote bags

for our gym clothes.

We were the first class to use… 105 more words

All that Jazz

Every Wednesday Mr Taylor, our music teacher, holds rehearsals for the Jazz Band. The band practices different tunes that can be played at all sorts of concerts that take place at Malton School. 76 more words

Something Good

Something good happened to me yesterday. I was a chaperone for a 6th, 7th, 8th grade band field trip to a major university. The band teacher wanted to give her students a look at a college marching band and tour the university. 179 more words

Feeling incredibly happy that my son made his college marching band

Son R made his college marching band today. He will be playing at NCAA sporting events and even travel with the team a few times. I am so excited. 39 more words