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Difficulties with Gratefulness

“I played trombone in the 6th grade. My parents had got me a trombone and all through 6th grade I played. Over the summer I had been practicing pretty much every day andI was really excited about going into 7th grade and being in band, excited to play the trombone. 889 more words


Omg. It's Been a While

So, I haven’t blogged anything in a while. Why? Because life. Life happens. My kiddos are doing stuff, I’ve been sick, and just life happened. Princess Z is in band.. 286 more words


April 7, 2015 | Dream Journal | A Business Near The Highway | Former Classmates And Getting Cut By A Sword And Being Afraid Of Losing My Role As Earl Ingstad's/Lagertha's Adviser And Getting Sacrificed And Getting Left Behind

Dream 1

All that I can remember is going to a multi-purpose business in a L-like place during the day near a highway on a side road/exit in a fictional small community near/in the forest/country that is sometimes in my dreams when driving through fictional parts of L, and my brother GC was with me. 2,132 more words

Dream Journal

March 26, 2015 | Dream Journal | Talking To My Former Junior High School Band Teacher Mr. J

I only barely remember random parts of maybe one dream from last night, and one part of the dream involved my former male junior high school band teacher Mr. 238 more words

Dream Journal

The Junior boys are working hard to get it right

When some Junior boys were asked whether they wanted add to the musical they were as excited as the others.

Now – most of them didn’t yet play an instrument, but a little piece of flute music was composed as an interlude so they can perform as well. 11 more words

The Music Department

LPHS band and Oglesby choir to perform in Peoria

Some local musicians are hitting the road for a big gig this weekend. The LP High School Symphonic Band and the Oglesby Washington Choir were chosen to perform Saturday at the Illinois Music Education Conference in Peoria. 115 more words

The musical production is on its way ...

After the music department decided that the production of “The Sound of Music” is too large for one school alone, it was decided to involve other schools in the area as well. 107 more words

The Music Department