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Did you know that 90% of Christians send their children to the public schools for their education? Did you know that nowhere in the Bible is there a verse, not one, to support this? 993 more words


Recycling: Five years of February

Each month I’m reaching into the archives to highlight a piece from that month for each of the past five years. Especially for those of you who missed them the first time around, I hope they provide interesting and useful reading. 445 more words

Workplace Bullying

Bye Bye Bullies

It’s bad that victims of bullying are getting younger and younger everyday. It used to be military students, then high school, middle school, now it’s grade school students? 302 more words


Should we go quietly or...

My daughter has not been to school for a total of 3 weeks now, due to a fall-out with her friends which somehow escalated to the point that she is now a social outcast in school, and is too afraid to walk around outside our home in case she is Seen by one of Them. 539 more words



I sat and suffered many years ago

what many others did to me

the cruelness of bullying

not often scene


not classed as a crime… 157 more words

Feminism at home and school

2014 was a good year for Feminism, I’ve been reading. Women suffered all over the world in the most horrendous ways, just for being female – no news there – but 2104 was the year some kind of critical mass of protest was reached at last, or so it has been proclaimed. 660 more words

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court: Cyber-harassment is not protected free speech

In a decision affirming the convictions for criminal harassment of William and Gail Johnson, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) ruled that cyber-harassment is not protected free speech under the First Amendment. 336 more words

Workplace Bullying