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Διακήρυξη της Μάλτας κατά του σχολικού εκφοβισμού και της ενδοσχολικής βίας

Πριν από λίγες ημέρες έλαβα από το “Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού” τη Διακήρυξη της Μάλτας κατά του σχολικού εκφοβισμού και της ενδοσχολικής βίας, την οποία μελέτησα προσεκτικά.

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Report: Abuse victims and whistleblowers at New England private schools faced retaliation

To see how kids may learn their first lessons about unethical organizational behavior, look no further than how some schools respond to instances of bullying and abuse. 409 more words

Business Ethics

My Fight To Stop The Bullies

Something very important to me is a situation I am currently dealing with at the moment with my son. He’s 13 and just started high school this year, 2016. 1,266 more words


From humiliation to death threats, school bullying has become an epidemic; with the seriousness of the issue, it is critical to find bullying solutions everyone can use to stop the behavior, and save children the struggles they will go through when they are being bullied. 795 more words

Anger Management (When God Says "Not Now")

                                                               I have a confession to make… I get angry at God! 🙊While you take a moment to calm down from the shock; allow me to explain. 688 more words

"You have poo-colored skin"

My son X has been at his current school since the beginning of last year.  It is across the park from where we live and for  a kid who needs some extension and differentiated learning,  I couldn’t ask for more. 1,369 more words


Insurance coverage for online workplace bullying and harassment?

When safety risks are such that the insurance industry is addressing them, then you know they are both costly and frequent. And so it is with cyberbullying, with at least one major insurer now moving to cover expenses resulting from electronic bullying and harassment. 321 more words

Workplace Bullying, Mobbing, And Abuse