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My Reaction to an Emotional Video that KEATON JONES Shared After Being Bullied at School

Oh My God. The video really brings tears to me. It reminds me of my past years where I lived in fears, in pain, in grievance because of the bullying. 888 more words



Another yesterday news described the sudden death of a 10 year old. Under the constant agony of children too limited to understand that words in fact hurt, the young child had committed suicide. 715 more words

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Inclusion vs Exclusion

Inclusion vs Exclusion

Inclusion vs Exclusion (Video):

Inclusion vs Exclusion. Do you know what the difference is between inclusion and exclusion?

Inclusion is the art of including, a state of being included. 1,227 more words

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Dealing with learning disability bullying – Advice from 5 Kiwi families — Kiwi Families

Can you imagine, in this day and age, a kid at school getting bullied because they were blind, or deaf. Surely not right? What about a kid getting bullied because they had a learning disability?

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Be Patient, Be Kind

Be Patient, Be Kind

When you are making new friends in which you don’t know, why would you want to be patient and be kind? 1,145 more words

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How to prevent your kids be the bully and shape your kids into being upstanders of bullying?

I am happy to announce that today post is collaborating with Help Them Grow (https://helpyourchildrengrow.wordpress.com/), and we will be focusing on how parental intervention can reduce school bullying! 1,029 more words

Kids react to bullying- Say No to School Bullying!

Hi guys, hope you have a nice weekend!

As an adult, it may be hard to grasp how kids these days really feel about school bullying. 307 more words