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Be Patient, Be Kind

Be Patient, Be Kind

When you are making new friends in which you don’t know, why would you want to be patient and be kind? 1,145 more words

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How to prevent your kids be the bully and shape your kids into being upstanders of bullying?

I am happy to announce that today post is collaborating with Help Them Grow (https://helpyourchildrengrow.wordpress.com/), and we will be focusing on how parental intervention can reduce school bullying! 1,029 more words

Kids react to bullying- Say No to School Bullying!

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As an adult, it may be hard to grasp how kids these days really feel about school bullying. 307 more words

Who suffers from school bullying? - Consequences on perpetrators

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It’s been a while from the last post and today we would like to talk about consequences of school bullying. 306 more words

What My Middle School Bully Taught Me About Forgiveness

When I was in the 7th grade, I had glasses, braces, and what can only be described as a full mustache. I was really popular and boys liked me! 1,124 more words

How to spot the signs of school bullying of my child?

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During the holiday, I’m sure that many of you will enjoy your holiday with your family. 250 more words

What should I do if my Child is being bullied at school?-10 Tips you must know!

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