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Preventing and Stopping Your Child From Being Bullied

Preventing and Stopping Your Child From Being Bullied

If your child / teenager is being bullied, do you know what to do about it? Do you know what you need to do to make it stop? 403 more words

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Chapter 4: Being Bullied Was The Cherry On Top

I may not have had an attentive, nurturing mother but at least I had my two best friends.

Or so I thought.

It all happened very quickly and I am still not sure what happened to this day. 468 more words

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Always Late To The Rescue

Have you ever witnessed a suicide event, be it someone you knew, someone you cared for or just a stranger that you had probably only seen a couple of times? 966 more words

13 Reasons Why


I am nine years old. S — is standing in front of me, with J— and B— beside her. J—‘s family don’t want to buy a copy of the school class photo’. 334 more words

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Texas Senate passes anti-cyberbullying bill David's Law 31-0

SB 179 is, also known as David’s Law named for David Molak, a local student who took his own life at just 16 years old. His family says he was tortured by cyber bullies from Alamo Heights High School. 34 more words

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Education and EdTech News You May Have Missed This Week (Ending May 12th, 2017)

Happy Friday Everyone! Below is a small collection of news articles you may have missed this week. Click the article titles to read the full articles! 522 more words

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A Girl Like Her

Suicide is not temporary!

Year Released : 2015

Director : Amy S Weber

Cast : Lexi Ainsworth, Hunter King and Jimmy Bennett

I’ve reviewed a large variety of different films on this site, including a hefty amount of films presented in the found footage style, but none (as far as I can recall) have been outside of the horror genre. 904 more words

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