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Armed school bus drivers?

The topic of protecting our schools from terrorists and criminals is often in the news. It’s a terrible thing to consider that your children may not be safe in their schools. 73 more words

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911 Calls Released After Md. School Bus Driver Arrested On DUI Charges

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Swerving all over the road. WJZ obtains the dramatic 911 calls from an incident where police say a Baltimore bus driver was drinking and driving on her way to pick up children. 420 more words


We don't need no stinking seat belts

Ever wonder why school buses don’t have seat belts?

  1. Compartmentalization. The seating area on school buses is smaller and the seat backs are higher. This creates a compartment for the children that restricts their forward movement in a crash.
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The Conversation Begins

Welcome to the newest blog in School Busing!  School Bus drivers and monitors are often overlooked when one gazes upon the education sector in Ontario.  Most drivers and monitors in this province do not have the benefit of a union to speak for them; this forum gives a voice to those drivers and monitors. 272 more words

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Palm Beach County school bus driver caught shopping on job

Shop ’til you drop.

A Palm Beach County school bus driver took that saying seriously after officials say she left students on a bus while she went shopping. 80 more words



The red lights on the school bus in front of you are flashing. The stop sign is out and flashing red. But you are late for your dental cleaning, so you drive around the bus and speed on without looking back. 395 more words

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Do you know where you child sits?

The next time you are at the school bus stop with your neighborhood friends and their kids, take notice of where each child sits in the bus. 251 more words

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