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Parental Choice, Magical Thinking, and the Paralysis of Indirect Solutions

Parental choice #1: Seeking a school for their white children so they will not have to attend classes with black or brown children.

Parental choice #2: Seeking a school where their wealthy children will not have to attend classes with poor children. 1,080 more words


School Choice: The Benefits of Competitive Schools

One of the greatest benefits that school choice gives to education is that it creates a field of competition and innovation that should, theoretically, raise the standard of education in every school, public, private, and charter. 525 more words


Public School, Charter Choice: More Segregation by Design

Academic Magnet High School serves the Charleston school district on the coast of South Carolina. The school functions under a choice umbrella, but requires students to submit to an admissions process. 488 more words


School Choice is not the Rising Tide

Walking into the CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering, I found myself harboring odd feelings of excitement and anticipation—granted it’s an elementary school, but I had no idea what to expect. 785 more words

A School Choice Education Consultant is Cheaper than a F***ing House

Three articles recently came out about school choice.

This article details how parents in Washington D.C. are hiring school choice consultants to help them navigate their options. 389 more words

School Choice

Don't Buy School Choice Week

When I wrote Why Advocacy and Market Forces Fail Education Reform almost four years ago, I had recently spent a great deal of time researching and writing about school choice within the focus of… 694 more words

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Why Families in New Orleans Choose Schools

I just made my way through Doug Harris and Matthew Larsen’s study: What Schools Do Families Want (and Why?).

It is well worth reading. The emerging data on parental choice is increasingly grounded in the new realities of the existence of functioning choice sectors. 641 more words

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