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From Hit & Run: 'School Choice and the Middle Class - Q&A with Matthew Ladner of the Goldwater Institute'

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‘Should parents who’ve already paid a premium to live in a good school district oppose school choice?’

Economic freedom meets economic segregation meets politics meets self-interest meets bureaucracy meets equality of opportunity…and everyone has a stake.

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Parents Deserve the Praises During Week of Celebrating School Choice

It’s National School Choice Week (NSCW) and those who devote their professional and personal lives to the advocacy, writing, and evaluation of policies and policymakers responsible for the availability and accessibility of high-quality options, are celebrating the hard work of the previous twelve months as well as the schools, optional and otherwise, that make such a week worth commemorating. 650 more words

School Choice

The Private School Revolution in India

I wrote yesterday about the global evidence showing that more money does not improve the lackluster performance of government schools.

Those results are not surprising because we… 1,395 more words


Post-Holiday Thoughts on What Parents Want for their Kids….

The holiday season is over and, as I dig out from the bills, I wonder about gift selection.  Did we score home runs in choosing what to place under the tree?   558 more words


The Global Version of More Money =/= Better Education

I’ve written several times about how dumping more money into government schools is not a recipe for improved education.

Indeed, I would argue that this chart… 523 more words


School reform advocates like to say education is a civil right; they don't believe it

What a great way to wake up in the morning.  Today, I read the Charter Board Partner’s vignette by David Connerty-Marin highlighting the work of Maria Blaeuer, who serves as a volunteer treasurer on the board of directors of… 509 more words

School Choice

Charter School: A Brief Interpretation of Controversy

Charter school debates are quite humorous, in my opinion. Most people do not even know what a charter school is. Well, here’s what it is: 240 more words