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Stanly County BOE Redistricting Proposal Accepted Once Opposition Discovers Magnet Schools Are Not Actually Magnetic

From our Bureau of Academic Oversight Affairs, University of Albemarle, Albemarle, NC

An anomalous hush fell over the crowd at the Stanly County Commissioner meeting this past Monday night when members of the Magnetism Awareness Council Evincing Stagnation (M.A.C.E.S.), who have hammered their way into the hearts and minds of less-informed citizens by diametrically opposing any plan to elevate the plight of the schools of Stanly County, realized magnet schools have no actual relationship to physical magnetism. 632 more words

Justin Burr

"D" is NOT for Diploma

EDITORIAL, submitted for publication:

So, I was reading in the Stanly News and Press today about how Representative Burr has bypassed local government to force a recall of the Stanly County School Board–citing its “unwillingness” to  bend to the will of the people.   421 more words

Justin Burr

Small School; BIG Difference....

With a current enrollment of 104, Isleboro exemplifies the potential for excellence in small scale education, and offers lessons for our own policymakers:“…a 100 percent graduation rate over the past six years and also has a strong ability to individualize education by tailoring academics to a student’s particular needs and strengths….” 6 more words

Jack and the Giant School

“…Curriculum: Even the smallest schools (100-200 students) are able to offer core curricula comparable to schools of more than 1,200. Moreover, small schools tend to be more flexible and allow teachers to exercise greater control over curricula. 56 more words

School Consolidation

"Consolidating districts doesn't mean consolidation of SCHOOLS...", said the Spider to the Fly...

……except that it does, almost inevitably. Former Governor Baldacci’s school district consolidation initiative, ” Local Schools Regional Support” (LSRS) was heralded with reassurances that “Schools don’t have to close….” — ad nauseum.   379 more words

School Consolidation

Education on a Human Scale...

The issue of busing is weighed very differently depending on whose children endure the journey.  See what the research says about it, beginning on page 52 of the pdf…. 2,155 more words

School Consolidation

South Page Community Schools

My blog traffic has been higher than usual tonight. My Hamburg Winter Sky post has been visited almost 100 times and some of my other Hamburg, Iowa related posts have also seen a lot of traffic. 279 more words