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Word on the Street: OC and TH Consolidation

Voters will take to the polls in November to decide the fate of Oakland-Craig and Tekamah-Herman schools staying where they are or consolidating. Kat Country Hub decided to see what some people think of the schools consolidating. 625 more words


School Consolidation Issue: Vote Responsibly, Based on Facts

As November 8th looms, more and more people are voicing their opinions about the possibility of Tekamah-Herman and Oakland-Craig schools consolidating.

I am still undecided as to how I will vote.

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School Consolidation: Vote Responsibly!

School consolidation is hitting new highs and lows. Some believe since Tekamah-Herman and Oakland-Craig are alleged rivals, the kids will fight all the time if they are in the same school. 186 more words


Kats' Korner: Memorable First Day of School and Consolidation

Consolidation of Oakland-Craig and Tekamah-Herman Schools is a hot topic in each community.

There are many inaccurate accounts of the situation being stated from each town involved. 539 more words


School Consolidation

Folks, it is a tough time. Decisions to be made about the local schools combining or not. I recently read a post that stated Tekamah would have to come to Oakland to school. 85 more words


Oakland-Craig Board of Education July 7 Meeting Minutes

A special meeting of the Oakland-Craig Board of Education was held Thursday, July 7, 2016 in the Gym at the Oakland-Craig Elementary Building. President Thiele called the meeting to order at 7:31 p.m. 161 more words


1961 decisions shaped Indy school districts

Nearly a decade before Indianapolis adopted Unigov, local officials put forward a proposal for a single school district incorporating all of Marion County. It didn’t go very far. 839 more words