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District-wide Anti-Bullying Program

The District of Columbia’s citywide approach to bullying is a groundbreaking one which “discourages an overreliance on discipline and instead adopts a public health approach focused on prevention, supporting at-risk youth and addressing incidents to change behavior.” Learn more when Suzanne Greenfield, Director of the… 85 more words

DC-Area Education

How can New York City Public Schools successfully remove metal detectors?

In a recent article, New York City advocates and adversaries continue to ponder the necessity of metal detectors in their schools. The metal detectors have become a security blanket for many educators who would otherwise feel uncomfortable teaching in any other atmosphere which provides that level of security. 787 more words

Racism In Education

Classroom Discipline and Disruptive Students

Classroom discipline may be the most talked about topic there is when it comes to schools. It’s a topic that encourages immediate reactions by the parties involved- students, teachers, and parents- and may be the number one misunderstood topic by those who do not work in a school setting. 878 more words


Can Schools Teach What Kids Don’t Learn At Home?

Published by EducationNews.org — Kids are often switching between two different value systems — the middle-class values of school and whatever their culture is at home. 941 more words

Forget the Shooters ... Arrest the Students!

As a very young child (many decades ago), I was taught that policemen were my friend and that if I were ever in trouble or felt unsafe, I should go to the nearest policeman and ask him for help.  777 more words

Social Commentary

School Discipline Not a Police Matter

This is not a post about police brutality or racial profiling despite the fact that the teenage girl at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina is black and the officer who roughly grabbed and tossed her out of her chair and onto the floor is white. 461 more words

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Officer Slam 3: A Sea of Troubles

The Spring Valley High School SRO Ben Fields had two lawsuits filed against him, the first for excessive violence, the second for targeting black students. 637 more words