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What is the primary reason why racism in America continues to prevail?

In a recent article, Washington Post author Colbert King attempts to ascertain the reason that racism in America continues to plague our nation. The author’s primary focus is the systems that lead to racism without dissecting the solution to the problem. 717 more words

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How should schools respond to Charleston shooting?

In the recent Charleston shooting, lone shooter Dylann Roof is responsible for murdering nine Black people which may have repercussions in schools that open next fall. 750 more words

Racism In Education

Can School Heal Children in Pain? Yes, it Can!

James Redford, director of Paper Tigers, a documentary about the journey of students and teachers at a trauma-sensitive alternative high school in Walla Walla, Washington, posed a provocative question in a recent  1,119 more words

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What are the characteristics of a racist school?

A recent rash of events, have refocused attention on race relations which will eventually finds its way into defining the characteristics of a racist school. Scholars and others have held that education is a key factor as we continue to attempt to enhance the quality of life for all. 890 more words

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How to prepare Black students after the Charleston shooting?

In a rash of recent events, Blacks continue to be victimized resulting in deaths which include the Charleston shooting. It appears that Blacks now have a bulls eye on their back. 860 more words

Racism In Education

How can South Africa eliminate racial bullying?

In a recent article, a South Africa author highlights the frustrations of many Blacks associated with racial bullying. In the post-apartheid era the racial challenges continue to thwart any efforts for progress. 715 more words

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Larry Thompson: “Closing the Exit off the Road to Responsibility”


Larry Thompson says students are often looking – consciously or unconsciously – to take the “exit ramp” off the road to responsibility. 129 more words