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The fun we had getting in trouble

I’m a Generation X member, born 1971.  I’m not going to talk about how spoiled and privileged, and yet challenged and cheated the younger generations are. 882 more words

Personal Reflections

Take One for the Team

It seems that placing children in their classrooms for the following year would be simple.  We are notified as to which students should not be grouped together. 399 more words


Reformulating Student Discipline

by Wafa Hozien, Ph.D. Senior Contributor EducationViews.org

Need new ideas on school discipline? Well, look no further.

So summer is here and if you are a school leader, then most likely you are in some kind of workshop or update on the latest regulations in that ever changing educational landscape. 1,375 more words

Student Mental Health

On Racial Bias in School Discipline

So this article came up in my Facebook feed, and here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

Ideally, this should be the standard: a person guilty of an infraction should be given the same degree of punishment as another person committing the same infraction. 2,175 more words

Friday Assorted Links

1. When Being a Humble Leader Backfires. I greatly prefer leaders who error on the side of humility, but these findings makes sense.

“Our findings show that you can increase team effectiveness by being humble only if team members expect a leader to display that characteristic.

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