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ACEs and Student Discipline

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Students with at least 3 adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are 3 times as likely to experience academic failure and 6 times as likely to exhibit behavioral problems, according to studies conducted by Washington State University’s Child and Family Research Unit. 371 more words


Why Most School Discipline Doesn't Work

Billy, age eight, has trouble focusing at school. He struggles to sit still and quietly for long and is often in trouble for interrupting and talking over his teacher, ‘being silly’ and disruptive in class. 1,619 more words


California NAACP resolves to address systematic oppression machine

The School-to-Prison Pipeline (STPP) is a systematic oppression machine, particularly for black and brown people. By definition, “the increasing patterns of contact students have with the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems as a result of the recent practices implemented by educational institutions specifically zero tolerance policies and the use of police in schools” (American Psychological Association Task Force on Zero Tolerance, 2008; Fenning, 2012). 612 more words

African Americans

School Discipline for Students with Disabilities in Northampton, MA

I’ve been involved with a group of first grade parent whose children attend Bridge Street School in Northampton, MA. We are advocating for greater resources for the school to ameliorate… 689 more words


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When student interactions grow intense, it’s easy for an educator’s emotions to escalate – and to unconsciously move into fight-or-flight mode. The Responsibility-Centered Discipline™ approach promotes a paradigm shift in school discipline – with an emphasis on building positive teacher-student relationships and implementing a system that holds students accountable for their behavior. 488 more words


For Merced Union, School Discipline is an Evolving Artform

A lot has changed in the Merced Union High School District since the days of corporal punishment. Although the nature of discipline is still changing, schools are moving towards more progressive policies. 27 more words


A Glimpse of Restorative Practices

This week, I met with a group of administrators from our school district to discuss a shift towards a more restorative approach to discipline.  We began a book study by some of our favorite authors, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, titled Better than Carrots: Restorative Practices for Classroom Management.   331 more words

School Discipline