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How should teachers respond to Freddie Gray incident?

In a recent incident, the death of a local Baltimore resident Freddie Gray has prompted demonstrations and looting amid calls for peace that have resulted from alleged police brutality. 933 more words

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Creating a culture of compassion in schools -- Cherokee Point Elementary, San Diego, CA

In 2013, I posted a story about Cherokee Point Elementary School in the City Heights district of San Diego, CA. It was transitioning to becoming a trauma-informed school. 12 more words

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How can NAACP Dublin School District resignation request eliminate racism in schools?

In a recent article, the local NAACP has requested the resignation of two Dublin School District representatives as an effort to eliminate racism in schools. The two school district employees that are the focus of the request are husband and wife. 848 more words

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Why do schools continue to struggle with racism?

In a recent article, researchers from Stanford University found that the struggle with racism excels after the second Black student infraction and resulting in harsher consequences for Black students. 808 more words

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Report: Virginia Sends More Students to Cops Than Any Other State

By referring an average of 15.8 out of every 1,000 students to the police, the Center for Public Integrity found, Virginia tops the nation in state rankings measuring how many students get sent to the police or courts. 29 more words

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How can OKC teachers avoid allegations of racism in education?

In a recent article, an Oklahoma City Public School audit reveals a devastating pattern of racism in education. The audit was requested by new Superintendent of Schools Rob Neu. 634 more words

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Girls of color face challenges in school too, let's listen to them

Research and public dialogue on school discipline policies typically focuses on the plight of Black boys, and this attention is critical, as it is true that Black boys are more likely to be suspended than any other group when disaggregating for race and gender. 700 more words