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Texas Legislature reviewing Hurricane Harvey school costs

When Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast last August, it caused extensive damage to school facilities in districts that educate about 1.4 million students. The physical and economic damage left in its wake has required some students to attend school in other districts during repairs at their home campuses, while also increasing the number considered academically at-risk and eligible for additional state funding. 714 more words

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Schools under fire for refusing to participate in reading program

After a round of controversy surrounding the Cascade School District’s decision to withdraw from Oregon Battle of the Books, Cascade superintendent Darin Drill said if a similar situation were to happen in the future, the district would involve parents in the decision. 11 more words

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Why more school districts are holding class just four days a week

The schedule — long popular in rural Western communities — is becoming more common elsewhere as school leaders search for ways to both attract teachers and save money. 66 more words

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School year 2018-2019

2018-2019 School calendar  revised 2-14-2018 and subject to change. Information copied from Effingham County School District website: https://www.effinghamschools.com/

July 26 – August 1          Pre-Planning for Teachers… 316 more words


April 25th forum to let residents speak directly with Barrington area officials

Several officials representing schools, libraries, park districts and other local governments in the Barrington area will address the issues facing their constituents during an upcoming public forum. 214 more words


Take One for the Team

It seems that placing children in their classrooms for the following year would be simple.  We are notified as to which students should not be grouped together. 399 more words


A first-ever comprehensive look at how Alternative Learning Experience programs work in Washington

Today we are publishing the culmination of four years of audit work on Alternative Learning Experience programs, available here. There are more than 250 ALE programs across Washington, taking shapes as different as alternative high schools, online courses, or specific classes or programs in public schools. 298 more words

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